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Explain How To Judge Whether Evidence Is

unconstitutionally obtained evidence The exclusionary rule is the rule that defines the circumstances in which a court will exclude evidence on the grounds that it has been obtained in violation of the accused’s constitutional rights. Traditionally the common law did not have an exclusionary rule. The court allowed evidence to be admitted that had been obtained through the use of illegal means, for example, searching a dwelling without a search warrant, any evidence obtained is an illegal evidence, but this was...

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How Laws Are Made and How Laws Can Be Interpreted

produce materials that would be suitable for use to businesses with little, or no, legal knowledge. Your manager feels that it is important that new businesses have an awareness about key issues relating to law including; key personnel, how laws are made & how law can be/is interpreted. PART ONE TASKS 1. Produce a set of 3 Fact Sheets that cover; I. A description of the hierarchy of the Civil Courts. (P1)(PIA) II. A description of the hierarchy of the Criminal Courts. (P2) (PIA) III. An explanation...

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Outline: Critical Thinking and Evidence

Chapter 3 - A Process of Critical Thinking - In this Chapter it will explain to you how you use critical thinking everyday to make decisions and solve problems. When you use critical thinking you can explore many problems step by step and come up with reasonable solutions. There are three activities that are the core of critical thinking, they are: analysis, synthesis, and evalution. A. Supporting Critical Thinking with Evidence - As you are writing a college paper, you should think about the purpose...

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How to Assess Audit Evidence

How to Assess Audit Evidence By Maire Loughran from Auditing For Dummies Audit evidence documents give you the substantiation for your professional audit opinion. When performing an audit, you must assess the nature, competence, sufficiency, and evaluation of the audit evidence to determine its accuracy. After all your audit depends on the veracity of the evidence. The nature of the audit evidence The nature of audit evidence refers to the form of the evidence you’re looking at during the audit...

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A research about the role of a judge

The Role of the Judge Judges play many roles. They interpret the law, assess the evidence presented, and control how hearings and trials unfold in their courtrooms. Most important of all, judges are impartial decision-makers in the pursuit of justice. We have what is known as an adversarial system of justice - legal cases are contests between opposing sides, which ensures that evidence and legal arguments will be fully and forcefully presented. The judge, however, remains above the fray, providing...

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Definition of Evidence

Nuts-and-Bolts of Evidence Week #2. Jacob Atkinson CJAD405 3. What is the role of the prosecutor in handling evidence at trial? The role of the judge? The role of the jury? What is meant by the statement, “the burden of proof of guilt in a criminal case is on the prosecution throughout the trial”? Prosecutor- The prosecutor must determine what evidence needs to be introduced, but also how that evidence is produced and consider the appropriate time in which to display evidence throughout the...

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Assignment #1 Evidence: CRJS355 Real/ Physical Evidence Real or physical evidence is evidence that can be addressed to the court directly without any interposing of a testimony of witness other than what is required of the basis for such evidence. Real evidence and physical evidence is basically the same thing physical evidence is just object that has been involved in the actual crime scene or took place and played some type of part in it. But when it comes to real evidence it basically...

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evidence law

According to the Evidence Act Cap 6, evidence denotes the means by which any alleged matter or facts the truth of which is submitted to investigations, approved or disapproved, admissions, presumption of law and observations by courts in the judicial capacity as per section 2[1]d of the act. Rules of evidence refer to the procedure of admitting relevant facts by courts of law and in general they are referred to as Relevancy and Admissibility of Evidence According to section 4, it may be given from...

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Judge Dee

Was Judge Dee A Good Magistrate? Living in the time of the Tang dynasty (618-906 AD), Dee Jen-djieh came from a long line of prefects and high-ranking government officials. He studied calligraphy, painting, poetry and Confucianism. He took the civil service exams and was placed as the district magistrate of Chang-Ping where he became a judge. Throughout the book, Judge Dee takes on many complex cases and with his education in Confucian beliefs is able to catch each criminal and provide justice...

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The Question of Admissibility of Edvidence Belongs to the Judge; Those of Its Weight, Credibility, Sufficiency Belong to the Jury.

Name: ​ EbunOluwa Oyesina Matric No: ​ 144636 Course: ​Law of Evidence Assignment: ​The question of admissibility of evidence belongs to the judge; those of its weight, credibility, sufficiency belong to the jury. Discuss Date: ​​​29th May, 2012 The law of evidence is the basic kernel that underpins the administration of the civil and criminal laws of any common law country when it comes to fair and...

