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Get The Project Report On Retail Store Layout

What are the implications of perception on retail store layout and ambiance? Fully explain why you think this is important to consider Shopping in a retail store is being widely practiced everywhere for ages. But due to recent technology booms, the popularity of online shopping has been growing at a fast pace, and attracting more and more shoppers to shop online. This is not because the Internet has conquered the market. It is due to the fact that modern-day shoppers are going for alternative...

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retail store project

----A STORE FOR YOU The name of the store is Sonics A store for you. This store sells many different kinds of things such as clothes, accessories, shoes and many more things. The target market of this store is: that it sells to all age groups (from newborn to older people) and all genders. Product and Service Management The sales are located at the back of the store. It is in the back because people have to go through the entire store to get to the...

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Project Report on Non Store Retailling

Introduction Retail is India is estimated to be about 14-15% of the country’s GDP. It is the largest source of employment after agriculture and has the deepest penetration to rural India. Retailing in India is gaining attention like never before. Organized retailing especially is creating euphoria amongst Indian consumers drawing them into malls and trade areas in huge numbers. Retailers are offering newer service dimensions to create unique shopping experiences for the customers. However, whether...

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Drug Store Layout

 Store Layout and Design Traditional Medical store Vs. Med-Plus Submitted To: Contents 1. Introduction In most developed countries, the drug stores are housed within bigger shops like Walgreens, CVS Pharmacy etc. where there’s separation of prescription medicines and Over-The-Counter (OTC) drugs. OTC drugs can be purchased without prescription whereas medicines like antibiotics require prescription and is issued only upon prescription. In India, both OTC...

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Store layout

Chapter 6 Objectives of a Good Store Design - Design should be consistent with retailers image and strategy - Design should positively influence consumer behavior - Design should consider costs vs. value - Design should be flexible - Design should meet legal requirement Store Layout - Layout should entice customers to move around and shop the store - Good layouts can: increase store traffic, drive sales and build store loyalty. - If the layout is too complex- customers may find it difficult...

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Retail Store Manager

Retail Manager as TrainerBy Malcolm Fleschner, Monster Contributing Writer Since founding The Friedman Group, a global retail consulting and training organization, in 1980, Harry Friedman has heard plenty of excuses from retail store executives who refuse to provide much training to their front-line store employees. One of the most common is: "What if I train them, and they leave?" Friedman says this is the exact opposite approach they should take. He suggests a better question is, "What if I don't...

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Shoppers Drugmart Retail Project

Drug mart Shoppers Drug Mart Retail Management Project Shoppers Drug Mart Retail Management Project Shoppers Drug Mart Introduction Shoppers Drug Mart(“Shoppers”) is a large retailer with more than 1,237 locations. Shoppers Drug Mart has successfully leveraged its position from being a pharmacy, to become a unique retailer. They offer quality brand name and Life Brand(Shoppers brand) products , ranging from over the counter medications to health and beauty aids, cosmetics and fragrances...

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Retail Store Design: Creating a Powerful Store Image

6. Hypothesis 7. Chapter Scheme 8. References Retail Store Design: Creating a Powerful Store Image 1. Introduction We've heard it again and again - "You never get a second chance to make a first impression". Even though there are many influences at work in the shopping experience, the look of a store holds the most sway in enticing us through the doors. We even tend to sum up that initial in-store encounter in visual terms: a store is exciting, clean or well-organized or, at the other...

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Retail Store Design and Layout


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Retail Marketing Report

Retail Marketing Report 2036MKT Retail Marketing: Assessment item 1 Briahna Noonan s2951808 Executive Summary This report studies the aspects of merchandise assortment and store design within two retailers to identify and research a foundation area that positively and negatively affect the two stores through the literature and associated fieldwork. The two retailers under the retail category of convenience stores were selected and their merchandise assortments and store designs were observed...

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Retail Mangement

 Retail Management Tommy Dunn 22036495 Project: 08001400 August 28th, 2014 Retail Management Introduction The main objective of this paper is to find out the strategic analysis, analyze store layout, design and visual merchandising as well as Internet retailing for our chosen retailer. I have chosen Ross stores as the company for which the research and analysis would be undertaken. Strategic Analysis ...

