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Making Hotplates Timothy Vallin BUS 644 Operations Management Instructor: Dr. Ronald Beach November 18, 2012 Making Hotplates A group of 10 workers were responsible for assembling hotplates. The employees were all placed on an assembly line. An assembly line is standardized layouts arranged according to a fixed sequence of assembly tasks (Stevenson, 2011). The assembly line was balanced by industrial engineers. Line balancing is the process of assigning tasks to workstations in such a way...

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Making Hotplates

Making Hotplates 1. What changes in the work situation might account for the increase in productivity and the decrease in controllable rejects? The changes in the work situation that might account for the increase in productivity and the subsequent decrease in controllable defects are the redesign of the work flow and the increase in the work responsibility assigned to each worker. The redesign of the work flow allowed workers to assemble a unit of the hotplate instead of only a part over and over...

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Making Hotplates

Making Hotplates  What changes in the work situation might account for the increase in productivity and the decrease in controllable rejects? According to the article, the company had 10 workers that were responsible for assembling hot plates with the appropriate tools. Each person was responsible for assembling a part of the hotplate instead of the whole thing. One person would start the hotplate assembly, when they were finished they would pass it to the next, who would begin their part, etc...

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Making Hotplates

Making Hotplates Tony Bennett Ashford University BUS644: Organizational Behavior/William Adams March 10, 2013 The summary will examine a company consisting of a group of workers who are responsible for assembling hotplates which are used in hospitals and medical laboratories to bring solutions to certain temperatures. A job of this nature requires a certain amount of patience and skills that some people could find hard or impossible to handle. The goal of the summary is to answer specific...

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Hotplate Wind and Rain Sensor

carries heat away from the hot plates at a rate dependent on wind speed. Providing power to maintain the hot-plate temperatures at their set point values can provide the quantification of wind speed. Similarly, raindrops landing on one of the hotplates will evaporate causing a further power drain on this plate. This project is to design, build and calibrate this sensor using Labview. 2 BACKGROUND By keeping the two heated plates at a constant set point temperature it is possible to measure...

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Design and Fabrication of Microheaters for Localized Carbon Nanotube Growth

layer is then sputtered and patterned using lift-off process. Another 0.5 m SiO2 layer is deposited and patterned as the mask to release microheater hotplates (or bridges) suspended over a micro cavity. The SiO2 over microheaters can be etched for direct contact between Pt and SWNTs. The first microheater design (Fig. 1a) is an 87×87 m² micro-hotplate with a meander Pt resistor embedded, which has the potential as gas sensors. The second microheater (Fig. 1b) has a curved shape that is designed to...

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Lab Report: Accurate Measurement of Mass and Volume

find out the accurate mass of a solid and to calculate the moles of an unknown. Materials: The materials used in this experiment are Hydrated Copper (II) Sulfate, weighing bottle, analytical balance, laboratory balance, casserole, spatula, and hotplate. Methods: First, approximate 1.0g of hydrated copper (II) sulfate was transferred into a weighing bottle and the lid was screwed on. The colour of the solid was noted.The capped bottle was then taken into the analytical room and its mass was...

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Boiling Point Experiment

Part B: Reflux Method 1. Obtain an aluminum dish and fill the dish with sand and put it on a hotplate. 2. Acquire a test tube and fill it with sec-butyl alcohol to 1-2 cm high. Place the test tube in the sand bath on the hotplate. Clamp a thermometer in the test tube about 1-2 cm above the sec-butyl alcohol. 3. Turn on the hotplate and moderately heat the hotplate. Keep heating until liquid has begun boiling. Once liquid is boiling, the experimenter should observe a vapor...

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expriment report

and activation energy. Chemicals and Apparatus : 1. Methyl formate (m.w. = 60.05 g/mol, d= 0.97 g/mol) 2. Methanol (m.w. = 32.04 g/mol, d= 0.79 g/mol) 3. Ion exchanger I, strongly acid cation exchanger, H+ form (Merck) 4. Magnetic stirrer hotplate 5. 2 magnetic stirring bars 6. Crystallalizing dish (for water bath) 7. 2 beakers 250 mL 8. Contact thermometer 9. Conductivity measuring cell 10. Temperature probe 11. Graduated measuring pipette 15 mL 12. Volumetric pipette 25 mL 13. Volumetric...

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Specific Heat

temperature sensors or thermometers, metal can, and hotplate. Note: the temperature sensor that you use in your calorimeter must not have blue plastic tubing at the end, but the one you use to measure the temperature of the heated sample may or may not, it does not matter. In either case, never remove the blue plastic tubing from any temperature sensor. 2. Fill the metal can approximately half full of water and start heating it on the hotplate. Note: you want the water to be hot, but not boiling...

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