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Open defecation – Nirmal Bharat Abhiyaan Objective: To eradicate open defecation practice that is still widespread in our country completely in next 10 years that is by 2022. Background: More than half of people(60 %) defecating openly in world lives in our country. According to the 2011 Indian census, 53 per cent of households do not use any kind of toilet or latrine. This essentially matches the 55 per cent found by the National Family Health Survey in 2005.Open defecation is not so common...

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The Alimentary Canal

the rectum. The rectum generates strong contractions for defecation. The anal canal is the last subdivision of the large intestine. The wall of the anal canal contains two sphincter muscles an internal and external anal sphincter. The external sphincter contracts voluntarily to inhibit defecation and the internal sphincter contracts voluntarily, both work to prevent feces from leaking from the anus between defecations and to inhibit defecation during emotional stress. Function of the pancreas- it...

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the colon that occurs two or four times a day during or after eating that helps move contents into the rectum. Defecation 19. a. What is the function of rectal stretch receptors? The stretch receptors are activated once fecal matter is pushed into the rectum which then initiate the defecation reflex b. Describe the ANS pathway that regulates the defecation reflex. Receptors send sensory nerve impulses to the sacral spinal cord. Motor impulses from the cord travel along parasympathetic...

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colon, the descending (left) colon and the sigmoid colon, which connects to the rectum. The appendix is a small tube attached to the ascending colon. The large intestine is a highly specialized organ that is responsible for processing waste so that defecation (excretion of waste) is easy and convenient. Stool, or waste left over from the digestive process, passes through the colon by means of peristalsis, first in a liquid state and ultimately in solid form. As stool passes through the colon, any remaining...

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Indoor Plumbing and Public Sanitation in Developing Countries

those in need. One of those small organizations is run by Bapak Sumadi in Indonesia. Sumadi is a major leader in Indonesia in providing the public with toilets and teaching the importance of public sanitation. Together their goal is to end open defecation (Yamaguchi). Though the changes and effects are small, they are not insignificant. The conditions that these people are forced to live in, is truly a crisis. Thousands die every day from not having proper sanitation systems. The invention of...

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Minor Disorders in Pregnancy

A diet rich in fibre and increasing fluid intake can help to ease some of the associated problems with constipation. Laxatives should only be used when dietary changes do not assist. In addition women should be advised that ignoring signs for defecation will compound symptoms (Jewell & Young 1996; Vazquez 2010). The levels of fibre and fluid consumed should be noted by healthcare professionals when attending to women (Derbyshire, Davies & Detmar 2007). Haemorrhoids occurs in pregnancy...

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eating foods that are rich in fiber. Long term: After 5 days the patient will return to normal pattern of bowel movement . With normal characteristic of stool. Independent: Determine the pattern of defecation for clients and train clients to do so. Set the time is right for clients such as defecation after meals. Provide coverage of nutritional fiber according to the indication. Give fluids if not contraindicated 2-3 liters per day Assess usual pattern of elimination; compare with present pattern...

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Nursing Interventions to Promote Normal Bowel Elimination

INTERVENTIONS TO PROMOTE NORMAL ELIMINATION Aujero, Cacar Bilon, Kristine Domingo, Essie Ibrahim, Omaeir Panopio, Eunice Salcedo, Demsky Urination  Micturition, voiding, and urination all refer to the process of emptying the urinary bladder.  Defecation  Elimination of the waste products of digestion from the body. - Expulsion of feces from the anus and rectum. - The excreted waste products are referred to as feces or stool.  Maintaining Normal Urinary Elimination    Promoting fluid intake...

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Constipation Disease Process

___Constipation____________________________________________ Pathophysiology Poorly understood but is thought to include interference with one of the three major functions of the colon: mucosal transport, myoelectric activity, or the processes of defecation. The urge to defecate is stimulated normally by rectal distension that initiates a series of four actions: Stimulation of the inhibitory recto anal reflex, relaxation of the internal sphincter muscle, relaxation of the external sphincter muscles...

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The Beginning and End of a Cheeseburger

The mucosal lining of the colon contains numerous straight tubular glands called crypts, which contain many mucus-producing goblet cells. During this stage, the chyme is converted to feces, which is stored until it is released by the process of defecation. Next, the feces will reach the rectum, a muscular tube that begins at the termination of the sigmoid colon and ends at the anal canal. The muscular tunic is a smooth muscle and it is relatively thick in the rectum compared with the rest of the...

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