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Facility Layout

Meaning - Facility Layout Arrangement of: • Machinery • Equipment • Other Industrial facility • Achieving quick production at least cost Why Facility Layout Decrease – • • • • Material Handling cost Movement of people and material Hazards to personnel Accidents Increase – • • • • • Production Capacity Labor efficiency Employee Morale Space utilization Ease of Supervision and Maintenance Importance of Facility Layout • • • • • • • • • Economies in handling Effective use of available area...

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Stock Presentation Report

Harry Gibson In this report I will be discussing the importance and basic principles of stock presentation within retail stores, the different policies and procedures each retail organisation has in place regarding the presentation of stock, branding strategies, store layout patterns and criteria that influence space allocation. I will relate these points to my two chosen retailers: H&M and B&Q, both of which are very different with the products they sell and their layouts- H&M being a leading fashion...

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Evaluating Retail Stores

Evaluating two successful stores and two unsuccessful stores The retail industry is extremely competitive particularly during the current economic conditions when customers have limited spending power (Bloomberg, 2009). Therefore, it is crucial that the business owner assess all of the factors which determine the profitability of a store. Since the financial figures are unavailable for all of the different outlets, the success of the store will be assessed using the same physical factors which...

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Fdi in Indian Retail Stores

Controversy over Indian retail reforms A horticultural produce retail market in Kolkata, India; produce loss in these retail formats is very high for perishables Critics of the Indian retail reforms announcement are making one or more of the following points:,[50][51] Independent stores will close, leading to massive job losses. Walmart employs very few people in the United States. If allowed to expand in India as much as Walmart has expanded in the United States, few thousand jobs may be created...

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layout strategy

 LAYOUT STRATEGY John Micheal Inocencio Objective of Lay-out Strategy The objective of layout strategy is to develop an effective and efficient layout that will meet the firm’s competitive requirements Strategic Importance of Layout Proper layout enables: Higher utilization of space, equipment and people Improved flow of information, materials, or people Improved employee morale and safer working conditions Improved customer/client interaction ...

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Retail Project

from (8am-1am). Vision: We have vision to provide you with something new....That you who is going to decide whether our bakery and sweets are up to your standard or not...we are here to reach your standard and want you to maintain it with MALMO. Store location: Branch 1: Bakery & Sweet Shop Address: Chung Stop, Multan Road, Lahore. Landmarks: Chohang Stop, Multan Road City: Lahore Mobile: 0302-3333888 Population area: Around more than 5 lakh population and many housing societies are there so every...

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Technology and Its Impact on Retail Stores

Technology and its impact on Retail stores The owner of a top retailer wants to see which merchandise is selling which isn’t, or maybe the owner wants to know their overall margin costs in relationship in to which products on their shelves are more profitable then the others. In the not so distant past these types of reports would have required a lot of people, processing large amounts of data, and requiring lengthy delays in the results from weeks to even months. In the end, by the time...

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A Project Report on “Factors Which Influence Indian Middle Class to Shop in a Mall”

A PROJECT REPORT ON “FACTORS WHICH INFLUENCE INDIAN MIDDLE CLASS TO SHOP IN A MALL” SUBMITTED BY: CHAVVI HANDA SUBMITTED TO: DR. TARUNA PARMAR LALA LAJPATRAI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT MAHALAXMI, MUMBAI – 400034. INTRODUCTION For the current generation of consumers, the meaning of shopping has changed. It is not just a mere necessity, as it was earlier, but much more than...

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Pizza Store Layout Simulation

    Pizza Store Layout Simulation Maurice A. Correia OPS/571 Instructor: Ray Mowery December 20, 2010 Pizza Store Layout Simulation 350 slices of pizza are eaten by Americans every second, there are approximately 61, 269 pizzerias in the United States, each serving around 61,000 customers per year. In the pizza store layout simulation I will examine, identify, and discuss points of process performance and metrics within the pizza business. This paper will also discuss alternative ways...

