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Internal Legal Memorandum Shayla Smith

Running Head: INTERNAL LEGAL MEMORANDUM Internal Legal Memorandum PA299: Associates Capstone in Paralegal Studies Kynyatta Weaver Professor: Monica Ross Kaplan University Saturday, August 06, 2011 CONFIDENTIAL Legal Memorandum TO: Attorney Monica Ross FROM: Paralegal Kynyatta Weaver DATE: August 6, 2011 SUBJECT: Personal Injury FACTS On April 30, 2008 around 9:30 a.m. an incident involving Shayla Smith occurred at the O&D Family Campground. The question is to whether the...

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Shayla Smith

Summer Swimming Incident Shayla Smith stayed a few nights of summer vacation with her friend, Tamara, whose Mom and Dad, Bob and Susan Tuttle, took Shayla and their daughter, Tamara, camping. Shayla’s mom was happy for the break, as Shayla is dyslexic, and that has caused her to have a difficult time at school. Consequently, she acts out, and is a handful for her single mom! The campground is small, but has a fun mini-golf game, hiking trails, and has a pool, but no diving board, and no lifeguard;...

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Post Interview Memorandum in Shayla Smith swimming case

Interview Memorandum August 18, 2013 TO: File FROM: Polly Paralegal DATE: August 18, 2013 RE: Client interviews with Mary Smith (mother) and Shayla Smith (minor child) on August 12, 2013 This is a case involving injuries sustained by Shayla Smith, a 10 year old girl, who was injured while swimming, unsupervised, with her friend Tamara. The girls were swimming in the pool at the O&D Campgrounds at 9:30 a.m. on April 30, 2010 Clients: Mary Smith (mother) & Shayla Smith (10 year...

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Memorandum Example

Memorandum To: Timothy L. Carlin, Attorney From: Brenda Beauregard, Paralegal Date: November 26, 2010 RE: Post Interview Memorandum Client: Mary Smith on behalf of Shayla Smith minor child Subject Matter: Personal Injury Date of incident: April 30, 2008 Introduction This confidential memorandum, which contains my thoughts, impression, and observations of June 1, 2008 interview with Mary Smith. In addition to my observation...

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Legal Memorandum

Final Written Assignment 9 Internal Legal Memorandum of Law MEMORANDUM TO: Chief Prosecuting Attorney FROM: DATE: December 4, 2010 RE: Charging Bob and Susan Tuttle of Negligent Supervision Question Presented Did Joseph Haney effectively simulate a deadly weapon and create a life-threatening environment, sufficient to satisfy the Arizona armed robbery statute, by thrusting his hand into a pocket and telling the store clerk that it was a "holdup" and to "[l]ie still if you...

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Legal Memorandum

MEMORANDUM OF LAW To: Brenda Young, Supervising Attorney From: Steven Carp , Legal Assistant Date: September 26, 2012 Re: Enforcement of non-competition agreement against Brett Young I.QUESTIONS PRESENTED Whether the restrictive covenant is enforceable against Brett Young for working with a competitor of Finance R Us. II. SHORT ANSWER: No, the covenant is not enforceable against Brett Young for leaving Finance R Us and working for Titles Unlimited when the III. STATEMENT...

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Legal Memorandum

Legal Memorandum PA 205 Final Project By: Jazmin Howard To: XXXXXXX From: XXXXX Date: July 15, 2014 Re: Natalie Attired v. New Mexico Employment Security Board Memorandum of Law Statement of Facts: In July of 2010, the Plaintiff, Natalie Attired, filed for unemployment with the New Mexico Employment Security Board; her claim was denied and she was deemed ineligible due to being terminated for misconduct. In June of 2010, Plaintiff Natalie Attired was fired from her job at Biddy’s...

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Polygamist Marriages Internal Memorandum

Internal Memorandum of the Law for Defenses Of the State of Utah for Polygamist Marriages PA499: Bachelors Capstone Project in Paralegal Studies MEMORANDUM TO: Ted Leopold, ESQ. FROM: Keith A. Swift PARALEGAL DATE: October 16, 2012 SUBJECT: Deborah Evans-Polygamy defenses for state of Utah Facts: Deborah Evans Met Aaron Conway and his wife Barb Conway five years ago as part of the religious sect Canyon County Family Society that has existed for 25 years with 120...

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Smith, Shayla No. Lm2972013 Dbarnes (2).Docx

Interview Memorandum (02/12/2013) II. Case Briefs (02/19/2013) A. Duggan v. Hallmark Pool Mfg. Co., Inc. 398 N.W.2d 175 (1986) B. Jon Kevan Chown v. USM Corporation (Farrel Company Division) 297 N.W.2d 218 (1980) C. Karen K. Wadle v. Frank W. Jones and City of Des Moines, Iowa 312 N.W.2d 510 (1981) III. Documents A. Complaint (03/05/2013) B. Summons (03/12/2013) IV. Request for Production (03/19/2013) V. Internal Memorandum of Law...

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MEMORANDUM TO: Senior Partner FROM: One Stressed Student DATE: April 1, 2014 RE: Jenner’s possible defamation claim against Smith ! ! ! QUESTIONS PRESENTED 1. Under the law of defamation, can a former students statements made about their professor on a blog be actionable assertions of fact? 2. Under the law of defamation, do verifiable false statements that harm ones personality when posted on a blog constitute as actionable? BRIEF ANSWERS 1. A former students statements made...

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