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How do people explain their own and other people's behaviour

 How do people explain their own and other people’s behavior? ‘Behaviour’ is a term defined by psychologists as an act done by an animal in response to any stimulus provided by the outside world. An assumption held by many social psychologists when attempting to explain the reasons behind the action of people’s behaviour is that we try to find certain reasons that explain our own and other people’s action towards an environmental stimulus. This is also known as the theory of attribution, ie...

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Law of Evidence

not suggest his complicity; Chaya Kant Nayak v. State of Bihar, (1997) 2 Crimes 297 (Pat). An extra-judicial confession, if it is voluntary truthful, reliable and beyond reproach, is an efficacious piece of evidence to establish the guilt of the accused and it is not necessary that the evidence of extra-judicial confession should be corroborated on material facts; Laxman v. State of Rajasthan, (1997) 2 Crimes 125 (Raj). Where confession was not disclosed to the wife of deceased but it was disclosed...

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Explain How to Plan

of Assessment Q1 - Explain the Function of assessment in learning and development The assessment cycle continues until all aspects of the qualification have been achieved by the learner:- Initial assessment – Prior knowledge of the subject to determine teaching style. Assessment planning – agree what types and methods of assessments are to take place Assessment Activity – what methods, e.g. observational/ assignments/ questioning Assessment decisions and feedback – judge success and give constructive...

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Criminal Evidence

protected by the criminal justice system under the due process model. The crime control model for law enforcement is based on the assumption of absolute reliability of police fact-finding, treats arrestees as if they are already found guilty. 6. Explain the federal court structure. The structure of the federal courts consist of the Supreme Court, the Federal Courts of Appeal, and the Federal District Courts. The Supreme Court is the highest court in the federal system because it hears appeals...

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This was followed in Knuller v DPP [1973] AC 435 (Case summary). In order for the doctrine of judicial precedent to work, it is necessary to be able to determine what a point of law is. In the course of delivering a judgment, the judge will set out their reasons for reaching a decision. The reasons which are necessary for them to reach their decision amount to the ratio decidendi of the case. The ratio decidendi forms the legal principle which is a binding precedent meaning it must...

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Murmuring Judges

Re-read Act 2 Scene 3. How does Hare present tensions between characteristics in this scene and the play as a whole? In ‘Murmuring Judges’, Hare demonstrates many different tensions between the various characters and systems within the play. In Act 2 Scene 3, we witness the events taking place inside the police station. We see their day to day actions, mainly filling out paper work. However also included is an intimate conversation between Barry and Sandra, exposing Barry’s corrupt actions...

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Explain How Lucy Could Be Viewed as “the Missing Link”

Explain how Lucy could be viewed as “the missing link” Australopithecus Afarensis, commonly known as Lucy, can be seen by many scientific and historic facts as ‘the missing link’. Anthropologists show that Lucy is a transitional fossil which helps prove the way hominids changed throughout the ages. Bipedalism is the biggest and most important evidence that Lucy has shown to tell one how she lived in the chain of evolution. The morphology of Lucy’s skeleton has so many different characteristics...

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Apointment of Judges (Uk)

apply to become a judge, if accepted you start from the bottom of the heirachy system and eventually as you gain more years of experience you get higher in the ranking. Keywords: UK, solicitors, barristers, judiciary, prosecutors, high court, superior and inferior judges, bar examinations. In this project we will look at how the two types of lawyers in the uk are appointed what kinds of legal education they have to go throught, if they have to do bar examinations and overall how many years it would...

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Do Judges Make Law

has been a notion that judges make law.A judge is a public official appointed or elected to hear and decide legal matters in court[2], Judges exercise judicial power. This involves making binding decisions affecting the rights and duties of citizens and institutions. In carrying out this task, a judge can use any of the following three sources of Ugandan law, Acts of Parliament or legislation, the common law, or previous decisions by the courts and a constitution Do judges make law? To ask the question...

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Explain Giving Examples How The Relianc

Explain giving examples how the reliance on journalists working in commercial media constraints the ability of media advocates Explain how an elitist theory of democracy and focus on mainstream journalism constraints the ability of media advocates How would media advocacy look like if informed by a participatory theory of democracy? Explain giving examples Why is democracy a dangerous form of government? Explain. Democracy includes a genuine competition for power. Explain Democracy permits mass...