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Project Manager Status Report

 Project Status Report Template This Weekly Project Status Report Template is free for you to copy and use on your course project. Project Status Report Project Title: ___________________ Week ending: ____________________ Project Status Summary Percent Complete: ___% (approximate) Scope Schedule Cost Risks Quality Provide a quick executive overview of the status of the project in this section It is intended for high level management so it should not get too much into the...

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Reliance Fresh Project Reports

“CONSUMER PERCEPTION AND THEIR BUYING BEHAVIOUR TOWARDS “RELIANCE FRESH” SUPERMARKETS NEW DELHI, INDIA.” Chapter 1: Introduction Reliance Retail: Retailing is the interface between the producer and the individual consumer buying for personal consumption. This excludes direct interface between the manufacturer and institutional buyers such as the government and other bulk customers. A retailer is one who stocks the producer’s goods and is involved in the act...

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Project Report on Retail

sales to manufacturers are not considered a retail activity. Retailing can be examined from many perspectives. A manufacturer of white goods like washing machine and refrigerators has many options to reach out to consumers. It can sell through dealers, the company showrooms (Sony World, Videocon Plaza) or hypermarkets (Big Bazaar). The retail sector in India is highly fragmented with organized retail contributing to only 2% of total retail sales. The retail sector in developed countries was also highly...

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Marketing Implementation Strategy of a Retail Store

Marketing Implementation Retail Project Upbeat - The Fashion Studio T.V.Swamy road RS Puram Submitted by Vidya. K Cpg05bm119 The retail store chosen for conducting this study is "UPBEAT – The fashion studio". The reason for choosing this shop for the study is the uniqueness of the products and services it offers and also the support and cooperation extended by the proprietors. Before looking into the marketing implementation of this store, it becomes essential to gain understanding of the 3 C and...

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retail management business level 3

Lewis Higlett 12173530 FH106 Retail project Alex Mortby Contents Structure and organisation in the retail sector. The retail sector is at the end of the supply chain and it is where the product gets sold to the consumer, this is also known as the tertiary sector. Retailers tend to buy in large quantities from the manufactures to get lower prices which mean they can get a better profit when it is sold on. The retail sector is changing because of...

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Pantaloon Retail

RETAIL MARKETING & MANAGEMENT PROJECT ON PANTLOON RETAIL (INDIA) LTD Submitted By: To : Pantaloon Retail (India) Limited | | INTRODUCTION The Pantaloon group ,a leading retailing group in India. In March 2006, the group renamed itself as the 'Future...

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Retail Brand Extension

nearest Target store to get their hands on an item that has been touched by their favorite designer. Target has shown that this strategy can create a tremendous buzz. For our line extension, we have chosen to have out line sold at Target Corporations nationwide. Target has had much experience with collaborations, making this an easy extension. Our planned products would be sold best at a retailer, like Target, that attracts the multi-channel shopper. Because there are so many Target stores nationwide...

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Project Feasibility Report

PROJECT SCOPE STATEMENT: To complete the Never Stop Learning project, our team will supply a new website that will allow consumers to be directly connected to the business. Not only will the website meet the needs of our client, Ms. Charlet, but our group will also need to be efficient for each project task to be finished on time. We will use a content management system called Drupal to design the new website to perform regular maintenance and administrative tasks to push content to the website...

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Geog1003 Final Project

 GEOG1003 Contemporary Global Environmental Issues Final Project Is Online Shopping a Green Retail Option? Ho Yan Nok (3035108796) Abstract With technological advancements in recent decades, online shopping has become a more favorable business option than traditional shopping. Online shopping has successfully won customers over for its convenience as it allows consumers to browse, choose and order products from the comfort of their homes. Yet, environmental impact is seldom...

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Retail Data San Diego

local retail industry hard http://www-rohan.sdsu.edu/~gopez/story1.html San Diego County retail sales Home | Overview | The Data | Final Project | Story Highlights San Diego retail trade sales decreased 7.5 percent in 2008 when adjusted for inflation. Small and large retail businesses have made cuts to decrease losses. Economist says sales will remain stagnant in the near future because of debt, the collapse of the housing market and high unemployment Recession hits local retail industry...

