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  • Substantive Procedures

    Substantive Procedures to Evaluate Cash Irregularities Substantive procedures for detecting irregularities in the cash cycle follow normal audit procedures of testing internal controls over cash and by collecting and evaluating audit evidence are needed. Following instruction set forth by Joe Bootwell‚ Chief Financial Officer (CFO)‚ Karina Ramirez‚ Director of Internal Audit‚ established the following procedures for testing cash irregularities (University of Phoenix‚ 2013). 1. Cash receipt procedures.

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  • Chapter 17 Assignment Acc410

    Chapter 17 Assignment Situation List A List B 1. In auditing the long-term investments account‚ an auditor is unable to obtain audited financial statements for an investee located in a foreign country. The auditor concludes that sufficient appropriate audit evidence regarding this investment cannot be obtained. Either an “except for” qualified opinion Describe the circumstances in an explanatory paragraph preceding the opinion paragraph‚ and modify the scope and opinion paragraphs. 2. Due

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  • mba semester 3

    Get Answers on www.smuHelp.com ASSIGNMENT DRIVE PROGRAM SUBJECT CODE & NAME BK ID CREDITS MARKS SUMMER 2014 MBADS/ MBAFLEX/ MBAHCSN3/ MBA – SEM 3 PGDBMN/ PGDENMN/ PGDFMN/ PGDHRMN/ PGDHSMN/ PGDIB/ PGDISMN/ PGDMMN/ PGDOMN/ PGDPMN/ PGDROMN/ PGDSCMN/ PGDTQMN – SEM 1 MB0050 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY B1700 4 60 Note: Answer all questions. Kindly note that answers for 10 marks questions should be approximately of 400 words. Each question is followed by evaluation scheme. Questions

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  • Strategy Review, Evaluation, and Control

    OVERVIEW The best formulated and implemented strategies become obsolete as a firm’s external and internal environments change. It is essential‚ therefore‚ that strategists systematically review‚ evaluate‚ and control the execution of strategies. Chapter 9 presents a framework that can guide managers’ efforts to evaluate strategic-management activities‚ to make sure they are working‚ and to make timely changes. Computer information systems being used to evaluate strategies are discussed. Guidelines

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  • Homework questions

    user of financial statements are essentially the same. They are both concerned with the problem of unreliable information being provided. In the case of the auditor‚ the user is concerned about unreliable information being provided in the financial statements. The buyer of an automobile is likely to be concerned about the manufacturer or dealer providing unreliable information. c. The four causes of information risk are essentially the same for a buyer of an automobile and a user of financial statements:

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  • Boston Public School Follow-Up Audit Case

    1. Prescriptive Issue: Should the follow-up audits be done to ensure the foundation used by Boston Public School are clear‚ publicly‚ available guidelines on how it spends its money in the future? Conclusion:Yes‚ the the follow-up audits should be done to ensure the foundation used by Boston Public Scholl are clear‚ publicly‚ available guidelines on how it spends its money in the future.  Reasons: 1. Once the money was in the charity’s accounts‚ it was not subject to the same level of scrutiny

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  • Chapter 6 MC solutions

    Incorrect Reconciliations are methods of detecting problems that have occurred. While these are good controls and may reduce the opportunities for employees to steal‚ reconciliations do not address employee motivation to commit fraud. d. Incorrect Audits may detect fraud and even provide deterrence for fraud‚ but they do not address the employees’ motivation to commit fraud. 6.27 a. Incorrect An

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  • Course Summary

    forensic accounting examinations and the reasoning behind these procedures. Topics include an overview of fraud and abuse‚ forensic evidence‚ substantive procedures for cash outflow irregularities‚ substantive procedures for asset irregularities‚ financial statement fraud‚ and examination reporting. Policies Faculty and students/learners will be held responsible for understanding and adhering to all policies contained within the following two documents:   University policies: You must be logged into

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  • Summary on the Situation of the United Way Today

    good. Goals--In 2008‚ United Way initiated a 10-year program designed to achieve the following goals by 2018: • Improve education‚ and cut the number of high school dropouts — 1.2 million students‚ every year — in half. • Help people achieve financial stability‚ and get 1.9 million working families — half the number of lower-income families who are financially unstable — on the road to economic independence. • Promote healthy lives‚ and increase by one-third the number of youth and adults who

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  • The Role of Financial Intermediaries and Financial Markets

    The Role of Financial Intermediaries and Financial Markets FOCUS OF THE CHAPTER This chapter provides an analysis of the roles and importance of financial institutions and financial markets‚ two important parts of the financial system. A broad classification of Canadian financial institutions is presented with an historical overview. Some basic classifications of financial markets are described. The chapter ends with an evaluation of the importance of the financial system to the Canadian economy

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