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Discussion on Southeast Asian Economy--Myanmar

Southeast Asian Economy (Myanmar) As the second largest country in terms of land size in Southeast Asia, Myanmar borders five nations and is endowed with rich natural resources----minerals, oil and gas, forestry, water and marine resources. With its accession to ASEAN in 1997, Myanmar has achieved remarkable economic and political progresses ever since, and it is now facing new development opportunities due to the establishment of its new government in 2011. 1. National Objectives The national...

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To What Extent Were the Effects of the Treaty of Versailles the Most Serious Problem for the Weimar Republic Between 1919-1923?

To what extent were the effects of the Treaty of Versailles the most serious problem for the Weimar republic between 1919-1923? The Weimar republic encountered many serious problems in the years 1919-1923; and whilst historians argue that the effects of the treaty of Versailles were the most severe, it is necessary to compare the significance of a range of other political, social and economic factors to determine the prime and most significant problem faced by the newly formed government in a...

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Justice in the Republic

and Thrasymachus in Book I of the Republic. Polemarchus initially asserts that justice is "to give to each what is owed" (Republic 331d), a definition he picked up from Simonides. Then, through the unrelenting questioning of Socrates, Polemarchus' definition evolves into "doing good to friends and harm to enemies" (Republic 332d), but this definition proves insufficient to Socrates also. Eventually, the two agree "that it is never just to harm anyone" (Republic 335d). This definition is fundamental...

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How significant was the Long March in the history of China in the Twentieth Century?

The Long March took place from October 1934 - October 1935. It meant that communism was not completely wiped out by the Kuomintang, that the people of China learnt about communism and supported the communists, that the Kuomintang got control of the south of china and most of the communists died from illness, exposure and Kuomintang attacks. At the time it was significant because otherwise all the communists would have been annihilated. Its effects were not seen immediately but in the short term...

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Mesopotamia and China

Although Mesopotamia and China had similarities in politics, economics, social organization, and religion between 8000 BCE - 600 CE, they also had differences. Both Mesopotamia and China followed the same pattern to state and empire building (Supanick, Notes 2012). They both also had agricultural and trade societies (Supanick, Notes 2012). Both also had social inequities and were both polytheistic (Supanick, Notes 2012). They also had important differences, Mesopotamia's empires were replaced by...

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Early Republic Dbq

The early republic dates between 1780 and 1830. It marks a time when the English settlements professed their individuality and a new nation was recognized or borne. The two events that help define the early republic was the Louisiana Purchase and the Lewis and Clark expedition. These two events were some of the most important events because supported the country visualization to see the sights and colonize the American West. But the question at hand is did democracy expand for Americans during the...

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The Alcoholic Republic

The Alcoholic Republic The colonization of America brought about many new ways of life: new living conditions, new skills to be learned, and new land to explore and settle. Relations with the natives provided food and basic skill sets, and it also paved the way for new colonists arriving in such a foreign land. However, life for colonists coming to settle America was no vacation. Depending on your family’s background and where you decided to settle, daily life was an adventure. In Virginia,...

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Outline and Evaluate the View That Youth Culture Is Created by the Economy.

created by the economy (33) Youth culture is the way in which youths behave and act in society. It is the stereotypical behaviour and look that people decide to link with teenagers. Youth culture is created by many different things in society one of which is the economy. The economy has a huge influence on the creation of youth culture. It benefits majorly from the youth being better educated and more mature, due to this the school leaving age has been extended. As a way to keep young people in education...

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How similar are china and japan

 Introduction In this essay I will answering the question how similar are China and Japan also I will comparing the population, economy, landscape and environment of these two countries. China and Japan are both located in Asia. Japan is an island that is located in East Asia. It is in the Pacific Ocean and is east of China, the Koreas, and Russia. It is also south of Taiwan and The Republic of China is bordered on the north by Mongolia and Russia. The north east border is Korea and to the west...

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Levendary Cafe: the China Callenge

report filing, they own and operate worldwide more than 2,000 restaurants, employ 185,000 people, and serve more than 423 million meals a year. The restaurant and foodservice industry are highly fragmented. The restaurant and foodservice industry is a powerhouse that has the ability to connect with other industries. With it employing over 13.1 million Americans, its impact and influence on the economy is significant. The overall restaurant and foodservice industry made up over $600 billion...

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