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Atmospheric Cues in Retail Stores

 Atmospheric Cues in Retail Stores: Their Effect on the Consumer’s Hedonic Retail Experience Introduction Retailers are finding it more and more difficult to differentiate themselves from their competition, specifically based on the four Ps of marketing; product, place, price and promotion. They have been forced to inquire about diverse and distinctive atmospheric cues, in order to attract and maintain customers and their loyalty. According to (Morrison, 2001), elements such...

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Fdi in Retail

FDI in retail sector in India Apoorv Verma(HRM 2012-14,XLRI) Ritika Singh(HRM 2012-14, XLRI) Introduction-Meaning of Foreign Direct Investment Foreign direct investment as defined by Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) is a category of cross-border investment made with a strategic long-term intent. The OECD defines a transfer of 10% or more of the voting power (shares in company) as the definition of foreign direct investment. There is a significant degree of influence by...

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The Secret of Apple Stores: Retail Experience

Apple Stores Name: Institution: The Secrets of Apple Stores: Retail Experience V.s Design Architect Any successful company has a set of factors that get it to a level that other companies aim to be at. This company has not only flourished in designing the best mobile smartphone handsets, but other hand held and personal computer devices that have changed the world. The company’s success is also associated with its management and leadership which has promoted its public image...

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Retail Layouts

Date of submission: 20-09-2012 RETAIL LOCATION Location is the most important ingredient for any business that relies on customers. It is also one of the most difficult to plan for completely. Location decisions can be complex, costs can be quite high, there is often little flexibility once a location has been chosen, and the attributes of location have a strong impact on a retailer’s overall strategy. In India, most retailers prefer to own the property rather than avail of the desired property...

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TJX Annual Report: Case Study

Annual Report Study Name: Siddharth Todi TJX 2013 ANNUAL REPORT QUESTIONS (Fiscal year 2014) 1. Exactly how big is TJX in revenue [Net Sales]? What is their Net Income? If the average item sells for $10 calculate how many items to they have to sell per day? How many per day per store? The Net Sales of TJX in 2013 was $27.4 billion. Their Net Income was $2.1 billion. If the average item sells for $10 then TJX will have to sell 7,506,849 items per day and 2332 items per day per store. ( Page...

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Job Description for Retail Store Manager

Job Description Date written: October 19, 2003 Job Status: Full-time position Position Title: Retail Store Manager Job Summary: Manages sales activities of establishments. Directs staffing, training, and performance evaluations to develop and control sales program. Coordinates sales distribution by establishing sales territories, quotas, and goals and advises dealers, distributors, and clients concerning sales and advertising techniques. Assigns sales territory to sales personnel. Analyzes...

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Implementing Retail Service Layout Approach at USPS

Implementing Retail Service Layout Approach at USPS [pic] Individual Case Assignment MGT 6355 Operations & Supply Management Jun-Yeon Lee Shahzado A Wahocho July 26, 2009 Table of Contents Abstract 3 Background Information 3 Problem Description 4 OM Concepts/Tools 5 Application of OM Concepts/Tools Error! Bookmark not defined. Analysis of Expected Results 10 Conclusion 12 References 13 Abstract I often visit a local post office that is about a block away from...

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Performa of Project Report

SPECIMEN PROFORMA OF PROJECT REPORT I. Particulars of The Enterprise i) Name of the Product(s) ___________Product Code______________________ ii) Name of the Unit and Address ____________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ __ iii) Telephone No. (if any), Office__________________ Factory______________ iv) Name(s) and addresses of the Promoters in Block Letters _________________________________________ v)...

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Mario Pizza Store Layout

Mario’s Pizza Store Layout Simulation Learning Curve Theory Cheryl Edwards Operations Management/OPS571 August 24, 2010 Anthony Barnes The fundamental thinking behind the learning curve theory is the more repetitive a process, the less time used to produce a greater quantity. According to Shmula.com (2007) three assumptions for the base of this theory, which are as follows: 1. The time required to perform a task decreases as the task is repeated. 2. The amount of improvement decreases...