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Categories and Types of Evidence and Their Use in the Courtroom

nation and the well being of a nation and this may explain why criminals charged with treason have such stiff and severe penalties. Under criminal law, misdemeanors are minor crimes but felonies are rather serious crimes and they are normally associated with mandatory sentences. How judges, parties and juries give out then closely inspect the different forms of proof at a court trial is all governed by the law of evidence. In a way, evidence forms an extension of criminal procedure. It also...

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DNA evidence

Discuss the legal implications of the use of DNA evidence in the NSW criminal justice system DNA evidence is a widely used tool in the NSW criminal justice system that aims to help achieve justice. DNA, short for deoxyribonucleic acid, is a long molecule found within the cells of the human body. Each cell contains genetic material in which, apart from identical twins, is exclusive to every individual. DNA though considered a reliable piece of evidence can present many issues in the criminal justice...

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Match and Evidence

Southside High School Facilitator: Henrietta Jones 2.05 Can This Evidence Be Individualized? Evidence 1: A piece of torn clothing was found at a crime scene. A torn t-shirt was found in one of the suspect’s car. 1. Can the torn clothing from the crime scene be individualized to the t-shirt found in the car? Why or why not? Yes. Because it could be individual evidence small glass fragments large glass fragment Evidence 2: Small pieces of glass were found in a suspect’s shirt pocket...

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You Can't Judge a Book by Its Cover

"You Can't Judge a Book By Its Cover" A Cry in the Dark, based on a true story, is about a mother whose baby is killed during a camping trip along with her husband. The mother, Lindy Chamberlain claims to have seen her baby being carried away by a dingo and then assumes that the dingo is the cause of her baby's death. As she reports this to the police, she is inconsistent with some of the details that she reports along with other factors that stood against her, the police, meda...

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Exclusion of evidence under section 78 of PACE 1984 and the right to a fair trial under Article 6

prosecution evidence under section 78 of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 is sufficient to satisfy an individual’s right to a fair trial under Article 6 of the ECHR? The courts have two mediums through which they can express their power to exclude certain prosecution evidence; discretion as defined in the common law, and statutory discretion as detailed in section 78 of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 (PACE).1 Academic commentators suggest that it is unclear exactly how judicial...

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Illegally obtained evidence in Kenya

absolutely no difference in approach to illegally obtained evidence among England, U.S and Kenya.’ Required With close reference to case law (and statute law as appropriate) critically evaluate this averment clearly satisfying whether or not you agree with it. Evidence which is obtained by means or acts which are illegal or against the law is said to be obtained illegally. Some of the common examples of illegally obtained evidence are such evidence obtained in violation of the constitution and in breach...

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Explain What Is Meant by ‘Mechanical Jurisprudence’, and Discuss Hart’s Objections Towards It.

Explain what is meant by ‘mechanical jurisprudence’, and discuss Hart’s objections towards it. The term mechanical jurisprudence was coined by Roscoe pound in his article in 1908. It is the concept that judges apply law rigidly according to precedent and legislation without thought of consequences. In this it is argued that every eventuality that comes before the law is legislated for in advance, it is just for the judges to apply the relevant law. This concept would insinuate that every case that...

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Types of Evidence and Critical Thinking

consider the reasons or supportive evidence of two articles. We will determine how the author uses the reasons and evidence to conclude if such argument is true. This journey will lead us to think critical and to put our brain into action. Predictive Probes-Article One In Article one, we meet Ms. Wexler, a 38 year old woman who might have inherited a deadly gene from her mother. This woman struggles to whether she should take this predictive...

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1.1 Explain the Functions of Assessment in Learning and Development

1.1 explain the functions of assessment in learning and development During the initial assessment, the assessor must introduce themselves to the learner and ensure that they understand what the course is. The assessor must explain all the units to the learner ad support them in choosing the most suitable units. The assessor and the candidate must then decide on an assessment plan. This will include setting dates and times to meet with the learner, as well as agreeing on the best assessment methods...

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How Would I Judge a Good Newspaper?

HOW WOULD I JUDGE A GOOD NEWSPAPER? Technology has given immense new possibilities to the newspaper and it has thus increased its power. But what we often see today is the deteriorating morality of the press, represented by a number of newspapers in almost every country. These do a disservice to the public by being part of the cheap press and their aim is to make money, to mislead people, to exaggerate events, to publish abusive advertising. But a good number of other newspapers aim at high levels...

