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  • American Ways

    today’s America‚ the Native Americans only make up about 1% of the American population. The other 99% are either immigrants or descendants of immigrants. The American people mostly reside of immigrants who originally came to America to seek freedom‚ independence‚ and the equality of opportunity. America a nation based on a multicultural society where a lot of subcultures come together and create one big culture by the values they have in common. Because of that the American people doesn’t identify themselves

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  • American Musician: Biography of Gerard Way

    Gerard Arthur Way (born April 9‚ 1977 in Newark‚ New Jersey) is an American musician who has served as frontman‚ lead vocalist and co-founder of the band My Chemical Romance‚ since its formation in 2001. He currently lives with his wife in Los Angeles‚ California. Gerard Way was born in Newark‚ New Jersey[2] to Donald and Donna Lee Way. He was raised in Belleville‚ New Jersey and first began singing publicly in the fourth grade‚ when he played the role of Peter Pan in a school musical production

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  • The Effect of the Automobile on American Life

    The automobile is one of the most important inventions in our countries history. It has totally affected the American way of life. Four main areas it affected are other transportation‚ roadways‚ rural life‚ and urban life. Automobiles affected other ways of transportation. Horse-drawn transportation was almost completely replaced. Trains and trolleys lost rides as cars became more affordable and popular. Roadways were then created. More than 400‚000 miles of new road connected people and places

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  • Dumb Ways to Die

    Dumb Ways to Die The social marketing ad campaign we chose to analyze is called‚ “Dumb Ways to Die‚” created by the McCann Melbourne advertising agency for Metro Trains. The concept behind this ad was to raise awareness around train and railway safety. With the use of its clever and catchy theme song and animated characters demonstrating the numerous examples of‚ “Dumb Ways to Die‚” the campaign has become a viral sensation. From its release date‚ of almost a year ago until now “DWTD” has had

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  • A Long Way Gone

    Honors English 1 The Risks for Survival In the novel‚ A Long Way Gone‚ by Ishmael Beah‚ the author discusses the topic of survival. The book tells a story of a boy whose life is affected by war and forced to survive on his own. Beah is trying to send us a message that people often do crazy things in order to survive. The excerpts I provide prove this statement to be true. Sometimes‚ there are situations where people are starving and in great need of food and resources. “One evening we actually

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  • A Narrative Essay About My American Culture

    years ago‚ my parents moved to the United States from Ukraine to create a better life for our family. Growing up here I found myself becoming easily accustomed to the American ways‚ but even though my family and I may have gotten used to that way of life we never lost sight of our Ukrainian culture. When I think about it‚ the best way that I can describe what my culture is like would be a jigsaw puzzle. When making a puzzle one begins with connecting as many pieces to each other until the exact pieces

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  • toyota way way offroad

    1. In owning these different business Toyota pursuing the three kinds of corporate-level strategies discussed in the chapter. What are the strategies? Why is it pursuing each of them? The Kasugai plant is one of three Toyota factories in Japan that make prefabricated houses. Just like Toyota’s cars‚ these come with fancy‚ foreign-sounding names and plenty of options‚ such as solar roof panels and keyless entry. For those with a Corolla-size budget‚ the top-selling‚ 1‚300-sq.-ft. Smart Stage runs

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  • Way of the Peaceful Warrior Essay

    teacher informs Dan that made a major improvement: he is no longer a young fool‚ he now is more of a man‚ but the biggest difference is that he has spirit. He still has a long way to go though‚ and the next step is moderating his life‚ he needs to “Follow the house rules”. His life is now going to be modeled after Socrates’s Way of The Peaceful Warrior‚ and he is going to have to follow rules for the most basic things‚ such as chastity‚ sobriety and vegetarianism. He’s willing to sacrifice and give

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  • Land of the Free: A reflection on what defines a 21st century American

    Land of the Free: A reflection on what defines a 21st century American Americans- it seems the world has a love/hate relationship with them. Why could this be? It is the land of the free‚ the home of the brave- what could be the problem? Is it the American economy? The culture? The government? An educated guess as to why this fickle relationship exists between the U.S. and the rest of the world is the debate on the one factor that sets America apart from them: Freedom. The freedom to choose

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  • To Be American

    College Writing 1 01/28/2014 To Be American The authors point of view concerning being an American can be translated by foreign Immigrants and those who work hard‚ Contribute to the American society (play an active roll)‚ and those who embrace the American culture. Step Into the shoes of an immigrant and ask this one question‚ what does it take to truly become an American Citizen? For those who came to the United States for a better life‚ they had to under go many obstacles and turmoil

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