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Membranes Under Pressure Beetroot Experiment

Planning AIM Beetroot cells contain a red pigment, which is stored in the cell vacuole and a vacuole membrane to prevent this leaking out of the cell surrounds it. The outer of the cell is also surrounded by a membrane, which again helps contain the pigment inside the cell. In this experiment I aim to find out the relationship between the leakage of red pigment from a beetroot cell and the surface area. To do this successfully I will need to alter the surface area of the beetroot cells accurately...

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Beetroot Membranes

Part 1 Part 1 of the experiment investigated the effect of different temperatures on beetroot cell membranes (a type of plant cell). Through this experiment, the process of diffusion and osmosis was in action. Various temperatures ranging from low temperatures to high temperatures such as -5⁰C, 5⁰C, 30⁰C, 50⁰C and 80⁰C were used to investigate the temperature effects on beetroot cell membranes. The hypothesis predicted that the higher the temperature the darker the beetroot substance and the lower...

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Beetroot experiment

The effect of alcohol concentration on the cell membrane Abstract: In this experiment I found out that as the concentration of the alcohol was increased so did the colour intensity of the solution. This is because the higher concentration of ethanol, results in more damage done to the cell membrane, resulting in leakage of red pigment from the cell. If the membrane is damaged more, more red pigment will leak out of the membrane and into the ethanol. Hypothesis: The higher the concentration...

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Beetroot Plasma Membrane Investigation

Beetroot Practical 2.8 An investigation to find out whether the raise of temperature will increase the permeability of the cell membrane: The question being answered from doing this experiment is ‘How do different temperatures affect the permeability of the plasma membrane of beetroot?’ Beetroot contains red pigments called betalains, located within the cell vacuole. Normally the pigments cannot pass through membranes but they leak out when the beetroot is cooked or placed in alcohol. The aim...

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Effect of Ethanol on Beetroot Membrane

permeability of beetroot cell membranes. Prediction: By exposing a membrane to a solvent, ethanol, it will increase its permeability. So the higher the concentration of the solvent, the more permeable the membrane will be. But if the concentration of the ethanol is beyond a certain limit, it may break down the cell membrane to the point where there is in fact no overall effect as the ethanol would disturb the lipids in the membrane. Therefore, more of the red pigment in the beetroot would leak...

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Investigation the effect of the organic solvents on the cell membrane of the beetroot

the effect of the organic solvents on the cell membrane of the beetroot Objective: To investigate the effect of different organic solvents, such as alcohol and paraffin oil, on the cell membrane of the beetroot by using the red pigments in the beetroot as indicator. Hypothesis: Organic solvents dissolve the organic matter in the cell membrane (such as phospholipids). This destroys the cell membrane, and the permeability of the cell membrane is disrupted casing red pigments to leak out by...

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Beetroot cell membranes

Control process Beetroot samples: The same size beetroots will be used throughout the experiment this is to ensure that the impact of the temperature on every sample will stay the same, i.e. if having a bigger beetroot sample less pigments will be released into the test tube at lower temperature, or having a smaller beetroot sample more pigment will be released into the test tube. This error will change the results of the experiment at large. Therefore it is important to insure the sample sizes...

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The Effect of Temperature on Beetroot Cell Membranes

The effect of temperature on the cell membranes of beetroot cells and amount of pigment released. Apparatus • Corer size 4 • White tile • A Beetroot • Automatic Water Bath • Segregated knife • A thermometer • Stopwatch Method: • First take the white tile and the corer. Then collect a cylinder of beetroot by pushing the corer into the beetroot and withdrawing it. The cylinder remains inside the corer- so push it out with the end of a pencil. • Collect 3 cylinders...

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What is the effect of temperature on the permeability of beetroot cell membranes?

Temperature is what I will be changing in the experiment. I want to find out what effect temperature has on the permeability of a cell membrane. Controlling other Variables- I will use measures to ensure that everything stays the same in my test to gain the best and most reliable results possible - Same volume of water that I put the beetroot into after heating. - The beetroot I use will be the same size each time, I will ensure this using a cork borer. - The beetroot will be heated for the same time for...

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Beetr------------------------------------------------- The Effect of Temperature on Membrane Permeability in Beetroot Cells Stage 2 Biology 2013 Results Figure 1 Temperature | Absorbance at 530nm | 30°C | 0.407nm | 40°C | 0.457nm | 50°C | 0.518nm | 60°C | 0.622nm | 70°C | 0.672nm | 80°C | 0.859nm | The table above gives an example...

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