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Unit one- evidence on how Anna Garcia died

scene and document what we saw. In this unit, we learned many things, and conducted different experiments to help us understand what may have happened to Anna, and how she died. In this paper, you will read about what we learned, our theories about her death, and the evidence that helped us create our theories. The first piece of evidence we looked at was the fingerprints. We had prints from the victim, as well as other fingerprints, presumably from the culprit or culprits. We examined the different...

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Explain the key features of Utilitarian

Explain the key features of Utilitarianism. Utilitarianism is the belief that the rightness of an action, rule or principle is to be judged by its presumed consequences. Whilst Kant developed his view that human beings were rational animals who can develop a moral society based on reason. Kant based his moral philosophy on what he regards as a priori knowledge. Utilitarian’s in coming to a conclusion about the rightness of an action, rule or principle, are forced to answer two fundamental moral...

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involved in group work many times and in different areas throughout my teenage and adult life, in academic and work related environments. knowing I would be viewed as an outsider, I decided, before starting back on the course to keep my distance and watch how the group interacted due to the dynamics as a whole being established for over a year. However, the majority made me feel welcome. Originally, when I joined the group, I found it refreshing that all present individuals were showing respect towards...

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Whether God Exist?

2014 Whether God Exists The Meditations on First Philosophy1is composed of six meditations. The meditations were written as if Descartes was meditating for 6 days. The six meditations constitute Descartes’ philosophical system. It refers to many philosophy issues, such as the existence of God, the skepticism, the “cogito”, the Cartesian Circle, etc. The first meditation is concerned about Descartes’ skepticism. Descartes discusses the reasons why we can doubt all things and he judges that there...

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Conflicts Between Judges and Parliament

Title: ‘The approach of the Law Lords to statutory interpretation has been radically changed by the Human Rights Act. Judges now see themselves as legislating human rights through their interpretation of Acts of Parliament.’ In Duport Steels Ltd v Sirs, Lord Scarman stressed: ‘In the field of statute law the judge must be obedient to the will of Parliament as expressed in the enactments. In this field Parliament makes and unmakes the law, the judge’s duty is to interpret and to apply the law...

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How to Write Essay

will help. Contributors:Jack Baker, Allen Brizee Last Edited: 2010-04-17 05:33:55 What is an Argumentative Essay? The argumentative essay is a genre of writing that requires the student to investigate a topic, collect, generate, and evaluate evidence, and establish a position on the topic in a concise manner. Please note: Some confusion may occur between the argumentative essay and the expository essay. These two genres are similar, but the argumentative essay differs from the expository essay...

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explain how the body respond are explained by the cellular and tissus estructure and physiology

1.explain how the body respond are explained by the cellular and tissus estructure and physiology (1.2)Identification of how body system interact to ensure proper functioning and growth of the human body. And 6 elements explain how the body responds to his physical activities (particularly in relation to the musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular system and respiratory system). 2.2 explain how the body respond are explained by the cellular and tissus estructure and physiology (2.3)...

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and the Bt protein added to it is safe, then the whole New Leaf package is safe . . . the original potato is safe, so that left the Bt toxin, which was fed to mice, and they ‘did fine, had no side affects’”. Pollan here implies that it is unknown whether or not these foods are safe. The fact that these products were tested on mice does not mean that they are safe for people. Maybe genetically engineered food does not harm people in any way, but no one knows for sure. It is impossible to predict the...

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How to Write a Character Analysis Paper

the prompt and your position on your prompt (whether a single choice can affect your whole life or not) | a ____b ____c ____d ____ | Background / “Exposition” (1-2 sentences) | …includes a) the name of your novel, b) the name of the author, c) the name of your character, d) your character’s role in the novel, and (if necessary) e) a little bit of plot so that the reader can follow your essay | ____how?____choice | How (1-2 sentences) | …explains how your character from your novel justifies or...

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Drawing on Appropriate Evidence Describe How Groups Can Influence People in Positive and Negative Ways.

Drawing on appropriate evidence describe how groups can influence people in positive and negative ways. My plan for this essay is to: • Study the required chapter making sure I understand what I am reading. The chapter that I shall be concentrating on is ‘identifying social identities’. I will be identifying both the positive and negative ways that can influence people’s lives. • I shall take notes on both the negative and positive influences. ...

