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Explain How People May React And Respond To Receiving Constructive Feedback

comments to make which include both praise and constructive criticism. Write notes to prepare for your meeting. In your notes, explain: a) Why it is important for a social care worker to seek feedback on performance. b) The different ways that people may react to receiving constructive feedback. c) Why it is important for a social care worker to use the feedback to improve their practise. It is important for a social care worker to seek feedback on their performance as this is a way of learning...

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Constructive Feedback Worksheet

University of Phoenix Material Individual Worksheet: Constructive Feedback (Due Week Two) There are four guidelines for effective feedback: 1) Describe the situation or behavior a) specifically b) without making assumptions c) in concrete terms, not judgments 2) Explain your reaction to the behavior, or the consequences of the behavior a) specifically b) related to the behavior, not the person c) calmly d) without exaggeration 3) Request a change (if needed) a) realistically b) invite...

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Explain how organisations respond to IT development

Explain how organisations respond to IT development Adopting business processes In today’s society IT is becoming more essential in everyday life. We use IT to contact people, to shop and to find information. Businesses are now trying to adapt to the ways of IT so they can build a stronger connection between their business and their consumers. One of the ways businesses are doing this is by introducing loyalty cards. Loyalty cards are basically cards that companies give you rewards and therefore...

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feedback in learning

1.0What is feedback?:“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great inspires” William Arthur Ward A teacher carries a big responsibility in area of learning. Some people believe a teacher’s job is to teach and a student’s job is to learn. In today’s classroom, the role of teacher is totally different. Teacher as a facilitator of learning, mentor for learner and classroom...

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Analysis And Evaluation Feedback

evaluation of performance -Feedback is an integral component of learning. Feedback is used to: -Reinforce a successful performance or movement skill -Remove errors -Motivate the athlete Giving constructive feedback is an essential skill for any coach; it is the process for relaying the effects of the performance for the individual’s benefit and learning. Without feedback it would be difficult for an athlete to progress and reach their potential. The purpose of giving feedback is to reinforce positive...

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32 The Principles Of Personal Developme

Understand how to reflect on practice in adult social care 1.1 Explain what reflective practice is 1.2 Explain the importance of reflective practice in continuously improving the quality of service provided 1.3 Explain how standards inform reflective practice in adult social care 1.4 Describe how own values, belief systems and experiences may affect working practice 2. Understand the importance of feedback in improving own practice 2.1 Explain how people may react and respond to receiving constructive...

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Constructive Feedback Job Aid

Constructive Feedback Job Aid Use this job aid the next time you are asked to give or receive feedback. Refer to it to help you recall concepts from the tutorial. What Is the Purpose of Feedback? • Receiving feedback helps a writer become less attached to his or her work. • Giving feedback helps a reviewer practice analytical skills: o Criticize and examine work o Question errors o Suggest improvements How Do I Give Feedback? Peer review is a method for giving and receiving feedback: ...

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How to support and advance learning of young people

1. Explain in detail how you would support and advance the learning of children and young people in your class: A. Individually B. In a small group C. The whole class with and without teacher support Look at the resources available. As the HLTA, how do you react to different situations? Think about the skills you use to communicate and build relationships. Motivation is the key to supporting and advancing the learning of children and young people within my class. Motivation affects the nature...

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Effective Feedback

Effective Feedback I. Types of Feedback A. Informal B. Formal C. Direct D. Indirect E. Formative F. Summative II. Characteristics of Effective Feedback A. The feedback "giver" must be clear about motives B. Feedback should be given to help, not to hurt someone C. Feedback should be problem oriented, not people oriented D. Feedback should be specific rather than general E. Feedback is useful when well-timed F. Feedback should be checked with others to support its validity III. How feedback...

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Unit 4222 302

consciously analyse your decision making and draw on theory and relate it to what you do in practice. Critical analysis and evaluation refocuses your thinking on your existing knowledge and helps generate new knowledge and ideas. As a result, you may modify your actions, behaviour, treatments and learning needs. Make time to write down your reflections, as this process often helps clarify thoughts. This will also give you some written evidence to share with others at a later date. If you need help...

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