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The Diesel Engine: Making a Comeback

2013 The Diesel Engine: Making a Comeback The diesel engine has provided the world with cheap and efficient power for over one hundred years. The invention was first thought up by Rudolph Diesel in 1892. He wanted to create an engine that would be more efficient than the steam engine, which was only 12% efficient. He filed for a patent in Germany in February of 1892. He was granted a patent for a “Working Method and Design for Combustion Engines...new efficient, thermal engine” (History). With...

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Pulse Jet Engine

Title of the project : PULSE JET ENGINE Name of the Batch mates : JOEL KEVIN SALDANHA VIKRAM MALLYA HENCIL MENDONCA NIYANTH Guide : Mr KARTHIK(M TECH) assistant professor Keywords : Thrust, hydrocarbon fuels ` 1. Introduction : A pulsejet engine is a form of pure-thrust jet engine which works by ejecting hot exhaust gases intermittently out of the end of the engine.Pulsejets, as their name suggests, favour intermittent or pulsating combustion rather than the continous,constant...

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Fuel Injection in Diesel Engines

Fuel injection in diesel engines [edit] Mechanical and electronic injection Older engines make use of a mechanical fuel pump and valve assembly which is driven by the engine crankshaft, usually via the timing belt or chain. These engines use simple injectors which are basically very precise spring-loaded valves which will open and close at a specific fuel pressure. The pump assembly consists of a pump which pressurizes the fuel, and a disc-shaped valve which rotates at half crankshaft speed...

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Lubrication in Engines

systems P1) Oil - Vegetable Oil Vegetable oils are a triglyceride that is extracted from agricultural crops, these oils are natural products and therefore their chemical composition changes from one crop to another. They are used in engines and chainsaws as a lubricant instead of petroleum based oils. Canola Oil – made from rapeseed – is an example of a vegetable oil, it is cleaner than petroleum based oils and has less health risks as petroleum oils are commonly carcinogens and can...

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Air Driven Engine

AIR DRIVEN ENGINE ABSTRACT: The Air Driven Engine is an eco-friendly engine which operates with compressed air. An Air Driven Engine uses the expansion of compressed air to drive the pistons of an engine An Air Driven Engine is a pneumatic actuator that creates useful work by expanding compressed air. There is no mixing of fuel with air as there is no combustion. An Air Driven Engine makes use of Compressed Air Technology for its operation The Compressed Air Technology...

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Internal Combustion Engines of the Future

Internal Combustion Engines for the Future Horst Schulte, Martin Wirth Ford Motor Company ABSTRACT Future internal combustion engines for light duty applications will have to cope with a very complex set of customer, legal and business requirements. Customers are expecting further improvements in durability, reliability, drivability, fuel economy, and cost of ownership. Legal requirements are focused on significant emission and fuel consumption reductions. Additional manufacturing cost reductions...

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Engine Lab Report

Engine Lab Report Diesel Engine Load/N |Fuel Time/s |dH/mmH2O |Speed/r.p.m |Temp/℃ |Air consumption/kg/H |Fuel consumption/kg/H |Air-fuel ratio |Power/kw |Efficiency/ % | |40 |121.6 |17.5 |3018 |26.6 |130.16 |2.47 |52.7 |4.5 |0.019 | |80 |94.72 |17.5 |3009 |26.7 |130.14 |3.17 |41.05 |8.97 |0.059 | |125 |72.76 |17 |3009 |26.8 |128.25 |4.12 |31.13 |14.02 |0.111 | |171 |56.95 |17 |3000 |26.9 |128.23 |5.72 |24.33 |19.12 |0.161 | |212 |46.06 |16.5 |3006 |27.1 |126.28 |6.51 |19.40 |23.76 |0.202 | |232...

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Internal Combustion Engine

Chapter 11 Internal Combustion Engines 11.1 Introduction Internal combustion engines differ from external combustion engines in that the energy released from the burning of fuel occurs inside the engine rather than in a separate combustion chamber. Examples of external combustion engines are gas and steam turbines. The gas turbine power plant utilizes products of combustion from a separate combustor as the working fluid. These gases are used to drive the gas turbine and produce useful power. The...

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Combustion of Fuels

to the environment. Combustion of fuels in cars has been identified as the largest contributor to air pollution in the world. Environmental problems cause by the combustion of fossil fuels include: the greenhouse effect, acid rain and air pollution. In a clean reaction gasoline (octane) would burn to produce water and carbon dioxide. 2C8H18 + 25O2 16CO2 + 18H2O. In an ideal situation, this is what would happen in the car’s engine. However it is not that simple. In car engines an undesirable amount...

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Steam Engine

Steam Engine Pre invention: Pre invention: Before the arrival of the steam engine, life in the industrial revolution was very dissimilar. Control typically came after one of three foundations: wind, Animals power, or water. Both of these control causes had their welfares and disadvantages. Wind. Wind power is free, and binding it fixes not include multifaceted equipment, actually nonentity extra than a navigate, or in the circumstance of a windmill, a actual great propeller. The distress through...

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