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Emergency Medical Services

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) has a mission to save lives of sick or injured people in emergency situations. The development of EMS has been based on tradition and, to some extent, on scientific knowledge. Its roots are deep in history. For example, the Good Samaritan bound the injured traveler's wounds with oil and wine at the side of the road, and evidence of treatment protocols exists as early as 1500 B.C. Civilian ambulance services in the United States began in Cincinnati and New York City...

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lesson plan medical emergencies

TITLE: Medical Emergency in General Dental Practice. LOCATION: Yorkshire and the Humber Postgraduate Deanery, Willow Terrace Road, University of Leeds, Leeds. LS2 9JT GROUP: The presentation is to a group of 12 Longitudinal Foundation Dental Trainees. The group have been emailed individually several weeks before and asked to prepare and present a short power-point presentation. They will then present to the other members of the group. Each Trainee will present one medical emergency...

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Emergency Management

Emergency Management When an emergency happens, it is best to be prepared and understand where to go and how to arrive there. Most people will go to his or her local hospital to seek assistance, whereas some may be brought to the facility by an emergency vehicle. In any case emergency management needs to know what he or she needs to do to protect their community and themselves. Emergency management (EM) entails An emergency is the unplanned events that cause harm and death and can happen within...

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Emergency Medical Technicians

Emergency Medical Technicians Injury is a major cause of premature death and disability worldwide. In many instances the prompt provision of emergency care and rapid movement of injured victims from the scene to a health-care facility can save lives, reduce the chance of disability, and dramatically improve positive long-term outcomes. This may seem like a lot of labor but thanks to the dedication of Emergency Medical technicians all is possible. Emergency Medical Technicians have a mission to...

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Managing the Service Operations of 108 Emergency Service

108 Emergency Service Shaishav Jogani (PC-17) Mitul Thekdi (QA-10) About 108 A centralized emergency management system exists in most developed countries which helps in saving lives on a day to day basis. India lags far behind its western counterparts in terms of emergency services. Vision of 108 Respond to 30 million emergencies and save 1 million lives annually and Deliver services at global standards through Leadership, Innovation, Technology, Research and Training. GVK Emergency...

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Moore Medical Corporation - Analysis to It Investments

CASE ANALYSIS Document Version: 1.0 Moore Medical Corporation Analysis to IT investments Dilip IT for Business Managers Business Background • Moore Medical Corporation founded in 1947 is a distributor of medical supplies. The company had built its business model taking care of specific groups of practitioners such as podiatrists and emergency medical service personnel. • Moore provides more than 8500 products and the company had divided its customers into six groups. Moore has...

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Chapter 69: Nursing Management: Emergency, Terrorism, and Disaster Nursing

Lewis: Medical-Surgical Nursing, 8th Edition Chapter 69: Nursing Management: Emergency, Terrorism, and Disaster Nursing Key Points – Printable CARE OF EMERGENCY PATIENT * Triage refers to the process of rapidly determining the acuity of the patient’s problem. It works on the premise that patients who have a threat to life must be treated before other patients. * The Emergency Severity Index (ESI) is a five-level triage system that incorporates concepts of illness severity...

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Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

Dianna Cotton CPR Specific Purpose: To inform my classmates of these three steps to take when responding to a medical emergency. Central Idea: When responding to a medical emergency you should take three steps- scene safety, contact emergency medical services, and start CPR. Introduction I. “Imagine that you’re at home with your family sitting around the table laughing and joking while eating Sunday dinner when all of a sudden your grandmother suffers a mild heart attack. II. Do you...

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Cpr Speech Outline

Title: (CPR) (The information above the introduction is for the reader) Specific Purpose: to inform my audience of the three steps to take when responding to a medical emergency. Thesis: When responding to a medical emergency you should take three main steps--survey the scene, contact emergency medical services, and start CPR. Method of Organization: Chronological Introduction (Begin your presentation with the statement beside Roman numeral I) I First Sentence: "Imagine you're...

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The Integration of Legislation into EMS Policy and Procedure

EMC 330 January 27, 2014 Dr. Joanne Tritsch The Integration of Legislation into EMS Policy and Procedure The technique to emergency medical services (EMS) is to encourage an integrated and robust legislation process with government officials. The assertiveness to emergency medical services, which includes enhanced prevention and mitigation for emergency responses in the community come from a number of policies and laws. One such law is the, “Good Samaritan laws” these laws have different...

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