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Date: ________________________ Student Exploration: DNA Fingerprint Analysis Vocabulary: codon, DNA, DNA fingerprint, genotype, identical twins, nitrogenous base, phenotype, trait Prior Knowledge Questions (Do these BEFORE using the Gizmo.) 1. The two navy officers shown at left are identical twins. Why do you think identical twins look so similar? _______________________________________________ ...

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Activity A: Types of water pollution Get the Gizmo ready: • Check that the TYPE tab and Toxic pollution are selected. Question: What are the main types of water pollution? 1. Read and learn: Besides toxic pollution, the other types of pollution are sediment pollution, nutrient pollution, and bacterial pollution. You have already described toxic pollution on the previous page. Read about the other types, and describe each in your own words. Sediment pollution Description: ...

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Gizmo: Example Pollution Type

______________________________________ Date: ________________________ Student Exploration: Water Pollution Vocabulary: bacterial pollution, nutrient pollution, sediment pollution, toxic pollution, water pollution Prior Knowledge Questions (Do these BEFORE using the Gizmo.) 1. Water pollution is the addition of harmful substances to water. Some of these substances are found at home. What household chemicals might be harmful if not disposed of properly? _________________________________________________________________________ ...

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Gizmo Circulatory System

red blood cell, urea, ventricle, vein, white blood cell Prior Knowledge Questions (Do these BEFORE using the Gizmo.) 1. Why do you need blood? __Blood carries oxygenon and nutrients around you body.___________________________________________________ 2. What organ pushes blood through your body? ______The heart_____________ Gizmo Warm-up The Circulatory System Gizmo™ shows the heart and blood vessels that make up the circulatory system. Look at the heart. 1. How many chambers...

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_________Mishana Sturdivant___ Date: _09/03/2012______ - Human Homeostasis Vocabulary: dehydration, heat stroke, homeostasis, hypothermia, involuntary, thermoregulation, voluntary Prior Knowledge Questions (Do these BEFORE using the Gizmo.) A thermostat is a device that regulates the temperature inside a building. 1. What does a thermostat do if it gets too cool? __It would turn on the heater or turn off the A/C___________ 2. What does a thermostat do if it gets too hot? ____It...

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Gizmo: Uniform Circular Motion

Part 1: Centripetal Acceleration 1. The Gizmotm shows both a top view and a side view of a puck constrained by a string, traveling a circular path on an air table. Be sure the Gizmo has these settings: radius 8 m, mass 5 kg, and velocity 8 m/s. Then click Play and observe the motion of the puck. a. The puck in the Gizmo is traveling at a constant speed, but it is NOT traveling at a constant velocity. Explain why. b. Because the velocity of the puck is changing (because its direction is changing)...

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Glucose and Identifying Nutrients Gizmo

blackboard. Most likely your username and password are your FirstnameLastname (no spaces). 3. Find the “Identifying Nutrients” gizmo. 4. Click on launch. Let’s get started. Below are some vocabulary terms you will see in the gizmo. Vocabulary: carbohydrate, disaccharide, lipid, monosaccharide, polysaccharide, protein, starch As you go through this gizmo, think about the major nutrients we get from our food and how these nutrients are used by your body. For example, you learned in...

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SBI4U Photosynthesis Lab Gizmo

Photosynthesis Lab Gizmo website: www.explorelearning.com Class code: EFVNHTVRGY Gizmo Warm-up During photosynthesis, plants use the energy of light to produce glucose (C6H12O6) from carbon dioxide (CO2), and water (H2O). Glucose is a simple sugar that plants use for energy and as a building block for larger molecules. A by-product of photosynthesis is oxygen. Plants use some of the oxygen they produce, but most of it is released. In the Photosynthesis Lab Gizmo™, you can monitor the rate...

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Exploration: Building DNA Vocabulary: double helix, DNA, enzyme, mutation, nitrogenous base, nucleoside, nucleotide, replication Gizmo Warm-up The Building DNA Gizmo™ allows you to construct a DNA molecule and go through the process of DNA replication. Examine the components that make up a DNA molecule. 1. What are the two DNA components shown in the Gizmo? Nucleosides and phosphates 2. A nucleoside has two parts: a pentagonal sugar (deoxyribose) and a nitrogenous base (in color). When a...

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Position Vs Time Gizmo

to your Explore Learning account to complete this activity. Instructions for setting up your account are on the FISD Student Learning Hub (Moodle). Complete this assignment electronically. You will save and upload your document at the end. Gizmo Warm-up The Distance-Time Graphs GizmoTM shows a graph and a runner on a track. You can control the motion of the runner by manipulating the graph (drag the dots). Move the slider so that the Number of points is 5. Under Runner 1 uncheck both Show...

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