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placed in a family of their own, the Raphidae. This was because their relationships to other groups of birds (such as rails) had yet to be resolved. As of recently, it appears more warranted to include the didines as a subfamily Raphinae in the Columbidae. Indian Mughal miniature which may be one of the most accurate depictions of a live dodo According to artists' renditions, the dodo had greyish and brownish plumage, a 23-centimeter (9-inch) bill with a hooked point, very small wings, stout yellow...

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State Symbols of Tamilnadu

northern and eastern Australia. The dove is also known by the names of Green Dove and Green-winged pigeon. The Common Emerald Dove is the state bird of the Indian States. Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Aves Order: Columbiformes Family: Columbidae Genus: Chalcophaps Species: C. indica Binomial name Chalcophaps indica FLOWER:( GLORIOSA LILY) Gloriosa is a genus of ten species in the plant family Colchicaceae, and include the formerly recognised genus Littonia. They are...

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quadricolor | Cebu flowerpecker | Accipitridae | Pithecophaga jefferyi | Philippine eagle | Cuculidae | Centropussteerii | Black-hooded coucal | Sternidae | Sterna bersteini | Chinese crested tern | Gruidae | Grus antigone | Sarus crane | Columbidae | Phapitreron cine reiceps | Tawi-tawi brown dove | | Gallicolumbamenagei | Sulu bleeding-heart | | Gallicolumbakeayi | Negros bleeding –heart | | Gallicolumba platenae | Mindoro bleeding-heart | | Ptilinopus arcanus | Negros fruit-dove...

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External and Internal Factors of Semantic Change

generalization: " A process of semantic change that widens the meaning of a word, phrase, or lexeme". In Middle English, pigeon meant a “young bird”, especially a “young dove”, but from the late 15c has come to refer especially to the whole family Columbidae. Dove is now generally used for a smaller variety of pigeon. Such shifts in meaning are usually slow and tendential rather than rapid and absolute. Early usages continue indefinitely alongside later changes that have become dominant, as was true...

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Wild Life

14. Coots (Rallidae) 15. Cormorants (Phalacrocoracidie) 16. Cranes (Gruidae) 17. Cuckoos (Cuculidae) 17-A. Curlews (seoalopacinae) 18. Darters (Phalacrocoracidae) 19. Doves including the Emerald Dove (Columbidae) 20. Drongos (Dicruridae) 21. Ducks (Anatidae) 22. Ergrets (Ardeidae) 23. Fairy Blue Birds (Irenidae) 24. Falcons (Falconidae), excepting the Shaheen and Peregrine falcons (Falco peregrinua), the shaker or chorrug...

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Natural Resources Management

4 | 4 | 1.01 | RALLIDAE | | | | | | | | | White-spotted Flufftail | Sarothrura pulchra | Os | F | 5 | | 1 | 6 | 1.52 | JACAIDAE | | | | | | | | | African Jacana | Actophilornis africanus | Os | U | | | 6 | 6 | 1.52 | COLUMBIDAE | | | | | | | | | Red-eyed Dove | Streptopelia semitorquata | Os | C | | | 10 | 10 | 2.53 | African Green Pigeon | Treron calvus | Fg | C | 3 | 9 | 1 | 13 | 3.29 | Afep Pigeon | Columba unicincta | Fs | U | 1 | | | 1 | 0.25 | ...

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Words and Their Meanings: Exploring the Symantics of Words

if someone talks about 'letting the cat out of the bag' or 'setting the cat among the pigeons', we know that the meaning has to be taken from the whole expression, not from a word-by-word reading of Felis catus jumping out of a bag or chasing Columbidae. Any good dictionary recognises this by such strategies as listing different senses of a word, giving examples of usage, and treating certain combinations of words (such as idioms) as lexical units. But it is important to recognise that this...

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Avian Influenza

captive bird Any bird kept in captivity which is not poultry and includes a pet bird and a bird kept for shows, races, exhibitions, competitions, breeding or for sale. Pig Any domesticated species of the Suidae family. Pigeon Any species of the Columbidae family that are poultry or other captive birds. PPMV-1 Pigeon paramyxovirus type 1. An infection of pigeons with a pigeon adapted strain of avian paramyxovirus type 1. Poultry All birds that are reared or kept in captivity for the production of...

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Chinese Exam Hsk Level 6 Vocabulary

雙|双[shuang1] 6 疙瘩 ge1 da5 swelling or lump on skin; pimple; knot; preoccupation; problem 2 哥哥 ge1 ge5 older brother; CL:個|个[ge4],位[wei4] 6 歌颂 ge1 song4 sing the praises of; extol; eulogize 5 鸽子 ge1 zi5 pigeon; dove; various birds of the species Columbidae 5 隔壁 ge2 bi4 next door 6 隔阂 ge2 he2 estrangement 6 格局 ge2 ju2 structure; pattern; layout 6 隔离 ge2 li2 to separate; to isolate 5 革命 ge2 ming4 revolution; revolutionary (politics); CL:次[ci4] 6 格式 ge2 shi4 form; specification; format 5 格外 ge2...

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Dissertation: How to Write One

Pelecanidae Phalacrocoracidae Ardeidae Ardeidae Threskiornithidae Ciconniidae Anatinae Milvus Buteo, Accipiter Aquila Pandion halietus Circus Falconidae Phasanidae Pteroclidae Rallidae Vanellus Scolopacidae Tringa Numenius, Recurvirostridae Limosa Columbidae Streptopelia Cuculidae Stringidae Caprimulgidae Apodidae Meropidae Coraciidae Alcedidae Upupidae Alaudidae Hirundinidae Motacillidae Motacilla Pycnonotidae Laniidae Prunellidae Sylviidae Acrocephalus Hippolais Sylvia Phylloscopus Muscicapidae Group...

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