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  • Competition Law

    COMPETITION LAW IN INDIA‚ US & UK: A COMPARITIVE ANALYSIS (Internship Report-November 2012) Submitted by: Srishti Dutt Vth Year‚ B.A.LL.B (Hons.) National Law University Delhi ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I would like to thank the staff and members of the Competition Commission of India without whose help the Report would have been extremely tough to be completed. I would like to thank Dr. Satya Prakash‚ my supervisor and guide in helping me throughout the duration of my internship. My graititude

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  • Competition Law. Unfair Competition

    LESSON 6: COMPETITION LAW. UNFAIR COMPETITION The primary purpose of competition law is to remedy some of the situations in which the free market system breaks down. The invisible hand that Adam Smith identified in 1776 ensures in most situations that the free market economies left to their own devices will produce results more beneficial tan ban be realized by intervening in the market . The process of competition is seen as being of value and meriting protection. Protection is needed when undertakings

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  • Competition Policy and Law in Bangladesh

    Competition Policy and Law in Bangladesh Objective: The objective of the program is to provide technical assistance to the Government of Bangladesh (GoB) to undertake competition advocacy‚ public awareness and training about competition issues. The competition Background: Bangladesh does not currently have any clearly defined competition policy at the macro level or any sector specific policy that addresses competition issues. The government does not have any institutional mechanism to review

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  • Competition Law and Bargain Price

    reducing competition‚ limiting technical development‚ deteriorating product quality or by adopting unfair ordeceptive trade practices.  MRTP Act repealed and is replaced by the Competition Act‚ 2002‚ with effect from September 1‚ 2009 The Ministry of Corporate Affairs‚ Government of India has issued a Notification dated 28th August 2009‚ whereby the most controversial the Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices Act‚ 1969 (“the MRTP Act”) stands repealed and is replaced by the Competition Act

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  • Competition Law And Bangladesh 6 1

    Competition Law and Bangladesh -6 ELW 203 ECONOMIC LAWS Tariquzzaman Khan FCA‚ FCS Adjunct faculty‚ ICSB 1 Competition Law and Bangladesh -6 Concept of competition‚ Importance of Competition Law/Policy‚ Prerequisites for a Competition Policy‚ Restrictive Trade Practices‚ Competition and Consumer Protection‚ Mergers‚ Dominance‚ Resale Price Maintenance‚ Competition Law/Policy in Bangladesh‚ Bangladesh Competition Commission (BCC)‚ procedure for investigation/ inquiry by the Monopolies and Restrictive

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  • Eu Competition Law

    1.00/1.00IN British Airways case commission had stated that ... [pic] -50.00%MACROBUTTON HTMLDirect [pic] British Airways abuse of the market did not distort competition between British Airways and other airlines50.00%[pic]MACROBUTTON HTMLDirect [pic] that British Airways is a purchaser of a dominant position on the uk market for air travel agencies 50.00%[pic]MACROBUTTON HTMLDirect [pic] by applying the marketing agreements and new system of performance awards‚ British Airways abused their dominant

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  • History of Competition Law in India. Its an Emerging Area in the Field of Law

    dumping ground for the machine made cloth and other factory goods from England and was reduced to a mere raw material supplying colony. After winning Independence against the political competition posed by the British Rulers for many years‚ India‚ post independence‚ started its era of fighting against economic competition‚ the only difference being that the threat which India faced was now not only restricted to the British rulers but to the whole world which considered India as a dream destination for

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    MINOR PROJECT: A COMPARITIVE ANALAYSIS OF COMPETITION LAW IN EU AND US     Submitted by:     ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS     I would like to thank the staff and members of the University of Support and concern withoutwhich the report would have been extremely difficult to fill. I would like to thank Ms. ChitraBajpai‚ my faculty guide to help me for the duration of my minor project. My appreciation extends also to the staff of the library of the University.                        

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  • Anti-competition

    the Competition Act‚ 2002 Competition commission of India DISSERTATION ON “Anti-competitive Agreements-UNDERLYING concepts & PRINCIPLES under the Competition ACt‚ 2002” In the partial fulfilment of internship programme at Competition Commission of India January- 2012 Under the supervision of:- Mr. Manoj Pandey (Director Law) Submitted By Pratima Singh Parihar (LL.M II- Year)Business Law National Law Institute

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  • Competition

    segment of the shipping industry - is the position taken by Singapore justifiable in light of the experiences of other more mature competition law jurisdictions? I. Introduction The Minister of Trade and Industry‚ upon the recommendation of the Competition Commission of Singapore [“CCS”]‚ has the power to make a block exemption order [“BEO”] under s. 36 of the Competition Act [“CA”]. Block exemptions refer to a particular category of agreements which are exempt from the s. 34 prohibition. CCS typically

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