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Key Studies - Brown and Kulick Flashbulb Memories

move to New York). The traditional view of flashbulb memories suggests that these memories have special qualities for a much broader range of individuals. Aside from the amygdala, there were also differences in other memory regions, such as the hippocampus, she said. "Our findings on 9/11 memories indicate that personal involvement may be critical in producing memories with the characteristic qualities of flashbulb memories," she said "We think this is because the amygdala, which is known to play...

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Collective Memory and Leslie Silko

brain the temporal lobe is responsible for the storage of memory. It is here that our brain stores those things that we remember. The hippocampus is also part of memory. It processes new memories into long term storage, without our hippocampus we would not be able to remember what is happening in the present, only what has happened in the past. It is the hippocampus that is affected in Alzheimer’s disease. Without storytelling we would be pretty much like an Alzheimer's patient always struggling to...

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Mett's Modalities

inhibit neurogenesis (Jensen, 2005, p. 11). For that reason, my brain underwent a restructuring through this particular life experience, whether capricious or stable, whereby, the brain allowed the adaptable circumstance to become a part of the hippocampus (an area below the level of a lateral ventricle), which involves transformations of short-term and long-term memory (Martini, 2006). As a result, I am here with my new peers of Concordia University, and in this particular case, my new mentor Dr...

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Fear and the Amygdala

of a panic attack (Doug Holt). The amygdala is able to receive sensor input from the outside world. Sensations such as sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste are brought into the limbic system creating emotional experiences. However, the hippocampus and other limbic structure are not involved in the fear circuit because they are bypassed. The flight and fear responses are found in the rostral regions of the amygdala, including the lateral nucleus and the central nucleus. Defense or aggressive...

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Improving Memory

your chances of success. There are several types of activities that can also help to improve your memory. When you do activities that are mentally challenging you are creating fresh connections in your brain and can also make new cells in the hippocampus. (Hearst Communications Inc., 2005-2014) States, “Those new cells build cognitive reserves that are important for creating new memories and may protect against memory loss — even dementia — later in life.” I love crossword puzzles and at one point...

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Warwick's temple

receptors in the nose while only three genes control colour vision. Our smell receptors are also well connected .From the nose they first go to the limbic system-a part of the brain that drives mood, sexual urges and fear. Signals then travel to the hippocampus, which controls memories. Only then do the signals travel to the frontal lobes of the brain involved in conscious thought. Our 1,000 smell receptors are always working busily but subliminally. One example of this subliminal effect is a range of...

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The Effect of Caffeine on Long-Term Memory: Caffeine Consumption Activates the Brain

published research paper that states that long-term consumption of low doses of caffeine slowed the functions of hippocampus. This area in the brain is responsible for long-term memory and learning. The authors concluded that although caffeine might improve person's alertness for a short period of time, it actually slows down the learning and memory by decreasing the function of hippocampus. ( Dr.Han Me, 2007 ). So as of now we have two extremely different views and which one of them is correct? To...

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Marijuana and the Brain

cannabinoids are type of chemicals and THC is one of them, and cause really weird and abnormal effects on the brain. Because there are many cannabinoid receptors in certain parts of your brain, the hippocampus, cerebellum and basal ganglia, it affects the functions that they normally perform. The hippocampus is important for the short term memory so it deteriorates the recollection of memories you had while under the influence of marijuana. The THC is the marijuana also affects receptors in the cerebellum...

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The Man Without a Memory

forward. By the time you learn how to ride the bike you have practiced the skill so much that it is imprinted in your long term memory. Region of Brain Damaged The area of the brain that was damaged is the hippocampus; this was due to the total amnesia that was a result from his illness. The hippocampus is the region of the brain that relocates memories from the short-term memory to the long-term memory. “Wearing is not capable of forming new memories because his memory only last between 7 and 30 seconds”...

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Analyzing Biopsychological Disorders

involved the hippocampus, frontal lobe, temporal lobe, thalamus, cingulate gyrus, and amygdala may be included in the particular circuits. A subject with schizophrenia may have several structural changes in his or her brain. These changes usually occur in the forebrain and include a lessening of grey matter in the frontal lobe, and a decrease in brain activity. Also, patients with schizophrenic disorder may have larger than normal basal nuclei, and ventricles. The amygdala and hippocampus are usually...

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