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  • Burial Archaeology

    How does the study of Burial populations help us understand social relations in an ancient society? And explore the relationship between burial rituals‚ the development of ‘abstract’ and symbolic forms of culture and communication‚ and how this ties into social relations. In this Essay‚ I will explore and analyze archaeological evidence of the development of Burial practices in Europe in the Palaeolithic and Neolithic eras‚ and explore the dynamics between these burial rituals‚ and development

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  • Alternative Burials

    I chose to this observational activity on an article I found titled “After Death: 8 Burial Alternatives That Are Going Mainstream.” I randomly stumbled upon this article after researching eco-friendly/bio-degradable caskets and “natural” cemeteries. This article discusses eight ways a person’s body can be buried or rather handled after death that are not mainstream (ex. wood casket placed in a cement vault or cremation.) One alternative mentioned is resomation. Anderson-McQueen funeral home in

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  • Green Burial

    November 26‚ 2013! GREEN BURIAL ! ! The lost of a family member or a friend have an impact in our lives‚ some people think that death is the end of life and some others think that dead is the end of a mission in earth. The funeral arrangement represents an stressful situation between the love ones‚ it would be determine by the family member‚ close friend or legal guardian. The ways of buried a deceased person are been a dilemma between the family. Burring the body in a casket‚ embalming

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  • African Burial Ground

    200 federal‚ slate‚ and city agencies and local community groups‚ the agency did not alert civic groups in predominantly black neighborhoods that the buildings would be constructed on top of the old burial ground.) This is a quote: -"Religious‚ Afrocentric people believe that to disturb burials in any way is the highest form of disrespect‚" says Gina Stahlnecker‚ an aide to State Senator David Patterson‚ who represents Harlem and the Upper West Side. At a GSA’s public meetings‚ African Americans

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  • Outer Burial Containers

    OUTER BURIAL CONTAINERS Outer burial container: any container which is designed for placement in the grave around the casket‚ including‚ but not limited to containers commonly known as burial vaults‚ grave boxes and grave liners. Provides ground support and may or may not limit the intrusion of outside elements. o Materials: Metal‚ Concrete‚ Plastic • Burial Vault: an outer enclosure which offers protection from the earth load as well as possessing sealing qualities. o Purposes:  Support

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  • Burial Practices Harrapa

    BURIAL PRACTICES One of the most enlightening and problematic expressions of identity is burial practice. Burials link several lines of inquiry into a single research object. They represent a single or small series of closely linked events. Biology‚ art‚ religion‚ communication‚ society‚ and personal psychology can all ideally be preserved in or represented by burials. A burial can be a snapshot of a people and their culture. Research into the burial practices of the Harappan Civilization has

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  • The Premature Burial

    Poe’s story "The Premature Burial" reflect the terror that the characters suffer from and lead them to be isolated from the society.The use of the single effect in Poe’s short stories supports the structure and the actions in the story.The use of the words " premature‚ horror‚ interments‚ buried while alive‚ entombment" and others support the overall atmosphere‚ which is full of fear and terror from being not dead yet but buried. According to John Kitterman "The Premature Burial" is a story that "presents

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  • Death and Proper Burial

    when the body dies it begins to decompose which results in a foul odor. State and local regulations are in place so that proper burial can occur and the odor does not offend society. Also‚ the dead bodies have to be far enough from the water supply as to not taint it and sicken the population. These regulations are in place to protect the people as well as give proper burial to the dead. 2. What are your personal views? I believe that the traditional funeral process is unnecessary for my family

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  • Roger Malvins Burial

    The Story Roger Malvin’s Burial by Nathaniel Hawthorne contains a strong focus on the themes of guilt and sin. The main character Reuben Bourne was heading home wounded from battle through the woods with his soon to be father in law‚ Roger Malvin. Malvin then made the decision that he could not travel any farther without hindering the chance of Reuben’s survival‚ as well as his own. The two men quarreled for quite a while before Reuben finally agreed to Malvin’s request‚ to continue on alone‚ and

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  • The Importance of Burial in Greek Culture

    The Importance of Burial in Greek Religion For the most part‚ the Greeks did not believe in a different afterlife for the good or bad—i.e.‚ no heaven or hell. In their view‚ the afterlife was almost universally grim; the important detail for the dead was whether they were buried or unburied. Those who did not receive proper funeral rites were doomed to wander by the river Styx‚ the entrance to the Underworld‚ for eternity; their souls could never be at rest. Thus‚ denying burial to a corpse not

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