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Human Senses

sense, is also intimately linked to the parts of the brain that process emotion and associative learning. The olfactory bulb in the brain, which sorts sensation into perception, is part of the limbic system - a system that includes the amygdala and hippocampus, structures vital to our behavior, mood and memory. When an air current sweeps an odorant up through the nostrils, the molecules hit the olfactory epithelium which is the center of olfactory sensation. Mucus secreted by the olfactory gland coats...

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Can You Trust an Eyewitness

testimonial. Long time back children were never called on to give eyewitness testimonials unlike now-a-days, older children are considered an eyewitness as good as adolescents. Older children aged 10-12 have a fully developed brain; the hippocampus in our brain helps us store long term memory. An older child with a healthy brain can undoubtedly be brought to the stand to give an accurate testimonial or to identify a suspect, but they must be given proper instructions prior to it. Another factor...

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memory is a constructive and active process

of processes depending on the specific circumstances. The main weakness with this theory or concept is the inability to visually see what is occuring in the brain. Although we can look at PET scans and see relative differences in the posterior Hippocampus when investigating the active part of memory as can be seen in Maguier et al's study (as cited in Brace and Roth 2007) of taxi drivers where that specific section of the brain was enlarged. We are still unable to see the actual information being...

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Clive Wearing Case report

of a disease, and Anterograde amnesia is a loss of the ability to create new ones. This occurred after he contracted a viral infection called Herpesviral encephalitis; a virus that attacked his central nervous system, particularly affecting his hippocampus, located in the centre of the brain, responsible for the transference of information from his short term memory to his long term memory. He has been described as being ‘The man with a 7 second memory’, as his memory can be as little as seven...

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Brain and Behavior

and attention o _I__ Midbrain F. Located at the back of the brainstem; assists in balance and the coordination of voluntary movement o _A__ Thalamus G. Part of the limbic system; is involved in learning and in forming new memories o _G_ Hippocampus H. Part of the limbic system; is involved in regulation of the emotions of fear and rage o _H_ Amygdala I. Located near the top of the brainstem; integrates specific types of information from the eyes and the ears, and sends this on to other...

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The Behaving Brain

The cerebellum controls our poster and body movement. Conclusively the limbic system balances our temperature, blood pressure, emotions, and sexual desire. We would not be able to complete these necessary unconscious tasks without the amygdala, hippocampus, hypothalamus, and the thalamus. Our cerebrum is the largest part of our brains. This is where our nerve impulses are translated into words and ideas. The outer layer of the cerebrum is the cortex, the center of thought, perception, and the integration...

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Biopsychology Notes

dreaming and waking up • • reticular formation - keeps brain alert during sleep • thalamus - relay station - vision • cerebellum - bodily motion 2. Limbic system - emotional and sexual behaviors • body temperature, blood pressure, blood sugar level • hippocampus - long term memory (sequence memory test) • “Living Google Man” amygdala - aggression, feeding, and drinking • • hypothalamus - maintains homeostasis: hungry signal • cerebral cortex - sensory, abstract thinking, and reasoning • left hemisphere...

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Stress effects on Children

pathways from the amygdala to the higher cognitive centres of the brain, including the prefrontal cortex, where information is processed, associated and stored for later retrieval and executive functioning. Additional neuroimaging of the amygdala, hippocampus and the rest of the limbic system, along with measurements of dopamine and other brain chemical transmitters during the learning process, reveal that the students’ comfort level has critical impact on information transmission and storage in the...

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till your parents get home” doesn’t work) 3.Punishment without explanation is not effective 10/18/12 Social Learning Theory Memory: Remembering A. The Persistence of learning over time ( read about the anatomy of memory in book “hippocampus” – area of brain where azhletimers diseases attacks) Models of memory A. Encoding: Process of coding and putting information into memory 3. Context Dependent Memory: Memory is best when people are in the same environment c. Storage 1...

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Chapter 4 & 5 Study Guide

gland hormone that enhances metabolism and increases the availability of fuels in the body. 19. In what way is stress related to poor memory? Prolonged stress leads to increased release in cortisol that magnifies the amount of toxins in the hippocampus associated with long-term episodic memories. This causes Attention deficit disorder and distraction. 20. What are the different ways in which the immune system becomes dysfunctional? Initial response to stress activates immune systems; prolonged...

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