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A Study on Clientele Satisfaction Towards the Services of Chartered Accountants in Virudhunagar District

profitability. A professional commands respect in the society because his motto is ‘Pride of service in preference to personal gain’. He is described as one who places public good above his personal gain. This is the reason why Government, financial institutions and members of the public rely on a CA for his expert advice. The accounting professionals are the minds of any concern. The accountant is expected to act as conscience-keeper of the corporate vision and mission and devise the...

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Target: Mechanisms of Control

internal audits, profit and loss statements, and feedback control. Setting Performance Standards As stated on the Target Company web site (Target, 2012) target employs 355,000 employees worldwide. With a large group of employees Target must set standards that help the employees understand and achieve the mission of the company. (Bateman/Snell, 2009) As stated in the online text a standard is the expected performance of a given goal. Internal Audits In most organizations internal audits are conducted...

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Group Assurance of Learning Exercise 2

Group 4 Assurance of Learning Exercise 2 Questions 21, 22, 26, 29, & 31 21. Explain how to conduct an external strategic management audit External audits are conducted by gathering large amounts of competitive intelligence about various economic, social, and demographic trends. After the information has been gathered, it needs to be evaluated. Meetings should be held so that there can be conversations about the data. Once the data has been collected and reviewed, the company needs to...

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Duty of Care, Skill and Diligence: Case Study

Ong (CEO) Duty of care, skill and diligence: Ong failed to use reasonable diligence in discharging his duties. He did not inform the Audit Committee (“AC”) of the controversy surrounding the recognition of ISR revenue. For AIP, he made unwarranted assumption to consider ‘start of course’ as ‘start of course procedure’ without seeking professional advice. He had inappropriately recognized Franchise Revenue , contributed by flip pathfinders’ agreements, albeit knowing that these agreements were...

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Corporate Fraud - Case Study on Informatio

Limited 2005). But here's the fact: Only 16 per cent of economic crimes in the region were detected by risk-management systems. In fact, the vast majority of incidences of economic crime were detected by accident, tip-off, and internal and external audit (PriceWaterhouse Coopers 2003). Here in the case study of Informatics Group (Singapore) Private Limited was the 84 per cent where the conspiracy was exposed. The company reported that its business entity owned, Computer Assisted Learning (CAL)...

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Chartered Accountancy Course

Introduction Chartered accountancy is the core of all business, be it big or small. A chartered accountant’s work involves auditing, taxation, accounting and financial planning. It can be a very challenging and rewarding job. Career prospects after doing chartered accountancy are exciting. Chartered accountancy can be the first step to other rewarding careers in finance, investment consultancy and fund management. The Chartered Accountancy course is conducted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants...

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Career in Accounting

complete audit on their financial history. There is a Budget Analysis career option in which I would be responsible for the financial plans of a business. Another career field would be Management Accounting which is basically running a business, deciding when and where to spend the money. The career that I would like to have in the accounting field would be to become a Certified Public Accountant. A certified public accountant is responsible for preparing and auditing annual financial statements...

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audit homework

Safeguards Objective Assessment a) The lending of staff by the firm to an audit client may create a self-review threat. (APES110.290.142) Referring to APES110,290 142, it states that if the firm lend the staff to audit client, and it will create the self-review threat. The possible safeguards are as following: Pay more attention on the work done by the loaned staff while in audit engagement. Do not assign any audit responsibility to the task that is performed by that loaned staff. Remove...

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Professional Ethics

and Jack Bean work for is Green, Thresher & Co., CPAs. * Jack was a senior auditor, while Barbara had been an auditor for less than a year. * In February 2011, Barbara was on the team conducting an audit on Delancey Fabrics. * The CPA firm was already on a time crunch to complete its audit of Delancey. * In regards to Delancey’s property area, Barbara was to sample all items over $20,000, plus a judgmental sample of smaller items. * Barbara interpreted a judgmental sample to include...

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Roger Worsham Case

But then he found clear evidence of fraud, and encountered a sit¬uation that threatened his newly found security and employment. We were doing the annual audit for the machinery manufacturer. This company had not been doing well. Sales had been declining for four or five years, losses had been reported for each of those years, and the financial position of the company had steadily deteriorated. I was going through the notes payable, and found that they had a loan, and a large one, from the savings...

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