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Retail Stores


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students, the second floor sells textbooks, which is the most important function of bookstore, school supplies, which are the necessities for students to study, and all kinds of daily necessities, which can provide convenience for students’ lives. The layout of the second floor is divided into two parts. At the outside part, which is near to the separate entry of second floor, you can buy school supplies and daily necessities, such as desk lamp, lamp bulb and bath or kitchen accessories. Once upon consumers...

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Project Report

A Project Report On Project Title/ Name Under the Guidance of Mr. / Miss. / Mrs.______________________ A project report submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement For the award of the degree of MBA in (Specialization) / MCA / MSc IT / MSc TT / BSc IT / BCA Of SIKKIM MANIPAL UNIVERSITY, INDIA Submitted By: Name: Chainrup Singhi Roll No: Course: Semester: Centre: 3E India – 03120 Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore (Sikkim Manipal University Study Centre) ACKNOWLEDGEMENT ...

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Ecco Sets Store Chain Management Standards in Russia Using Microsoft Dynamics Ax for Retail

24/11/12 GMCS - ECCO sets store chain management standards in Russia using Microsoft Dynamics AX for … C urrent page U RL: http://w w w .gmcs.ru/en/press/new s/4447/index.php Print this page HOME / PRESS-CENTER / NEWS / ECCO SETS STORE CHAIN MANAGEMENT STANDARDS IN RUSSIA USING MICROSOFT DYNAMICS AX FOR RETAIL Events 19 July 2012 News ECCO-ROS, an exclusive distributor of Danish shoe brand ECCO in Russia deploys Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail in order to come to a new quality...

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Visual Merchandising, Store Design and Store Layout at Allen Solly

Visual Merchandising, Store Design and Store Layout at The Company: Allen Solly was founded in 1744 by a company called William Hollin and Co Ltd. The brand was purchased some time in the 90's by a new company called Madura Garments which was a part of Madura Coats. Madura Coats was a big producer of threads. The Vision Of Allen Solly : The company aimed to emerge as a brand which was totally new and did not stick to conventions. “Friday Dressing” was introduced to give the company a...

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Factors Affecting the Location of Retail Store Like Vishal Megamart

--------------- "Introduction about location of retail store" ----------------- where you choose to locate your retail business will have a major impact on everything your shop does. The difference between selecting the wrong location and the right site could be the difference between business failure and success. Before choosing a retail store location, define how you see your business, both now and in the future. * What do your customers look like? * Can you visualize your building...

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Final Year Project: Project Report

Final Year Project Review Tutorials 5. Project Profile Document Part 2 Preparation This tutorial will take place in the week beginning 25th February 2013. Check your on-line timetable for details. Before the tutorial, you should prepare and print out a draft copy of Part 2 of your Project Profile Document. This part of the document is all about the context of your project. Think of it as the sort of thing you might use to help you prepare for a job interview to show that you have an awareness...

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Operations Management Report

Operations Review By I. A. D. (Uni Of Abdn) Apple Inc. Retail Store Executive Summary This report examines an Apple Retail store from an operations management perspective while also exploring some of the company’s strategies. It points out that Apple retail stores are a special breed when compared to the competition, combining good service and retail practices, in an original way, in order to achieve success. Finally, it recommends Apple’s business model as an exemplary approach to retailing electronics...

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Flow of Report

Flow of Report * Discuss Supermarket * Questions (As we go along with the discussion, we are going to find the answers to these questions) * Discuss Supermarket Layout and Effects of Marketing * Market perspective (We have two points of view or perspective here, that is Supermarkets’ perspective and Consumer’s perspective but we will be more focus in Supermarkets’ perspective since we are IE students and later on some of us will be in line in Supermarkets’ industry. So markets are...

