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According to Analects, What Is the Basis of Good Government?

“become good” themselves and will not attempt any wrongdoing. The “sense of shame” they have and which they learned from the ruler’s good conduct will prevent them from any misdeeds. For this reason conformity of people should be sought by means of virtue and not by punishments, because if conformity is imposed by force and not by good behavior, people may conform only “to avoid the punishment” but they will not love their ruler or be loyal to him. Yet, this does not mean that good government should...

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The Symbolism And Philosphy Of We

requires all of its members to be clothed exactly the same. One character challenged this idea, I-330. At one point she is dressed in a yellow dress wearing make-up. This dress symbolizes her individualistic personality. She refuses to believe in conformity and stagnation. It's this that brings us to the next topic of symbolism. Zamyatin uses many different aspects of this society to symbolize how much a loss of individual identity exists. This lack of identity is meant to purvey the feeling of an...

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Romantic Revival

emphasis is on conformity to establish social norms and subordination to the general good, whereas the typical romantic hero-as popularised by Byron for example – is the rebel when Alexander Pope in the heart of the Augustan Age set out to write a philosophical poem, he wrote an Essay on Man, on man, in general. When Wordsworth at the beginning of the next stage wished to do so he wrote The Growth of a Poet’s Mind – meaning the growth of his own mind, his personal development. Conformity leads naturally...

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“a Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words�? Essay Example

by the author’s nib to give more weight to his/her specific ideas. British novelist Jeanette Winterson, best known for Orange Are Not The Only Fruit, perfectly handles the art of imagery, especially in her short story Newton where the topics of conformity and individual oppression are enhanced by the use of rhetorical images. Imagery is firstly utilized to compare the ordinary citizens of the town to a figure of royal authority. As the protagonist Tom is leading an individuality revolution against...

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4 Short Essays on Strictly Ballroom

the nurse Sadler and other characters. One instance is when Ken is being examined by Nurse Sadler and he’s cracking jokes all the time. This represents someone who enjoys life and who wants to continue life, and furthermore indicates the ease and conformity in which the relationship of Ken is with Nurse Sadler. Another great instance is the relationship between Ken Harrison and Dr Travers which greatly points out the issue of euthanasia and furthermore indicates how Dr Travers have become very close...

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Power of the Individual Die Welle Pleasantville

and impressionable individuals enter the classroom. Wegner asks them to all wear white shirts, if they want to be a part of the group. They must all sit up straight and never slouch. "You will call me sir, and address me with the upmost respect." Conformity begins to stretch from one side of the room to the other, with little opposition. Separately these students believe in individuality, but together they are living and breathing for the community. On screen Die Welle is depicted first as an idea...

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Huck Finn theme essay

Autonomy Over Conformity According to Jane Rule, “Morality is a test of our conformity rather than our integrity.” The main character of Mark Twain’s Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, struggles with the conflict between doing what society believes is right, and doing what he thinks is right. Raised in the South, Huck was brought up to believe only what he was told by the people around him. But as he endured his own experiences and personal conflicts, he opened his ears to his own conscience rather...

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Social Behavior

Influences on Behavior PSY 300 Dawn Salone February 18, 2013 Social Influences on Behavior Sociology and social psychology travel along similar paths. Entering a new situation for the first time may be made easier by conformity. Getting together with a specific group can alter the individual’s regular behavior. Tying the identity to a group is social identity theory. Humans are pack animals that crave social interaction, and to deny this (as some cultures have tried...

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Mean Girls Film Critique

jungle, Cady becomes a true member of the tribe. In my paper I plan on discussing how Cady had gone through two large parts of what we had studied in our class during the semester. First I will talk about friendship qualities, and second peer conformity. Both of these topics play large roles in this comedy. Because it was clearly satire, the directors over did each of the topics that I am discussing in order to show the world what really is going on in these high schools. My paper will be supported...

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Norms and Values

unwritten rules – the norms – associated with that task. You will be assimilated! People talk about conformity like it’s a bad thing. Yet imagine if there was no conformity, and we disagreed on what product to manufacture, its colour, which way to distribute it, or even on the cost. We need a certain amount of agreement to get things done: we have to conform in some way. However, conformity is not good when it causes problems. Here’s a practical example. The management of a large organisation...

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