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Gothic Architecture

Romanesque and Gothic styles of architecture were some of the few symbols of civilization in the poverty Middle Ages. These two main styles of architecture, have many similarities, but also have many differences. This is because lifestyles altered in the time between these two time periods. Romanesque was designed to be more for defensive purposes than for any aesthetic quality, as gothic cathedrals. Monasteries housed the remnants of saints, and during the Romanesque period the cult of relics became...

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The building in Renaissance architecture[ Despite its history, the building is seen as one of the great examples of the new style. Its more notable features include: • the attempt to create a proportional relationship between nave and aisle (aisle bays are square whereas nave bays are 2X1. • the articulation of the structure in pietra serena (Italian: “dark stone”). • the use of an integrated system of column, arches, entablatures. • a clear relationship between column and pilaster, the...

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Architecture PPT

Architecture Examples of Different Styles and Dynamics Gothic cathedrals are embraced for their elegance and beauty. Several famous gothic cathedrals are St. Denis Notre Dame Chartres Salisbury Durham Amiens. Gothic cathedrals point to the shifting ideologies of the time. Gothic architecture mirrors an aesthetic sensibility and dynamic mindset. Gothic cathedrals, with slight structural frames, flying buttresses, and pointed arches, display a more artistic sensibility and dynamism uncharacteristic...

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French Architecture

French Architecture France is a country rich in architecture. You can spend all your days day walking through the streets of Paris, or any other region, visiting the museums, and taking pictures next to one of the many impressive monuments. France has many old monuments and some of them they are in well good condition like the Maison Carrée and the Pont du Gard near Nîmes. The Carolingian dynasty of Charlemagne was a period of innovative buildings, using the Romanesque architecture, which gave...

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Trojan: Gothic Architecture and Word Meaning Word

man was most responsible for the innovations of the Gothic cathedral? In addition to pointed arches, what new architectural feature enabled Gothic cathedrals to rise much higher? -About the height, being closer to God, though this is not a technical issue. About gargoyles, enter in the tradition of gothic representation, maybe evils or closer to the alchemical icons Besides their apotropaic function, what was the practical function of Gothic gargoyles? What theological innovation of Abbot Suger...

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Gothic Architecture

December, 2013 Development of Gothic Architecture The 11th to 15th centuries observed a great increase in the presence of the Christian Church within Europe. The Crusades were a strong cause for this surge in the Christian religion. The growing population of the Church increased the demand for a Christian presence in architectural monuments during the Romanesque and Gothic periods, which lead to a great cathedral construction boom across Europe. The Gothic architectural styles were distinctive...

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Classical and Gothic Architecture

Classical and Gothic Architecture � � The cultures of the ancient Greeks and medieval Europeans were significantly influenced by religion. Greek Classicism brought about some of the most beautiful artwork and architecture that still exists today. The style strives to exemplify a culture of harmony, order, reason, intellect, objectivity, and formal discipline (Sporre, 2010). Classicism is best exemplified in the ancient temples that are found throughout the region of Greece and Italy. Gothic style art...

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Why Are Gothic Cathedrals Important

remarkable things were created. One example of this was the amazing Gothic cathedrals that were created by architects during medieval times. Quite a few Gothic cathedrals were built all over Europe and other areas that took years to complete and a lot of tax money. Tourists still travel to these cathedrals that were built over 500 years ago. It is truly remarkable how these structures were built without today’s modern technology. Gothic cathedrals were built during the Middle Ages. The Middle Ages was...

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Romanesque and Gothic Architecture

 Romanesque and Gothic Architecture Larry Crawley Sanford Brown College Online HUMN302-1502B-01 Unit-5 Date: May 10, 2015 Professor Andrea Kough Romanesque and Gothic Architecture The Romanesque Culture (c.a.10th-12th centuries) began with the rise of France and England, after the period known as “The Dark Ages”. This rise would also be credited to the rise Romanesque church achitecture and sculpture. Romanesque churches were escalated in scale and based on the earlier Roman basilicas plans...

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Difference in Gothic and Romanesque architecture

Different Architecture of Romanesque and Gothic Inspired Buildings There have been numerous pilgrimages made across France and Spain, each one just as unique as the one before it. Along these routes there are an immeasurable number of magnificent churches and temples each with their own history, architecture and art work, making them very distinctive. Time and place are important influences of the design of these churches and temples when they were built; this means that we have encountered scores...

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