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    1. eIntroduction 1. Within twelve troubled years‚ the American people had risen up and thrown overboard both the British yoke and the Articles of Confederation (not best training for government) 2. Finances of the infant government were likewise precarious; the revenue had declined to a trickle‚ whereas the public debt‚ with interest heavily in arrears‚ was mountainous 3. Worthless paper money‚ state and national‚ was plentiful as metallic money was scarce 4. Nonetheless‚ the Americans were brashly

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  • History Quiz 4 1

    the British c. The first martyr of the colonial resistance d. Leader of the Paxton Boys in Pennsylvania 11) The Declaration of Independence a. Was written entirely by Benjamin Franklin and John Adams b. Boldly presented new arguments for independence c. Rejected the contract theory of government d. Restated John Locke’s ideas 12) A major goal of the Navigation Acts was to a. Provide jobs for the colonies’

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  • Federalist Era

    and industry are controlled by private owners for profit. The fall of republicanism? • Capitalism replaced mercantilism o Economics and morality were indistinguishable in the 18th century so capitalism had to win the intellectual and moral debate Adam Smith‚ An inquiry into the Nature and causes of the Wealth of Nations‚ 1776 • Most important essay on economics ever written‚ laid groundwork for capitalism • Argued self-interest produced prosperity o “invisible hand”  Natural human ambition

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  • Political Parties In The 1790s Essay

    During the 1790s‚ Americans became divided over how much power should be held by the federal government. This time period had a huge impact on the United States as the country had begun to struggle to gain stability. The actions of the nation’s leaders‚ including George Washington‚ Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson assisted in the formation of different opinions and a split within the population. Around the time of the 1790s‚ the nation was split between parties‚ Federalist and the Jeffersonian

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  • Thomas Jefferson Outline

    Burr Secretary of State- James Madison Repeal of the Judiciary Act of 1801- The Judiciary Act of 1801‚ expanded the federal court system and allowed President John Adams to pack the Judicial Branch with members of his Federalist Party was repealed by the new Congress (Repeal Act of March 8‚ 1802) after Thomas Jefferson succeeded Adams in office. Congress passed a replacement‚ the Judiciary Act of 1802‚ on April 29‚ 1802‚ in order to rid themselves of the sixteen new Federalist Circuit judges who

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  • Slavery: American Revolutionary War

    from Great Britain and was recognized as an independent nation resulting in a monumental change in political power. Another swing in momentum was the power and rights that were given to women. Many different women such as Molly Wallace and Abigail Adams were inspired to try and empower women’s rights. African American slaves were given the opportunity to fight in armies which gave them the chance for freedom. The Revolutionary War set the stage for the first steps in women and slaves gaining independence

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  • Thomas Jefferson

    Thomas Jefferson: The Third Level of Greatness Thomas Jefferson is regarded as one of the greatest presidents in the history of the United States. He was truly a founding father when the United States was arguably at a vulnerable state. Jefferson was a political intellectual‚ he held many different positions all shaping him to become the renowned president he was. His authorization of the Deceleration of Independence and his several places in government leading up and including his presidency

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  • How Did Thomas Paine Make Common Sense A Revolutionary

    Common Sense was a pamphlet written by Thomas Paine in 1776. It was advocating independence from Great Britain to the people of the thirteen colonies. “It captured the imagination of the colonists as had no previous pamphlet” (Paine‚ page 9). The pamphlet was written clearly and persuasively in the fact of getting the 13 colonies to rebel against King George III and Britain because colonists thought that they should not be ruled by a king across the sea and have all these taxes and rules placed on

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  • The Presidency of Thomas Jefferson

    Alexander Hamilton‚ of the Republican Party‚ for the seat of Presidency in the 1801 presidential race. Jefferson had had previous political experience; he was the vice president to John Adams from 1797 to 1801‚ first Secretary of State from 1789 to 1795‚ part of which was under the presidency of both George Washington and John Adams‚ as well as American Ambassador to France‚ Founder of the University of Virginia‚ and dabbled in many different subjects‚ including Horticulture‚ Etymology‚ and Architecture

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  • What Caused the Boston Massacre

    by British rules and regulations‚ the search for excitement‚ and religious passions. As tensions with the British increased and the colonies began to unite‚ the American people started to develop a strong sense of patriotism. Men like John Adams‚ Samuel Adams‚ and Patrick Henry emerged as strong leaders of the movement for resistance. The patriotic Sons of Liberty often led organized mobs in protest of the laws and taxes‚ encouraged riots‚ and spread propaganda to the people‚ quickly gaining support

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