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ReviewQuestionsWhenshouldajudgerecusehimselforherselffromacaseA judge should recuse

Review Questions  When should a judge recuse himself or herself from a case?  A  judge  should  recuse  himself  or  herself  from  a  case  when  he  or  she  may  be  biased  towards  a  certain  party.  For  example  if  a  party  might  be  a  company  in  whom  the  judge  has  invested  heavily,  if  its  a  friend  or  family  member  or  the  judge  may  feel  that,  for  personal  reasons  where  she or he may not be able to act impartially in case.   What kinds of court cases are heard by federal courts...

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Explain How Duffy Expresses Her Idea in Valentine.

general idea that Duffy is trying to get across to us is how the gifts given at Valentine has no real meaning of true love. She uses many different techniques and figurative language to express her message. Evidently, there is no specific pattern of rhythm and rhyme, so therefore we can conclude that this poem is written in free verse. This highlights the fact that love has no order or pattern. Throughout ‘Valentine,’ we not only receive how ignorant we are when it comes to love, but also love is...

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The Wise Judge

The Wise Judge Narrator 1 : The widow Yemswitch was a good old woman. But she had long since grown hard of hearing. She had a small flock of sheep that she tended. One day, the sheep wandered. Setting out to look for them, she met farmer Mulugueta who had just finished his plowing. Widow : “Ato Mulugueta,” said the widow, “have you seen my sheep today?” Narrator 2 :...

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The Imprtance of Evidence Base Practice

Module title: Using Knowledge and Evidence to Support Study and Practice Assignment title: What are the best available treatments to tackle obesity? Course: B.A.N.S - Adult Branch Name: Lisa Clarke Student number: 22007270 Number of words: 1564 Submission date: dd/mm/yyyy WHAT ARE THE BEST AVAILABE TREATMENTS TO TACKLE OBESITY? According to the case study if weight loss could be achieved then the health risks associated with obesity could be reversed. Even moderate weight loss of 10 per...

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Forensics Examiner and Digital Evidence in Nigeria

EXPERT EVIDENCE UNDER NIGERIAN LAW OF EVIDENCE By Philip O Nwachukwu As a general rule under Nigerian law of Evidence, the opinion evidence is irrelevant in court trials. Thus section 66 of the Evidence Act CAP E14, Laws of the. Federation of Nigeria (LFN), 2004 provides that the fact that any person is of the opinion that a fact in issue, or relevant to the issue, does or does not exist, is irrelevant to the existence of such fact except as provided in sections 57 to 65 of the Evidence Act. Exceptions...

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Ufo Evidence

made by appropriate members of the society. This issue has become the focus of much attention today and is especially relevant to an ongoing discussion, both inside and outside Congress, regarding UFO phenomena. There have been reports of “Missing” evidence throughout history. For example, In 1976, 200 cases of UFO sightings were studied by theU.S. Air Force. This study was called “project sign”. The Air Force concluded, in a top secret evaluation, that the “UFOs were almost certainly interplanetary...

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Explain why the adversary system of trial is the best system for achieving justice in criminal trials?

Explain why the adversary system of trial is the best system for achieving justice in criminal trials? The adversary system of trial is the best system for achieving justice in criminal trials for a number of different reasons. The use of a jury, the standard of evidence relied upon and the standard of proof, the cross-examining of witnesses and the ability to plead guilty, contribute greatly to reaching justice in the adversary system. They are all reasons which help the adversary system in accomplishing...

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How Are Theories Formed?

system of accepted knowledge that applies in a variety of circumstances to explain a specific set of phenomena.” In order for a theory to be considered scientific, it needs to satisfy certain parameters, which distinguishes it from the other two forms. Firstly, a scientific theory will explain how nature works for example Newton’s Theory of Universal Gravitation, or Kinetic Theory of Gases, and it will do so with significant evidence – unlike in the other forms, a scientific theory is always well tested...

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Evidence and Answer

further guidelines. 1) “The Lost Entry” – For this paper, you will create a four or five line entry to Columbus’s travel journal. This entry must be accompanied by a paper of one to one and a half pages that uses Columbus’s actual letter as evidence to explain why you wrote the entry as you did. (Be sure to have an argument for this paper as you would for the other paper options. A thesis for this paper could be similar to the following: The journal entry I have created fits with the writings of Columbus...

