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  • How the Other Half Lives

    An Analysis of How The Other Half Lives The massive overcrowding in New York was epitomized by the tenements‚ which by 1880 housed over 600‚000 people within 24‚000. This awful statistic was one of many declared by Jacob Riis in his How The Other Half Lives. His work‚ influenced by other tenement reform advocates‚ synthesized the cause for reform together into this journal to convince those who were blind to the problem to want to also help. This essay will evaluate the methods and effectiveness

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  • How the Other Half Lives

    In the book How the Other Half Lives‚ is the most touching and sympathetic book that anyone will ever read. Written by Jacob Riis‚ who was a poor immigrant himself‚ based this book on the poor living conditions he lived. Being an immigrant‚ it was hard for Jacob to find work. He had no money; therefore‚ he lived in police station lodging houses and shelters of all sorts. As soon as he found a successful job being a police reporter‚ he began writing and lecturing to inform people what a disgrace many

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  • How the Other Half Lives

    oblivious to the conditions that the immigrants had dealt with until the publishing of How the Other Half Lives by Jacob Riis. How the Other Half Lives was a book that documented the hardships that immigrants faced living in American cities through pictures and observations. Riis gave Americans an opportunity to see what life was really like for an immigrant in living in America. In How the Other Half Lives‚ Riis showed how immigrants were not entirely different from Americans and he talked about which

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  • How The Other Half Lives Summary

    n 1890‚ Jacob Riis published a groundbreaking booked titled “How the Other Half Lives.” Jacob Riis‚ a Danish immigrant‚ spent the majority of the 1880s collecting the information that would later go into his bestselling book. “How the Other Half Lives” provides a written and visual portrayal of the horrendous living conditions in many New York City slums. While the middle and upper classes lived considerably more comfortable lives‚ the people suffering through the horrid conditions in the aforementioned

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  • How The Other Half Lives Analysis

    Affluence and Alcohol—the Causes of “How the Other Half” Lived The Gilded Age was a term given to the late 19th and early 20th centuries by Mark Twain. For big business owners‚ gilded was an appropriate term to describe their lifestyles. Yet‚ for those who worked for these big businesses‚ life was anything but golden. Twain named the era to ironically describe life for the laborers. The horrific conditions people lived and worked in are captured in How the Other Half Lives by Jacob Riis. The author observes

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  • Jacob Riis How The Other Half Lives Summary

    of something – it provides a compelling representation of the author’s view. All this is done by Jacob Riis’s How the Other Half Lives‚ where the reader is informed about the hideous conditions that the poor had to face in New York City. Riis uses detailed images‚ facts with statistics‚ and examples to create an image to the reader of what these people go through in their everyday lives. Using this process‚ Riis is able to create an important image‚ which allows the reader to imagine the conditions

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  • Jacob Riis How The Other Half Lives Analysis

    Riis Jacob Riis was a social reformer who used photography to raise awareness for urban poverty. He became a reporter and wrote about individuals facing certain plights in order to garner sympathy for them. His book How the Other Half Lives caused people to try to reform the lives of people who lived in slums. He used vivid photographs and stories about individuals to call people to action. No one could argue with a picture‚ so his book showed urbanization and the problems that accompanied it

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  • Advanced Placement United States History Summer Book Report Assignment 1 on the Book How the Other Half Lives by Jacob A. Riis

    overcrowding and the unhealthy living conditions of the tenement and how there community changes to become a healthy place to live and work. 2. The author Jacob Riis proved that the saying ‘’one half of the world does not know how the other half lives.’’ Although we are not talking about the other half of the world but the other half of New York this saying is still true. Mr. Riis opened the eyes of New Yorkers and stood up for others to show how their fellow citizens where living in a dangerous and unhealthy

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  • Apparts Jacob Riis

    # 161. Jacob Riis Describes How The Other Half Lives‚ 1890* Author: This document was written by Jacob A. Riis‚ an excerpt from his How the Other Half Lives. The author views that most people do not realize the tremendous amount of poverty surrounding them. They do not realize how the “other half” of the population; meaning the poor‚ manage to make it through a living. Riis wants to describe the living conditions of the lower class to create Americans an image of how the poor has many difficulties

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  • American History during the Gilded Age

    How Jacob Riis’ “How the Other Half Lives” Brought Social Change via Photography Jacob Riis’ “How the Other Half Lives” brought to light the disparity between the exorbitantly wealthy of New York and the immigrants who live in the slums such as the Five Points. Urban populations grew exponentially in the United States when floods of immigrants entered through Ellis Island. During the turn of the 20th century corruption was embedded in every aspect of industry‚ economy‚ justice‚ and politics. This

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