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Irregular Military

In his article, “Irregular Warfare: One Nature, Many Characters[1]” by Dr Colin Grey, he asserts “that the United States should undertake little irregular warfare. It would be a political and strategic mistake to identify irregular warfare, COIN especially, as America’s dominant strategic future (Grey 1).” I disagree, I would assert that due to the United States’ superior military power and technology, more stable political system (democracy), and globally dominate economy, we can and will, be...

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Traditional Modern Terrorism

organized crime to fund their activities that include kidnapping, drug trafficking or robbery. For example, Osama Bin Laden is the head of Al-Queda, a militant Isamist organization that has been involved in terrorist attack against civilians and military target around the world. He invested millions in terrorism that his family made in the construction industry building luxury castles for those making their money from selling the country’s oil. Other Islamist terrorist besides Al-Quada include Abu...

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The Attack by Aum Shinrikyo

international relations and advance international studies. In his career he taught at the University of Southern California Washington Policy Center, served in short assignments at the U.S. State Department's Operations Center, and the Bureaus of Political-Military Affairs, and served as the director of Washington office of Monterey Institute of International Studies' Center. During his career he has become proficient in terrorism, nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, arms control and even Asian security...

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York, 26/11 attack on Mumbai where hundreds of innocent people died for no fault of theirs. Attack on the Parliament in New Delhi where many innocent security personnel died. Nothing moved the terrorists.  In this sense, it is the same as what makes military operations powerful - striking terror in the hearts of the enemy. Terrorists, however, are less concerned with inflicting harm on the victims themselves than in invoking fear in those who identify with the victims. 5.The main objective of terrorism...

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Guerilla Warfare

Guerrilla Warfare The term guerrilla (Spanish, "little war") originated in the early 19th century during the Peninsular war when, after the defeat of Spain's regular forces, Spanish irregulars and civilians rose up against the French occupying forces. The practice of guerrilla warfare, however, dates from antiquity; for example, the Bible tells of the Israelite conquest of Canaan, led by Joshua, involving harassment and ambush of the enemy. Later Jewish resistance to foreign rule was expressed...

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The Fear Within: Effects of Terrorism

Within many nations, military forces are put in place to prevent threats, but with the strong beliefs in one’s religion, thrive of showing power, taking over a nation, and seeking to destroy people would be some of the reasons that would cause motivation to terrorists and assassins. This then places fear and psychological disorders with a society. Terrorism consists of what and who of terror involves itself. Terrorism is since of evil, horror and violent acts. It is the killing of mass numbers...

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The Causes and Effects of the Different Types of Terrorism.

use narcoterrorism. Lastly, there is cyberterrorism, which is a type of terrorism that engages in the use of computers and networks. It is normally used by small groups of terrorists like the Tamil Tigers. Cyberterrorism can allow disruptions in military communications and even electrical power. Some of the ways that cyberterrorism is demonstrated are by controlling from a distance, electrical things such as dams or power plants. Another way cyberterrorism is used is by destroying the actual machine...

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An Explanation of Terrorism

"Executive Decision" This is just another example of how the media loves dramatic stories, and why not, it sells! I believe terrorism is a very real and very dangerous threat to the United States. We spend millions to support a large "peace keeping" military, but yet a single terrorist attack could easily bring our nation to it's knees. The media loves the blood and gore, so it reports all the details. What paper would print a cover story about the recent Nobel Peace Prize recipients instead of the...

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Colorado First Light Infantry

obtained greatly in part to the testimony of an ex-Marine Daniel McNasby. McNasby had casually been invited to go shooting with the three when Cole had told him of his militia group and many of their goals. They wanted McNasby to join to aid them in military tactics and complete their firing squad. The ex-Marine eventually trained with these men five or six more times throughout the following months and came to find out that Cole had contact with several terrorist groups. Cole told McNasby that he was...

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Terrorist: Their ideology and motivation

differences in ideological prerequisites. The third article “Dying to win” (Pape, 2006) explains the reasons of the suicide terrorism. One of them is the strategy of terrorists that seeks to pursue a nationalistic goal. This goal has aroused from foreign military occupation of territories by world powers. Examples to this include terrorist suicides from Lebanon, Chechnya, Palestine and many others. What unites all of them is the fact that they have no control of their own territory. By “suicide terrorism”...

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