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  • Community Emergency Preparedness and Response

    Community Emergency Preparedness and Response Brittiany Taylor NUR 408 February 19‚ 2012 Felita Patterson Community Emergency Preparedness and Response This paper discusses subjects in newspaper articles and scenarios in the Pearson Health Science Neighborhood in season two‚ episode five in the University of Phoenix student website under the course materials section. A fire began in the Neighborhood community and the residents developed respiratory complications related to the smoke from

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  • Emergency Contraception: an Anthropological Perspective.

    Word Count (excluding title and references) = 1469. What are the basic assumptions about sexuality‚ health decision-making‚ and the doctor-patient relationship that inform the positions of opponents and proponents of emergency contraception (EC)? Introduction: Emergency Contraceptives (ECs) have been defined as a post coital method of contraception that is effective if taken within 72 hours of intercourse. Although the primary method of post coital contraception is ingestion of oral pills

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  • Canadian Emergency Legislation Comparison

    Canadian Emergency Legislation: A Comparative Analysis Between the Canadian Emergency Management Framework and Federal‚ Provincial‚ Territorial Legislation By Wendy Hayko May 15‚ 2007 For Disaster and Emergency Management Practice 510 Instructor: Ron Kuban Royal Roads University‚ Master Arts Disaster and Emergency Management Program Introduction 3 A Look at the Numbers 3 In the Event of Emergency

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  • Adverse Trends In The Emergency Department

    Adverse Trends in the Emergency Department Lori Davis HCS/482 April 21‚ 2014 Lynn Bertsch It is no secret that the wait times and length of stay for patient’s within the Emergency Department (ED) has steadily increased over the past several years. With that‚ comes adverse events affecting all patients alike. According to Weston (2013)‚ “Falls and delays to treatment are the major contributors to serious and sentinel events” (pg. 33). Data collection has now been utilized to capture

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  • Simulation Model for Emergency Department

    SIMULATION MODEL FOR EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT ABSTRACT The paper presents a comprehensive research study on the Simulation Model for Emergency Department. The study was conducted in the Emergency Department (ED) at The Ohio State Medical Center. A simulation model was developed using Arena (7.0) to model the process flow of patients in order to analyze the ED System performance. A Statistical Design of Experiments study was performed to study the significance/ non significance

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  • Accident, Illness and Emergency Policy

    Accident‚ Illness and Emergency Policy Accident and emergency: It is my policy that when children are in my care I will keep them safe. My premises have been checked and they meet the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage in England. I also regularly review‚ update and practise my safety routines‚ including fire drills. As a registered childminder‚ I am legally required to have a valid first-aid certificate before registration. I can administer basic first-aid treatment‚

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  • Emergency Department Bottleneck Proposal

    Emergency Department Bottleneck Proposal Middletown Hospital is a 200-bed‚ not-for-profit-general hospital that has an emergency department with 20 emergency beds. The emergency department handles on an average 100 patients per day. The hospital’s CEO has authorized the Six Sigma Team (SST) to address complaints received from patients seeking treatment between 6:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. The complaints are centered on waiting times and poor service. During this time the data indicates that approximately

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  • Emergency Organization Case Study

    In the scope of emergency organization (EO)‚ actually the role of Meteorology‚ Climatology and Geophysics Board (MCGB) is important. MCGB provides the necessary data about the daily information of temperature‚ weather‚ earthquake and the possibilities of tsunami warning. MCGB distributed the data through a lot media such as online‚ by phone and by fax. In relation to tourism‚ the data from MCGB is used as the consideration for flying of all airline in Indonesia and surrounding. The forecasting data

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  • Local Response In Emergency Management

    Response and Local Emergency Managers The local response is the first responders to deal with the hazards in a plan and organized way. The local response consists of firefighter‚ police officer and emergency medical service to a hazardous incident. After the Hurricane Katrina incident FEMA had required all first responder to properly train in the Incident Command System (ICS)‚ so to eligible for federal grant funds. The local emergency manager is primarily over the providing an emergency plan for the

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  • Emergency Evacuation Procedures and Eco

    Testing and Maintenance of Emergency Evacuation Procedures Item Action required & pass/fail requirement Frequency of action Monthly 6 monthly 12 monthly Emergency plan INSPECT the emergency plan and check for relevancy to the facility.  Emergency evacuation equipment INSPECT the emergency evacuation equipment and check for compliance with the emergency plan.   Emergency response procedures INSPECT the emergency procedures and test for relevancy to the facility by conducting

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