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  • Chicken curry

    My mom’s chicken curry Once I was asked what my most favorite dish was‚ spontaneously‚ words came out of my mouth “It is the best dish I have ever eaten‚ a hot‚ spicy‚ aromatic and gravy like chicken stew‚ or so called chicken curry‚ but not regular curry. It is my mom’s version of Vietnamese chicken curry.” For years‚ I have been studying in Ho Chi Minh city‚ whose diversity of food culture is highly regarded‚ surely‚ almost every types of curry dishes could be found here. Unforturnately‚ they

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  • Curry and Thai Food

    different types of nam phrik and soups. In the North‚ food is mild or hot‚ salty and sour‚ but never sweet. Sticky rice is served with boiled vegetables. On the other hand‚ food in the South is renowned for being very hot‚ salty and sour-tasting. Curries are popular and made with a lot of spices and condiments. Generally southern people eat little meat. One of my personal favorites is a dish called Phad Thai. Phad Thai is a traditional Thai dish that brings out Thailand’s resilient culture and the

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  • Curry Powder Indusrty

    small yet significant quantity enters international trade as spice powders. Curry powder is the foremost of those blends or mixes and sometimes consists of 20 or more spices designed to add the characteristic flavor of an Indian curry‚ which is appreciated all over the world. Apart from the overseas market‚ processed curry powder is becoming popular in the domestic market also. Hence the demand for unadulterated spices and curry powder in attractive handy packaging is fast emerging. FOOD INDUSTRY IN

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  • Curry Leaf

    editor‚ British Dental Journal‚ 64 Wimpole Street‚ London W1G 8YS or by email to bdj@bda.org Priority will be given to letters less than 500 words long. Letters should be typed. Authors must sign the letter‚ which may be edited for reasons of space Curry leaves Sir‚ it is nice to know that dental decay in children’s teeth is decreasing in the UK as reported recently in the BDJ’s news pages (BDJ 2004‚ 197:64) In developing countries‚ (more often in the rural areas) there is higher prevalence of dental

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  • Curry

    Authors: CURRY‚ ANDREW Source: Discover. Apr2013‚ Vol. 34 Issue 3‚ p38-46. 9p. Document Type: Article Subjects: TRANSGENIC plants TRANSGENIC organisms -- Research DEMONSTRATIONS (Collective behavior) GENETICALLY modified foods -- Public opinion CROPS -- Genetic engineering -- Law & legislation BORLAUG‚ Norman E. (Norman Ernest)‚ 1914-2009 GROLM‚ Michael Abstract: The article discusses genetically modified organisms (GMOs)‚ focusing on political and social opposition to genetically

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  • Descriptive paper

    $5 Boiled Japanese green soy beans VEGETABLE TEMPURA $5 Deep-fried vegetables in a light‚ crispy batter‚ served with sweet and sour sauce MANGO WINGS $5 Chicken wings seasoned and fried to a crisp. Served with home-made mango sauce LOTUS CURRY PUFFS (Chicken or Vegetable) $5 Fried pastry

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  • titas malaysian cuisine

    fusion food and the variety of tastes is a veritable Venn diagram of flavour – with gastronomic traditions overlapping and informing one another while also remaining distinct. Domestic reinventions of Chinese noodles‚ Thai-style stir-fries‚ and Indian curry dishes can all be found living harmoniously (and deliciously) in their adopted home. Malacca‚ in the southern region‚ is home to delicious‚ famous Baba Nyonya food which is essentially a fusion of native Malay and Chinese flavours‚ much of it served

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  • My Childhood Days

    were all friends and always share our foods and games. Mak Kwan had the most famous cooking while En. Chong could fly the kite highest. Hmm… I could still smell the curry in the air! My brother and I‚ we used to rush to Mak Kwan’s home and asked for curry when we smell it. Mak Kwan never decline and always offers us a big bowl of curry to share with our family. The satisfaction is so hard to describe. In my childhood days‚ I loved to fish in the rivers. Especially hand-fishing! I never like to fish

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  • Nasi Ganja

    Ganja! Well‚ its not that they really have marijuana in the rice okay‚ it was just named as marijuana rice by the locals simply because it is addicting! Yeah‚ addicting! you heard that just right. People are coming back for more of this addicting curry! those who love to eat chicken rice drive will hold a red delicious dishes such as ‘nasi ganja’. For the ordinary rice meal‚ said their spiciness with side dishes of rice served with it made them ‘hooked’.For those people who never try ‘nasi ganja’

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  • Malaysian Food

    milk steamed rice)‚ sambal belacan (shrimp paste with pounded chilies)‚ beef rending (dried curry) and serunding (beef floss). Satay‚ or barbequs meat on a stick‚ is originated from Malay cuisine has presence in restaurants all over the world today. Indian food‚ on the other hand‚ has very much integrated northern Indian and southern Indian cuisines when they reach Malaysian shores. Popular for their curries‚ banana leaf rice and breads such as chapati‚ naan and roti (prata in some countries). Indian

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