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Future Avon China Case

MKT 600-011 [Weekly Critique Notes] Case Title: Future of Avon China: Direct Sales, Retail Sales or Both 1. What is the central issue in this case? Avon China [who] is given the opportunity to consider the previously successful but fallen direct sales strategy which possesses challenges alongside the opportunity [what] in the distant future [when] because [why] * Chinese officials have intermediately lifted the direct-sales strategy ban after the economic instability in 1998 ...

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The Great Encounter of China and the West

The Great Encounter of China and the West When the Chinese and Europeans first came into contact with each other, there was a mutual fascination for the other's culture, or way of life. The Chinese began to look at the European culture. They became interested in Western thinking. They were also beginning to look at the religion that the European missionaries were preaching about, Christianity. On the other end, the Europeans who came in contact with the Chinese were fascinated by their culture...

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Western Influence in China and Japan

China and Japan are two unique civilizations that went through similar, yet vastly different changes throughout their histories. Their growth and response to other nations differed in many ways in government, lifestyle, and general well-being. One of the main causes for such difference between the countries is the way the West influenced each region, and the way China and Japan responded to this influence. China focused more on the idea of being a "status oriented" society, while Japan was more...

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The Influence of Confucianism in China

551–479 BCE). Confucianism originated as an "ethical-sociopolitical teaching" during the spring and autumn period, but later developed metaphysical and cosmological elements in the Han dynasty.Following the official abandonment of Legalism in China after the Qin dynasty, Confucianism became the official state ideology of the Han. Confucianism is often characterized as a system of social and ethical philosophy rather than a religion. In fact, Confucianism built on an ancient religious foundation...

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Women of Ancient Rome & China

The empires of Rome and China were very great ones, they both had many similarities and differences in the way they ran their empires. One major difference was the way they treated their women. Both Chinese and Roman women were unequal in social status than the men of the empires were, but they were definitely treated different in both empires. Women of China were treated quite harshly and were expected to take orders at all times by their husbands, and were to serve them always. This started to...

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Byzantine Empire vs China

changes in technologies. In 1492 CE these civilizations got global, meaning that the interactions among these different societies stopped being regional. Two empires who were very important during the Postclassical Period were the Byzantine Empire and China. Geographically these civilizations were far apart, but as they developed, they became two of the most influential empires of the time. Also, as they developed they showed patterns of change among themselves but which showed similarities as well as...

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China Mesopotamia and Mayan

China, Mesopotamia and Mayan Over the course of history many powerful civilizations were around way before the Common Era. In these civilizations there are three that interest me the most; China, Mesopotamia and Mayan. These three civilizations were around the same time period. They share many similarities but each civilization is unique in their own way. That could be: Religion, Government, Social Structure etc. Mesopotamia (The land between two rivers) is known as one of the oldest civilization...

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Human Resource in China

Chinese culture in shaping HRM practices of an US Company operating in China. I will divide this report in two four parts. In the first part of this report, I will identify the cultural difference between China and US. In the second part, I will give a brief discussion on how cultural different affect HRM practices. For the third part of the report, I will illustrate the implication to L&P when formulating HR policies for our China plant. At last, I will give some recommendations to the expatriate...

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Imperialism in India and China

British imperialism in China and India brought very different responses, in part because of the nature of imperialism in each place. While both regions were greatly influenced by the British, in India the country was placed under the direct rule of the Queen. In China on the other hand, the "spheres of influence" were economic, and did not entail direct British rule. During the British imperial age the culture of China continued on much the same as it had before, while in India the British tried...

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Dell in China: a Strategic Rethinking

The case study chosen for this analysis focuses on Dell's ever-changing presence in the China market. Dell has significantly enhanced its presence in the country. In addition to two manufacturing operations in China, Dell has an Enterprise Command Center in Xiamen that provides customers with mission-critical enterprise services, and a global design center in Shanghai. Dell's unique, customer-focused direct model has earned it significant, rapidly growing business from customers of all types, ranging...

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