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  • The Doctrine of God the Father

    The Doctrine of God the father The essay will focus upon the first person of the trinity‚ God the Father. There is a presupposition that God is knowable‚ yet not discoverable by human reason. God is known only by divine revelation and‚ although the works of creation and Providence reveal the existence of God‚ the ultimate source of divine revelation is the Word of God. God is best known in Jesus Christ as John 14.19 which states that he who has seen me has seen the Father that is reveal through

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  • Image of God

    Images of God When you say the word God different images will enter each person’s mind. We know that we cannot totally understand who God is and explain him with our feeble human language‚ but the “desire for God is written in the human heart” which calls us to continue to try (CCC 27). We as Christians see God as a mystery not to be solved but to be beheld. God is not to be figured out but we are to sit “face to face with the Incomprehensible” and to construct our belief in based on faith (Rahner

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  • Oneness of God

    The Trinity: The Oneness of God Before I try to explain an infinite God with my finite brain‚ I will bring this verse to mind: Proverbs 3:5-7 states‚ ’’Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him‚ and he will make your paths straight. Do not be wise in your own eyes; fear the Lord and shun evil." So‚ with this in mind‚ I will attempt to explain the Trinity. The best way to explain the Trinity is not with a statement‚ but with a

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  • The Concept of God

    The concept of God in Christianity and Islam Christianity and Islam are two of the world’s most popular religions. Both have some different beliefs but are similar in origin. In these two religions God is perceived in similar and different ways. In Christianity‚ Christians believe that God is three different persons combined into one also known as the trinity. In Islam‚ Muslims believe that God is one that he doesn’t have a father or a mother‚ a son or a daughter‚ and that he has no partners. Even

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  • Gods Love

    Our Father 1)Our-tells us that God loves us all equally‚no matter what we do. When God addresses us he says‚"You are my children." That means that even if one of us sin‚ He will still talk to us as our. We say‚"You are our God‚"because he is not only there for one of us‚he is there for all of us. Our means together. Father-tells us that he loves and cares for us. God will be there in our times of trouble to help us. He will be there in our time of confusion to advise us. He will

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  • Christianity and God

    always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ; Prop: I propose to you today that Modern Christians have lost their idea of true thankfulness. Too many Christians have slacked concerning returning praise to God. If we do not understand what true Biblical thanksgiving is‚ we will never give back what God so desires us to have. Intro: Give the context of the Passage. Transitional Phrase: How Should the Christian return thanks to God for what He has Given to them

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  • God and Thesis

    family and groupmates who never left me just to finish my part on our thesis and to our God Almighty who have been my inspiration throughout my life. Trisha Mae Raymundo I would like to thank Mrs. Marave for giving me the opportunity to work a thesis with my groupmates regarding a certain topic that we chose. I would like to dedicate this thesis to my groupmates‚ to my English teacher‚ and to the Almighty Father. Patricia Solomon I would like to dedicate this thesis to my groupmates who

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  • The Righteousness of God

    Essay) by Doug Woolley 11/5/86 Sin is that which separates an individual from God. Jesus came to bridge this separation by taking our sins and giving us His "righteousness"‚ or right standing with God. We become righteous by having faith in the power of the blood of Jesus Christ to wash away our sins. There is nothing we can do to earn our righteousness; it is only through faith that we are put right with God. When we accept the atonement of Jesus’ blood to make us righteous‚ we become a new

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  • God and Prayer

    valve. They pray – however they don’t see any answers. Why? Because they pray doubting their prayer will ever be heard by God. Despite the many times God has said in the Bible to ask‚ pray‚ call on Him and he will answer (Jeremiah 33:3)‚ many Christians don’t have a prayer life. However‚ they attend church and even call themselves believers‚ but in reality they are as far from God as any unbeliever. To be a good reflection of Christ and see answers to our prayers‚ as followers of Jesus we must stay

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  • Essay About God

    Trisha Anne R. Zamudio Philo 1 - WFY As a Roman Catholic‚ I believe that God is our Creator and Father. I believe that He is One with Jesus Christ‚ His Son and the Holy Spirit in the Holy Trinity. I believe that He is a merciful and loving God who is the only one who knows what will happen to us in our future. I believe that He is merciful because He is always there to forgive us whenever we sincerely ask for it. Despite our sins‚ He accepts us and ensures that everything that happens to us is

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