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Literature Review Retail Tesco

the Tesco plc | Business Finance | | Fei LIU (K0146598) | 12/10/2010 | In 2008, the Financial Crisis had or has the huge impact on almost all industries. This report will identify that whether the Financial Crisis impact the Tesco plc or not, and explore what influences incurred. | 1 Background to the project As the global investment bank Lehman Brothers bankrupt on 15th September, 2008, the economic crisis began to appear in the financial systems over world. Many financial institutions...

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Project Report on Retail Industry

essential, the buying public still has their personal preferences. If you target more of their needs, they will come back again and again and even bring along recruits. If you push more on the product and disregard their wants and the benefits they can get, you will customers in no time. Marketing mix (the 4 P’s of marketing) The term marketing mix refers to the primary elements that must be attended to in order to properly market a product. The marketing mix is a very useful, guideline for...

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Stores Management System


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Research: Indian Retail Industry

| Edexcel Level 5BTEC Higher Nationals Diploma in Business (QCF)2013ASSESSMENT ACTIVITY : | | Unit Name: | Research Project | Unit Number: | 8 | Credit Value | 20 | Assignment Submission Date: | As per the schedule | Assessor: | Karunasree | Mode of submission: | LIVECAMPUS | Aim To develop learners’ skills of independent enquiry and critical analysis by undertaking a sustained research investigation of direct relevance to their Higher Education programme and professional development...

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Project Report

A SUGGESTED FRAMEWORK FOR PROJECT REPORT 1. Cover Page : Cover Page will contain Title of the Project, Names of the Students submitted, Name/Names of Guide/guides, Name of the Institute and University with Logo. (a sample cover page is attached) 2. Acknowledgement: Some standard language and format for acknowledgement is given below. I wish to express my profound and sincere gratitude to Prof. ………………………….. I thank Prof. YYYYYY………………………………….. for extending their support during Course...

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Retail Marketing Report Tesco

Retail Marketing Report A Study of Tesco’s Current Problems Rory Gillies CPR- 010294-3635 03/25/2015 0 Contents Introduction ...................................................................................................................................... 2 Problem Statement ........................................................................................................................... 2 Possible Causes ..............................................................................

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Assignment On Retail Management (Visit to Metro Mall) To:Prof. Vrushali ...

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Imtiaz Super Store System Report

MIS REPORT ON IMTIAZ SUPER STORE Back in the early 1960s, Hakim Khan Abbasi opened up a general store in Karachi's Bahadurabad neighbourhood. He named the shop after his son, Imtiaz and always focused on establishing strong relationships with customers. Since that time, the neighbourhood store has been expanding into a retail chain that operates multiple outlets throughout the port city.  Imtiaz Abbasi, the son after whom the store has been named and who took the reins of the Company from his...

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Summary Project Report Mansci Contract

Summary Project Report MANSCI Contract Submitted to: Senior Manager Strathclyde Systems Prepared by: Project team A Strathclyde Systems Role Job Title Angus Stewart Project Manager (Bin) Bill Ferguson Corporate Commercial Gordon Brown Quality Assurance Manager (Elab) Rod Green Engineering Manager (Bin) Chris Larsson Deputy Manager (Bin) Date: Week 31 Executive Summary The purpose of this summary report is too highlight...

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 Store History The Focus Hypermarket is a company under the umbrella brand of Garden Fresh, which has established supermarkets in various countries in the Middle East including Dubai, Kuwait etc as well as three cities in Kerala-Cochin, Trivandrum and Calicut. The Focus Hypermarket in Calicut was started in 2008, and the vision of the store was to help the “family live a healthy, easy and comfortable life”, according to the manager of the Calicut store. The image of the store was gathered...

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Developing Layout Strategies

Developing Layout Strategies Submitted in partial completion of the requirements For the course Production and Operations Management Submitted by: Dote, Jane Frances A. Submitted to: Dr. Pedrito A. Salvador January 29, 2011 2nd Term, School Year 2010-2011 PRODUCTION AND OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT CHAPTER 9: DEVELOPING LAYOUT STRATEGIES The objective of office layout strategy is to develop a cost-effective layout that meets a firm’s competitive needs. There are seven types of layout: 1. Office...

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