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Evidence Based Practice

context of evidence based practice in nursing. It will be defined based on the studies of people accounted in such work and how these changes have drawn the emergence of such. This would include its importance in the nursing profession and its contribution to healthcare. Furthermore, challenges, barriers and needs of care practitioners would be identified and elaborated. Change theory will also be discussed as change in the healthcare system is considered the catalyst in the emergence of evidence based...

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Trace Evidence

Trace or transfer evidence can be any small, and to the untrained be a seemingly insignificant piece of material, whether man-made or natural, that has been left at a crime scene. Edmond Locard, founder of the Institute of Criminalistics at the University of Lyon, France, developed what has become known as Locard’s Exchange Principle. This states that every contact leaves a trace (Trace Evidence). Trace evidence can consist of just about anything. Some types of trace evidence include but are not...

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Compare and Contrast Early vs Late Selection Models of Attention. How Well Do They Explain How We Selectively Attend to Informatio

early vs late selection models of attention. How well do they explain how we selectively attend to information? Attention was described by William James (1890, cited in Eysenck & Keane, 2000, p130) as “the taking possession of the mind, in clear and vivid form , of one out of what seem several simultaneously possible objects or trains of thought. Focalisation, concentration of consciousness are of its essence.” This definition emphasises how attention is thought of as a selective process...

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Parol Evidence Rule

contract. To see whether an agreement exists or not, the court usually sees if an offer has been made by one party and accepted by the other. If it happens that there is a mistake in the subject matter, price agreed or that one party has been forced upon, the court will certify that no contract exists. However, some people can try to breach contracts by altering afterwards what they stated in the contract. If the contract is in writing, an important rule called the parol evidence rule exists. This...

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How To Write A Good Book Critique: Steps And Suggestions

|How to Write a “Good” Book Critique: | |Steps and Suggestions | A book critique is a description, critical analysis, and an evaluation on the quality, meaning, and significance of a book, not a book report, retelling, or a summary, It should (1) focus on the book's purpose,...

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how does an auditor determine that the audit evidence gathered is appropriate

acceptable as audit evidence, the information obtained by the auditor must be appropriate. Appropriateness in this context means the measure of quality of audit evidence, its relevance to a particular assertion and its reliability. Relevance The question whether evidence is relevant depends on the extent to which it assists the auditor in achieving audit objectives. The audit objective will be related to the assertion ,which is what the auditor is attempting to gather evidence about. For example...

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Explain how the Bible shows God as a creator

but slightly differ in their accounts; Genesis 1 is a day by day account of all the things God created in not so much detail whereas Genesis 2 explains the creation story in a way that focuses more on the creation of man and woman than just the lands. Having two accounts of the creation story means that it is easier to come up with your own conclusion as to how the earth was created. The first line of Genesis 1 is “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” There is no explanation as...

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Explain Darwins Theory of Evolution and How It Presents Arguments Against Design and a Designer

Explain Darwin’s theory of Evolution and how it presents arguments against design and a designer. (30) A01 To answer this question productively, I must first, of course, explain both Darwin’s theory of evolution and the Design or teleological argument (D.A). Both offer a fairly comprehensive explanation of how the world came to be what it is today. We will first start with the theory of evolution. Charles Robert Darwin, was born on the 12th of February 1809, and is the founder of evolutionary...

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Law of Evidence

Assignment: Law of Evidence Question 1 The law of evidence aims to determine what material may be presented in court as evidence, by whom, in what manner and its probative value. Question 2 The onus of proof lies with the State to prove that the accused is guilty. Question 3 Real evidence is evidence in the form of objects or exhibits such as the murder weapon. Documentary evidence is evidence in the form of written documentary such as letters and contracts. Question 4 Evidential...

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Trace Evidence

many clues left behind. The obvious would be a the body or bodies, clothing, and sometimes even the murder weapon. While these are great way to solve a case there's another kind of evidence; trace evidence. Trace evidence are small pieces of evidence that are laying around a crime scene. There are many types of trace evidence some of them include metal filings, plastic fragments, gunshot residue, glass fragments, feathers, food stains, building materials, lubricants, fingernail scrapings, pollens and...

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Benefits of a Liberal Arts Degree in Appellate Court Judges

Benefits of a Liberal Arts Education in Appellate Court Judges Appellate Court judges are the final stop for most of the federal cases in the United States. They hear cases which come from large areas or regions, often encompassing a large number of cultural variances. Rather than hold trials, appellate court judges review decisions of trial courts for errors of law. Court of appeals decisions, unlike those of the lower federal courts, establish binding precedents. Other federal courts...

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