The Garden of Inheritance

Topics: Science, Gregor Mendel, Experiment Pages: 2 (640 words) Published: December 20, 2012
The Garden of Inheritance Movie Summary

Throughout the presentation of the film, I learned very interesting facts about Gregor Mendel. Firstly, he was a part of the Augustine order. He would make friends of house mice, which he would then use in his breeding experiments. Father Ramsik did not support Gregor Mendel's experimentation at all and criticized his work by saying that it was secular. He believed that science experiments were not a proper occupation for an Augustinian friar. He believed that the monastery was built as a house of prayer and worship. The experiments conducted by Gregor also worried the Bishop. The Bishop did not like how Gregor was using animals as experimentation subjects and Gregor agreed to use plants instead. The Abbot of the monastery on the other hand supported and was fond of research and science. Aside from experimenting, Gregor Mendel was also trying to get his teaching certificate. After taking the test, one of the test examiners suggested that Father Gregor Mendel had to study more and that he should attend the University of Vienna for 2 years.

At the University, I learned that Gregor became a monk because someone recommended him to the position. I also learned that Gregor Mendel used to be poor and that is one of the main reasons why he "converted." Additionally, Gregor Mendel was on his own since the age of 16 when his brother in law took over the farm. Gregor's father had nothing to send to him which is why Gregor was always starving. Moreover, at the University, Gregor met his new good friend, Johann Larve. However, for his sister wedding, Gregor decided to go back home. Soon after, when Father Gregor Mendel went for a walk with his good friend Johann was the moment where his ideas of heredity started to develop and the rosary was able to serve as a model. Later on, he presented his views to the council and they dismissed his work saying that Gregor was not accepting scientific truths and instead...
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