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Nurse Practitioner

not just taking the classes but about passing them with extraordinary grades and graduate with your AA and a really good GPA. After graduating with my AA I plan to transfer to FIU and further my studies, they have a great Nursing program, as soon as I graduate with my bachelors degree I will continue to get my masters and broaden my knowledge in my studies. To be a nurse practitioner, you need to have a graduate degree, such as a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) or Doctor of Nursing Practice...

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Term Essay

Brainstorming Writing an effective personal statement requires a bit of soul searching and reflection. The schools want to gain from your essay some insight into your character and personality. It's difficult for most people to write about themselves, especially something personal or introspective. If thoughtfully observed and answered, the following suggestions and questions will yield material from which you can draw upon in writing your essay. Although the questions are presented in categories...

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Statement of Purpose

one is able to cross when one has the knowledge to back up one’s convication.Based on this I have been able to channelizes my future step by step towards the goal I have set for Myself. My interest in applied science dates back to my school days. During high school, I was fascinated with electronic gadgets. Soon thereafter, designing and building basic circuits started as a hobby. Along the way, however, I realized that the problem-solving aspect of making electronic gadgets was what I enjoyed the...

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Internet Addiction and Stress in College

following questions: What percentages of students are using the internet in extensive amount of time for areas other than school? What are the factors behind excessive internet usage? Is the student struggling in college due to lack of preparedness and resorting to addictive behavior as an outlet? Is the student using the internet to compensate for stress caused by school, work, or environmental changes? The hypothesis I would like to test out that correlates with the questions is: Freshman college...

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Best Practices in Critical Thinking and Decision Making.

Critical Thinking and decision Making paper Communication skills for graduate study/COM505 2 December, 2009 Best Practice in critical thinking and decision making paper. I would have to admit that critical thinking skill did play a big part within my decision in returning back to school in perusing the graduate program that I am presently doing. Today we are finding more and more adult trying to get back into school to further his or her education from where he or she left off...

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Scholarship Application

safety and environmental management. Currently, one $2,000 scholarship is awarded annually. The program is open to all undergraduate and graduate students in all majors/disciplines, who are currently registered as full-time students in North America. A full-time student is one who is carrying 12 credit hours per semester, trimester or quarter. Undergraduates and graduate students must have at least one year of study remaining in their degree program. To be considered for the award, students must meet...

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Tell All About You

academic discipline. When they read your essay, they will be seeking depth and substance, along with a true passion and commitment to your area of study. They will also be looking for individual traits or characteristics that make you an outstanding graduate school candidate.  Through the personal essay, you have a unique opportunity to:    * Convey your long- and short-range career goals.  * Present yourself as an individual with desirable personal abilities, background, interests and plans...

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statement of purpose

with the subject, fascinated as I was, with systems and technology with its wide-range of applications. I have been a very ambitious person in thirst of knowledge since my childhood. I joined a school, which provided me with commensurate knowledge. As had completed my schooling in a simple school with out any sort of brae, my thoughts where streamlined and focused to achieve my objective. My excessive zeal to acquire knowledge was canalized, when I chose COMPUTER SCIENCE in my graduation. ...

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Women Contribution to Psychology

Margaret and soon after Margaret graduation she applied for graduate studies at Columbia University. Women were not permitted to study at Columbia at the time, she had entered the college only as observer where she was noticed as a serious student by Cattell but could only attend his classes unofficially (Goodwin, 2008). Cattell recommended her to apply at the Sage school of Philosophy at Cornell because they were accepting women graduate students and seen the un-keen potential in her. Margaret would...

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Statement of Purpose

now the scientist and any personal information should be related to your scientific approach and how you will enrich the scientific world. Steps to Success Becoming a Scientist Your Research Is Your Purpose Avoid Childhood Kindergarten-High School “The big questions — how to control a cell’s function, how to interfere with a cell becoming a cancer, how to stop heart disease — are still out there to be answered. The key is bringing fresh ideas along with new tools and technologies to the...

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