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  • Great Famine

    From Three Views The Great Famine of 1845 -1849 was a trying time for many‚ specifically the Irish‚ British‚ and immigrants to Canada. These three groups‚ although in the middle of the same problem‚ held very different sometimes opposing views. To fully understand why there were various views one must take into account the social‚ cultural‚ economic‚ and governmental situations of each group. For the British‚ the problem was whether or not to take action‚ and if so how and when. In the Irish-men

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  • The Great Irish Famine

    to their adaptability in almost any surface. However‚ the dependency on potatoes started to be dangerous when a new potato disease commonly known as potato blight affected the crops year after year in the 1840’s. This disease caused the loss of great part of the crops until the end of the decade‚ but especially in the year 1847‚ called the black forty-seven because it affected more than 90% of the crops. The potato blight came from America in a shipment of seed potatoes for European farmers. Irish

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  • The Great Irish Famine

    essay will investigate the response of the British Government during the great famine of Ireland between 1845 and 1852. It will look at the political ideology that inspired the public relief works and how they failed to offer relief from starvation‚ but instead focused on bringing about social change inspired by largely an anti-Irish sentiment. It will also examine the role of the soup kitchen’s that were set up to attack famine conditions directly and how this represented and exposed the Governments

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  • Great Famine Chapter Summary

    Learner Journal 4: Famine: The Irish experience 900- 1900. What is the reading about? This week’s reading is a chapter is taken from the book ‘Famine: The Irish Experience 900 -1900’. The chapter is titled ‘Conclusion: Famine and Irish History. The author highlights the state the country was in before famine. Clarkson adds that all Famines in Ireland was a result of hundreds of years of starvation. In this text the author aims to explain the due course up to the Great Famine. The author also aims

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  • Ireland During The Great Potato Famine

    on a potato farm in Ireland during the Great Potato Famine. It was the worst famine in Europe in the 19th century. This famine started in September of 1845 and ended in 1852. During this time‚ life in Ireland was extremely difficult. We suffered from much starvation and disease. Approximately one million of us died and another million emigrated to other countries‚ especially America. The population of the country dropped 20 to 25%. The Great Famine began mysteriously. My family and I woke

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  • Ireland: The Great Potato Famine

    In today’s modern society our perspectives on issues have altered. Out of the many of the push factors that Ireland was faced with the “Great Potato Famine” was the basis for many people immigrating. Many other reasons that the Irish had begun to immigrate were from political reasons‚ rising poverty levels‚ and spread of disease. The famine during 1847- 1852‚ lead to the potato harvest to fail year after year. This resulted in the increase of food cost‚ forcing the middle class to become poor. This

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  • The Irish Potato Famine

    The Great Irish Famine Ireland 1847 Approved by the New Jersey Commission on Holocaust Education on September 10th‚ 1996‚ for inclusion in the Holocaust and Genocide Curriculum at the secondary level. Revision submitted 11/26/98. 0. DEDICATION AND ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS This curriculum is dedicated to the millions of Irish who suffered and perished in the Great Starvation. It is also dedicated to those who escaped by emigration‚ and to the great Irish Diaspora worldwide. The Irish Famine

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  • Irish Famine In The 19th Century

    In the mid-19th century‚ a famine hit Ireland that forced many Irish to leave their homes and emigrate to America in hopes of rebuilding their lives and rising out of their impoverished and starving state. Many Irish emigrated to the eastern part of the United States‚ specifically to New York. The Irish immigrants did not have an easy life in New York because of anti - Irish sentiment and their inability to assimilate into American culture. The most common place in New York where the Irish lived

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  • irish potato famine

    them) were devastated.Thesis: The Irish Potato Famine devastated the Irish population and economy as well as sowing the seeds of rebellion against England. 1st Point: Ireland dependent on potato • Families spent most time on cash crops to pay rent • Potato easy to grow‚ nutricious 2nd Point: The Irish Potato Famine depopulated the nation through starvation‚ disease and immigration • • • 3rd Point: I. What was the Potato Famine? 1) Families spent most time on cash crops to

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  • Affects of Irish Famine in Canada

    From the year 1845 until the early 1850’s‚ Ireland was hit with one of the most devastating travesties: the potato famine. Disease was spread upon Ireland’s main crop‚ the potato‚ which caused Ireland’s agricultural economy to hit rock bottom. It also caused many deaths among the Irish through starvation. To avoid death and start a new life‚ many Irish had to flee to The United States and Canada. Though many died while traveling across the Atlantic‚ thousands made it to land. With no money and no

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