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Statement of Purpose

feel that mere under graduation will not help a student to achieve all his desired goals and it is for this reason that I am applying for a masters degree in the discipline which I have chosen, which will pave the way towards achieving my goals. SCHOOL AND COLLEGE EDUCATION: Perseverance pays is my motto. From my schooling I believe in hard work and it is that little bit of extra effort that has helped me to achieve the best in comparison to rest of the people having an equal opportunity. I have...

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Statement of Purpose

is to this belief that I attribute all my accomplishments till date and my passion to study further. Pursuit of excellence and knowledge has always been my burning desire and the propelling force behind all my achievements. My decision to pursue graduate study blends harmoniously with my eventual objective of taking up a management career in the sports industry.  Education: I would like to present my past performances as my credentials for success in future endeavors. My academic performance was...

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Sop for Ms in Financial Engineering

simple. S. Gudder Mathematics is the basis of explanation of all phenomena taking place around us. I had immense love for Mathematics right from my high school years. Pythagoras, Fibonacci, Pascal were some of the laws that had made lasting impressions on my mind. I was mesmerized by the vast applications of mathematics ranging from physics, engineering like signal and image processing, communication, finance...

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My Personal Plan

My Personal Plan HCS/504 December 12, 2011 John Dean My Personal Plan * Introduction Success needs lots of preparation. If I want to become successful in my life, I need to be well prepared. Before starting my graduate study I have set certain goals for my life that will set me on the route to success. These goals will take me through life and let me live the kind of life I have dreamed about. I have set some personal goal and professional goals. Personal Goal i. Optimize...

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Bachelor of Arts History Rough Draft

logos (Rough Draft) Are you currently stuck and unsure of what major you want to pursue? Do you find yourself stressed over what will happen in the future and what career path you will take? If that is the case, then you’re not alone. Princeton graduate, Ken Saxon addresses this topic to the 2010 freshmen class of the University California, Santa Barbara. He explains that receiving a degree in one particular area does not necessarily mean anything in the real world. Ken Saxon mentions that college...

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construction mangment

Statement of Purpose - Civil Engineering (SOP) In this essay I outline my academic and extra-curricular accomplishments. Also discussed are my career objectives and the motivation to pursue the graduate program in Civil Engineering at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. The undergraduate curriculum in Chemical Engineering at IIT, Kharagpur, introduced me to a wide gamut of subjects, both in and outside the field. Various courses like Mass Transfer, Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics and...

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Statement of Purpose

SAMPLE-3 “STATEMENT OF PURPOSE” TO ACCOMPANY GRADUATE APPLICATION Statement of Purpose Name: First Last January 4, 2010 Civil Engineering (Geotechnical specialty) The belief that an education is most valuable when it is used to serve one’s community has been instilled in me. This conviction and a natural aptitude for science and mathematics convinced me civil engineering was the most fitting career for me. In fact, they continue to be the driving forces in my pursuit of academic excellence as...

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Community Immersion 1 notes

a study of communities because communities offer people formal and informal resources, social networks, and social capital which support them in their daily life—and especially in times of need (i.e. earthquakes, flooding, finding a job, starting school, childcare in an emergency, etc. Think Katrina.) b. Lecture b.i. Review the Glossary of Terms b.i.1. Community b.i.2. Diversity b.i.3. Social capital b.i.4. Social networks b.i.5. Neighborhoods b.i.6. Neighborhood role in the helping process ...

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Mba Statement of Purpose

But I felt unsure if I could adapt to a new culture and be truly accepted by new friends I made. Driven by a consuming desire to succeed, I cast these doubts aside, opened my mind, and embraced the new challenges. I entered Glendora High School as a junior. I learned English in the Philippines at the age of five, but did not feel confident enough to communicate orally because while I could speak the language I sounded different. To overcome the language and cultural challenges, I participated...

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Sop for Computer Science

Respected Graduate Admission Committee: My name is **** . I pursued my undergraduate studies in Computer Science and Engineering at MVSR Engineering College, Osmania University, India. I am planning to pursue my higher education and I really hope to get enrolled into the Masters program, for the term starting Spring '08, at University of North Carolina at Charlotte. In the following paragraphs I have summarized my educational background, motivation for graduate study and my areas of interest. ...

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