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offspring? –ALL OFFSPRING HAVE CHIN FISSURE & DIMPLES 12. If the father is ""Cc"" for chin fissue allele and the mother is ""Cc"" for chin fissue, what will the offspring genotype be using the Punnett Square method. – 1 CC, 2 Cc and 1 cc 13. Gregor Mendel is the father of modern – GENETICS 14. If two carriers for sickle cell anemia (Ss) marry, what chance do they have for having a child with sickle cell anemia? –ONE OUT OF FOUR 15. ____________ means that alleles sort themselves into gametes...

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Patterns of Inheritance

allele that appears most frequently. Recessive – The allele that appears least frequently. Dominant v. Recessive: Dominant – Freckles, Widows Peak, Free Earlobe Recessive – No Freckles, Straight Hair Line, Attached Earlobe. Mendel’s Peas: Gregor Mendel was the father of modern genetics. Used common garden peas to study traits. Easy to use due to short life span, self pollination and readily distinguishable traits. Was a follow up on Darwin’s work. 7 – Different pea traits. Flower Color ...

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Genetic Manipulation

better understanding of genetic manipulation a person must be told of its history and be given a specific definition of genetics. One of the earliest experiments conducted was by an Austrian monk, Gregor Mendel. Mendel started undertaking an experiment by crossing the genetic make-up of Pea plants. Mendel crossed smooth yellow and wrinkly green peas together. Together, the peas created smooth yellows peas, which were found to be the dominant trait in the dominant parent. This concluded that smooth...

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Gregor Mendel for Kids

GREGOR MENDEL'S DISCOVERIES Gregor Mendel, also known as "The Father of Genetics" was an Austrian monk that made a huge discovery about genetics because of his mini garden full of pea plants. What made Mendel come to this experiment was because of the different phenotype or traits of the pea plants. Some were tall and some were short. Some plants either had purple or white flowers. Gregor observed each trait and saw how they were passed down to the offspring plants. After breeding plants...

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Biology: Gene and Daughter Cells

http://faculty.stcc.edu/BIOL102/Lectures/lesson9/stepbystep.htm http://utahscience.oremjr.alpine.k12.ut.us/sciber00/7th/genetics/sciber/compare.htm http://www.reference.com/motif/science/list-of-similarities-between-mitosis-and-meiosis W4A2 Mendel used mathematics and experimentation to derive major principles that have helped us understand inheritance. His ideas were totally different than the explanation for passage of characteristics from parents to offspring that was common to his time...

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Basic Principles of Heredity

biological characteristics. | | | 3. |A 19th century central European monk scientist who published his ideas about genetics in 1866 but largely went unrecognized |Gregor Mendel | | |until 1900, which was long after his death. He acquired his understanding of genetics mostly through pea plant breeding | | | |experiments. ...

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Genetic Traits Exercise: Introduction: The pioneer of modern day genetics was an Austrian Monk named Gregor Mendel, who established the basic laws of heredity from his studies with pea plants in the late 1800s. Mendel’s fundamental genetic principles may be applied to a variety of traits from many different organisms. Each genetic trait, such as flower color, is regulated by a pair of genes called alleles. These alleles are found at particular places on the chromosomes called loci. During meiosis...

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Genetically Modified Food: Panacea or Poison

pollen and so genetic drift refers to that ability of pollen to move from one area to another” (25:47). Farmers are concerned of how crops get contaminated without a noticeable reason. In biology 1167 we discussed the inheritance system, and Gregor Mendel came up with laws by studying pea plants. The production of genetic modified foods can be both negative and positive, but everyone should have the choice of consuming these kinds of food, “no labels are required, according to U.S food and drug...

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Gregor Mendel: The Father of Genetics

The king of genes Gregor Mendel was raised in the farming and agriculture industrial. Both of his parents were farmers. Even though his parents expected him to become a farmer. Mendel did not go down that path; instead he became a member of the Augustine Monastery. He was a teacher of science and physics and he was able to live at the chapel for free. While living there he started breeding mice; however a member of the Augustine Monastery felt uncomfortable with Mendel breeding activities. So...

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Einstein- Theory of Relativity, Atomic Bomb  Thomas Alba Edison - Incandescent bulb Benjamin Franklin- electricity (lightning rod)  Galileo Galilei- first telescope, Father of Modern Physics, Modern Science  Gregor Johann Mendel- Heredity  James Maxwell- Electromagnetic Theory  Alexander Graham Bell - Telephone  Alessandro Volta - Electrochemical Battery  Sir Isaac Newton - Law of Gravity ...

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