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Funeral Service Of The Unknown Australian Soldier 1993 By Paul Keating Analysis

war history: Paul Keating Keating Speech View clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNSc_2nmylA Paul Keating Speech Annotation Explores Keating’s context, Watson’s role and debate about the ownership of a speech. Also a recording of the speech runs over images of Keating. A eulogy delivered by the Prime Minister, The Hon. P. J. Keating MP, at the funeral service of the Unknown Australian Soldier, 11 November 1993 grows with each passing year, particularly as the last Australians who served in...

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Paul Keating

Day- 1993 • Republican debate- ALP- made Republicanism the party line in 1991 under Hawke • May 1993- Republic Advisory Committee set up • Mabo- 1992/ Native title- 1993Keating two year into PM role PURPOSE • Dual purpose: -> commemorate those who have died and those who have served for Australia in field of conflict -> political agenda- to unite, galvanise and forge new identity for Australia under Keating’s leadership-> for Australians to take up ‘subject position’ as Australian citizens...

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Paul Keating Funeral Service Speech Analysis

Lauren Richards Unknown Australian Soldier Speech Analysis: The purpose of Prime Minister Paul Keating’s speech ‘Funeral Service of an Unknown Australian Soldier’ was to affirm Australia’s culture and values through reflection on the symbolic power of the sacrifice of the Unknown Australian soldier in World War One. In this patriotic speech he explores the paradox that an ordinary person can achieve the same kind of greatness as the unknown Australian Soldier. He says “It was a lesson about ordinary...

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Keating's Speech Analysis Table Format

|Reception | | KeatingFuneral Service of the Unknown Australian Soldier1993 - Australia |Primary purpose to commemorate & reflect on the selfless sacrifice made by the thousands of unknown Australian soldiers who had been killed in war • Keating doesn’t look to glorify war, but rather give thanks for the actions of these Australian soldiers who gallantly fought to protect our lands and way of life • Calls us to celebrate the qualities of the Unknown Soldier and learn...

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Sadat and Keating Essay Draft

issues surrounding society and politics. The proposition that the enduring appeal of a speech lies in its ability to challenge and inspire is clearly demonstrated in both Anwar Sadat’s “Statement to the Knesset” (1977) and Paul Keating’s “Funeral Service for the Unknown Soldier” (1993). It is indeed the rhetorical treatment of the widely debated values in these speeches- whether it be for peace between two nations or simply the need for a stronger sense of national identity- that makes both these texts...

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Paul Keating

Assess contribution of Prime Minister Paul Keating to the development of Australia and it’s society Prime Minister Paul Keating’s legislations and leadership has led to the development of Australia and it’s society. Keating’s vision was to create a republic of equal citizens. He aimed to achieve this through legislations reconciling our relationship with Indigenous Australians, building economic ties with Asia-Pacific region and improving the workforce. Ultimately, Keating’s vision led to significant...

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Keating speech notes

pause using conjunction. Paradox Para 9: Juxtapositions of antithetical opposites (eg. war/peace, soldier/civilian). Universal language Para 10: Juxtapositions of antithetical opposites. Para 11: Paradox Para 13-14: Religious connotations Inclusive language- creates a link between the speaker, audience and unknown soldier Success In unifying the e country and establishing the unknown soldier as the ‘true heart of the nation’‘he is one of us’-made the public realised that we share the qualities...

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Paul Keating

public reactions as Paul Keating”. David Day. Keating’s left-wing political beliefs stemmed from his pro-Labor, Catholic, working-class family background. Having left school at 15 after completing his Leaving Certificate, Keating went to work, studied electrical engineering at night, and joined his father in supporting the Labor party. Through his political interests, Keating met former controversial state Labor party leader, Jack Lang who took the impressionable Keating under his wing. Having...

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Two Australian Speeches

is shown in both Paul Keating’s Funeral Service of the Unknown Soldier and Margaret Atwood’s Spotty Handed Villainesses. The structure and language of a speech are important aspects as they let the orator provide their argument in an effective way and thus bring about a social change in a number of ways that are pertinent to the audience and context. Paul Keating’s speech structure allowed him to have a positive impact on the audience, not just with the commemoration ‘service’ but also with the...

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Unknown Soldier

How is the Australian Unknown Soldier significant? What makes him significant? The Unknown Soldier represents a part of Australia’s history and also represents the ANZAC soldiers that fought in World War One. He holds all the values and qualities that the ANZACs were said to evident in their everyday lifestyle. He is an iconic symbol for Australia and its military history as well a representative of commemorating the sacrifices the soldiers made for their country. The ANZAC legend was written...

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