Curry and Thai Food

Topics: Curry, Thai cuisine, Cooking Pages: 2 (488 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Angela Odell
My favorite food in Thailand.

Thai food is widely known for being hot and spicy since almost all Thai food is cooked with basic ingredients such as garlic, chillies, limejuice, fresh coriander leaf and fermented fish sauce or shrimp paste (kapi) to make it salty. Thai food varies from region to region, for example, sticky rice is more popular in the North and Northeast than steamed rice. Moreover, in some rural areas, certain insects are also eaten. At the same time, Thai desserts are often made from sticky rice or coconut milk, flour, egg and coconut sugar while a variety of fruit is available all the year round. Meanwhile, the basic characteristic taste of Thai food in different parts of the country can be described in different ways: in the central region, food is hot, salty, sweet and sour. Rice is served with different types of nam phrik and soups. In the North, food is mild or hot, salty and sour, but never sweet. Sticky rice is served with boiled vegetables. On the other hand, food in the South is renowned for being very hot, salty and sour-tasting. Curries are popular and made with a lot of spices and condiments. Generally southern people eat little meat. One of my personal favorites is a dish called Phad Thai. Phad Thai is a traditional Thai dish that brings out Thailand’s resilient culture and the distinctive style of cooking. Phad Thai is a favorite among the Thai people. The main ingredients of Phad Thai are rice noodles, fish sauce and egg. These ingredients are the backbone of the dish, and without these ingredients the dish would not be phad Thai. At this point the diversity of the recipes for the dish manifests itself, and the ingredients can vary from person to person, but the result is almost always the same, an extremely tasty dish from innocuous ingredients. Some of the other things commonly used in the recipe include, but are not limited to: chili powder, chili sauce, curry, bean sprouts, tofu, lime,...
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