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Fortune 500

multinational oil and gas corporation headquartered in Irving, Texas, United States. The world's largest company by revenue, ExxonMobil is also the second largest publicly traded company by market capitalization. Its ranking was #2 on the list of fortune 500 companies-2014. ExxonMobil’s entrance in the market of Qatar is basically a diversification strategy. Tapping into new markets and new products is indicative of this. They are setting up 4 Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) plants in Qatar. Moreover ExxonMobil...

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well. CONCLUSIONS It is safe to say just about everyone in the United States has a cell phone these days. So which provider do you chose? Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint are the top three leading cell phone carriers and all rank in top 100 Fortune 500 companies (“Fortune 500,” 2013). Sprint has its strengths, there is no doubt they are still a successful company, but their weakness lies within their ability to adjust market prices to satisfy and retain their current customers as well as bring in new clientele...

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Capital Rationing

and Forrester (1977) in their survey of Fortune 500 firms from 1971-1976 in which 52% of respondents indicated the existence of capital rationing. A similar conclusion was found in the 1980 survey conducted by Gitman and Mercurio (1982) which found that 65% of CFOs of firms listed in the Fortune 1000 agreed that they were confronted with capital rationing. Lastly, Mukherjee & Hingorani (1999) in their survey on capital rationing practices of Fortune 500 firms showed that 64% of respondents operate...

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Boutique Consulting Firms

geostrategy.com William Kent International Inc William Kent International (WKI) is a leading management consulting firm that specializes in international strategy development and investment for Fortune 1000 companies. www.wkint.com Updated 08/09 M Squared Inc M² serves a wide range of clients, from Fortune 100 to emerging businesses, across many industries, helping to ensure they achieve their business goals. www.msquared.com McCreight & Company Inc McCreight & Company is a strategy implementation...

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My Response to Feminism

Kantor states in her article, “Despite decades of efforts, and some visible exceptions, the number of top women leaders in many fields remains stubbornly low: for example, 21 of the current Fortune 500 chief executives are women.” (Kantor). Thus, the feminist movement has been a success, 21 of the current Fortune 500 chief executives are women, but it comes at a price. As Slaughter states in her article, “Every male Supreme Court justice has a family. Two of the three female justices are single with...

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The Maxfli Approach

The British American Tobacco (BAT) company is a large global Fortune 500 company with operations in more than 120 countries. The MaxFli sales force automation system is BAT's new global direct distribution system developed to take advantage of BAT's economies of scale, as well as, offer end-market design allowing for local customization and implementation. However after MaxFli's implementation over three countries, mixed results were obtained, and implementation over three countries revealed strengths...

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Project Management

Memorandum To : Management of MYH Inc. From : Information Technology Department Date : 29 September 2012 1. Company Background Manage Your Health, Inc. (MYH) is a Fortune 500 company that provides a variety of health care services across the globe with more than 20,000 full-time employees and more than 5,000 part-time employees. 2. Strategic Goals MYH recently updated its strategic plan, which aims to: • Reduce internal costs • Increasing cross-selling of products • Exploiting new...

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The Impact of Diversity in Creating a High Performance Team

or issue through the use of diverse ideas and solutions. There are many times in life, whether at work or at school that one will encounter a diverse mix of personalities. Workplace diversity is everywhere, from the small corner business to the fortune 500 company, and is one of the most important challenges facing companies today. This mix of diverse personalities, gender, race, experience, and culture is what makes a team successful. This is an example of a heterogeneous team. On the other hand...

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Autozone Swot Analysis

store. In 1987 the name Auto Shack was changed to AutoZone. In 1991 AutoZone’s Stock, AZO, made its debut on the New York Stock exchange and became the first auto parts retailer to store customer warranties in a computer database. AutoZone is a Fortune 500 company that currently has stores in 48 states, Puerto Rico, and Mexico and has more than 65,000 employees. AutoZone’s pledge is, "AutoZoners always put customers first! We know our parts and products. Our stores look great! We've got the best merchandise...

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simply by spending his money somewhere else.”-Sam Walton. Walton changed the philosophy of the American retail business establishment, instigating the shift of power from manufacturer to consumer. Fast forward to 2014, Walmart is at #1 on the Fortune 500 list, valued at $473.1 billion dollars. “Save Money. Live Better. Walmart”, the catchy slogan that we always seem to hear all over radios and television. Today, customers seek convenience of a one-stop shopping store, and Walmart is just the...

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