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  • Nursing Interventions to Promote Normal Bowel Elimination

    INTERVENTIONS TO PROMOTE NORMAL ELIMINATION Aujero‚ Cacar Bilon‚ Kristine Domingo‚ Essie Ibrahim‚ Omaeir Panopio‚ Eunice Salcedo‚ Demsky Urination  Micturition‚ voiding‚ and urination all refer to the process of emptying the urinary bladder.  Defecation  Elimination of the waste products of digestion from the body. - Expulsion of feces from the anus and rectum. - The excreted waste products are referred to as feces or stool.  Maintaining Normal Urinary Elimination    Promoting fluid intake

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    eating foods that are rich in fiber. Long term: After 5 days the patient will return to normal pattern of bowel movement . With normal characteristic of stool. Independent: Determine the pattern of defecation for clients and train clients to do so. Set the time is right for clients such as defecation after meals. Provide coverage of nutritional fiber according to the indication. Give fluids if not contraindicated 2-3 liters per day Assess usual pattern of elimination; compare with present pattern

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  • Constipation Disease Process

    ___Constipation____________________________________________ Pathophysiology Poorly understood but is thought to include interference with one of the three major functions of the colon: mucosal transport‚ myoelectric activity‚ or the processes of defecation. The urge to defecate is stimulated normally by rectal distension that initiates a series of four actions: Stimulation of the inhibitory recto anal reflex‚ relaxation of the internal sphincter muscle‚ relaxation of the external sphincter muscles

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  • Constipation Research Paper

     chronic constipation is infrequent bowel movements or difficult passage of stools that persists for numerous weeks or longer.  Constipation is normally defined as having fewer than 3 bowel movements a week.  although occasional constipation may be very commonplace‚ a few human beings revel in continual constipation that could intervene with their potential to move about their daily responsibilities. chronic constipation may also cause excessive straining to have a bowel motion and different signs

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  • Bowel Movement

    other important factors affecting anal continence. Leakage of gas or liquid stools is more difficult to control‚ while hard stools are difficult to expel even in the presence of damaged or poorly functioning anal sphincters(Giannini et al.‚ 2014). Defecation Sensory perception and physiological coordination

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  • Constipation in Older Adults

    movement is different for every person. “The diagnosis of constipation is based on the patient’s history‚ physical examination‚ possibly results of a barium enema and stool testing for occult blood”. (Day et al‚ 2010). Symptoms include frequency of defecation; hardness of stools; abdominal fullness or bloatedness‚ and abdominal pain. (Prynn‚P.‚ 2011). It is non-life-threatening; it causes distress that leads to patient discomfort and diminished quality of life. Constipation is considered a major health

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  • Indoor Plumbing and Public Sanitation in Developing Countries

    Indoor Plumbing and Public Sanitation in Developing Countries The porcelain throne‚ the pot‚ the pooper‚ the potty‚ the latrine‚ the toilet. That is something we don’t give much thought to‚ unless something is wrong with it. What about the shower or the sink? How often to do you go to your sink to get a glass of water and wonder “Am I drinking someone’s poo? Will it be clean today or will I get sick?” I know for myself‚ I rarely give this any thought at all and I can honestly say that I have never

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  • Health Assessment and Health Promotion Plan

    for such ailment. Health Assessment and Promotion Plan Mrs. Burns a 64 years old female presents with chief complaint of being “constipated”. She states she has a bowel movement about every 3 to 4 days‚ feels the need to strain at defecation and her stools are hard and painful to excrete. She also has stated having frequent headaches‚ fatigue‚ a feeling of

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  • Earth's Natural Resource: Water

    everyday also.How we lose our water? We can lose water through perspiration‚ respiration and bowel movement. For example‚ regular exercising will start perspiration which is sweating and respiration. We will proceed bowel movement also which is defecation. Water is having a lot of benefits to us. First and foremost‚ water will revitalises our skin because our skin will dry under sun. In this hectic lifestyle‚ we will facing a lot of stress and this may make us age.Then‚ water will helps to revitalise

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  • A Description of Constipation

    Constipation Spencer Johnson 4/29/14 Med. Professions 5th period Constipation occurs when a person has small‚ dry and hard stools that are painful and difficult to Defecate. The length of time which a person can be constipated varies from a short amount

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