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Flinders Petrie (1853-1942) – British archaeologist Evaluate the contribution of your chosen archaeologist to our understanding of the ancient past. 1. Topic Concept John F. Lehman Jr. acknowledged that “We are opening up an enormous new era in archaeology. Time capsules in the deep oceans.”[1] It is true that the understandings and knowledge of the ancient past have only been made possible from the works and contributions of archaeologists; whether the contribution is diminutive or extensive, a difference...

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Archaeology Lectures

assignment I attended 2 different archaeology lectures covering very different topics, but both of these topics tie into, and expand upon the knowledge I have gained in the lectures and discussions of Anthro 103. Dr. Daniel Joyce from the Kenosha Public Museum gave the first lecture entitled Pre-Clovis Megafauna sites in the Western Great Lakes Region. Dr. Mark Hauser of Northwestern University gave the second lecture. His lecture covered the topic of Community, Archaeology and Slavery in colonial Dominica...

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Show the relationship between archaeology and history and archaeology and anthropology.

Archaeology: "the study of the ancient" (Bahn, 1999). The study of prehistoric and historic civilizations as seen through what they have left behind in our earth, both the tangible and the intangible: artifacts, settlements, monuments, rubbish dumps, cultural behaviorisms, religions, legacies, and other remains. This definition alone already shows the bringing together and intertwining of archaeology, history and anthropology in order to piece together the scattered pieces of our past, hidden in...

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Archaeology: Fact vs Fiction

Archaeology has been portrayed by Hollywood as a profession of adventure, danger and excitement. While real archaeology can be those things, it is not those things as portrayed by films such as the India Jones trilogy or the Lara Croft. It is not about fighting Nazis while being chased through the jungle in search of golden monkey heads. Real archaeology is a painstaking, intensive, elaborate science with the purpose of uncovering knowledge of past civilizations. Unfortuneately, many people today...

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Burial Archaeology

------------------------------------------------- Kinnes, Ian ------------------------------------------------- 1975 Monumental Function in British Neolithic Burial Practices. -------------------------------------------------  World Archaeology 7 (1): 16-29. ------------------------------------------------- Kraig, Bruce, and Ian Hodder ------------------------------------------------- 1992. The Domestication of Europe: Structure and Contingency in Neolithic ------------------------------------------------- ...

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Schliemann The Terrible Father of Archaeology

Schliemann The Terrible Father of Archaeology A terrible father impacts his child in one of two ways, either the child grows up to mirror the father or the child learns from the fathers mistakes and becomes a much better parent as a result. Hienrich Schliemann was a war profiteer. After getting rich he wanted to be taken seriously by the scientific community so he turned to archaeology. A stubborn man, a compulsive liar, a teller of tall tales, and a con artist he caused irreparable damage...

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New and Old World Archaeology

NEW AND OLD WORLD ARCHAEOLOGY Artifacts of the old and new world have some likeness but also have many differences. I made a visit to the Cobb Museum at Mississippi State University to analyze this for myself. When down there, I saw pottery, writing, tools, jewelry, and many other things from each world. I then found ten artifacts of each period that was listed in the back of my workbook on the spreadsheets and wrote descriptions of them. For the new Old World, I described the Moabite stone, Sarcophagus...

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The Fundamental Importance of Context in the Archaeology of the Intangibles

The fundamental importance of Context in the Archaeology of the Intangibles By Rebecca Lee Culture history in archaeology involves the study of artifacts and objects that articulate the background of past human culture. It is imperative to understand the context of space and time in these artifacts and objects, as they tell stories of the human past with no written records accompanied with them. An intangible factor in archaeology, culture is derived through the study of the artifacts and...

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Its Archaeology, Just Not Very Good Archaeology

October 2010 Essay 2: Its Archaeology, Just Not Very Good Archaeology An archetype of the male form, unremittingly cool, the definition of suave and display of awesomeness - Indiana Jones may be described as a lot of things, however a good archaeologist is debatable. For this essay, I chosen to evaluate the archaeological methods of Dr. Jones as found in Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, to see how his form of archaeology holds up to contemporary...

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Harriet Boyd Hawes: Pioneer for Women in the Field of Archaeology

In terms of pioneers for women in the field of archaeology, Harriet Boyd Hawes (Fig 1.) has to be one of the greatest. She made great discoveries in her time as a field archaeologist and her records were exemplary for the time in which they were published. Classical archaeologists showed little or no interest in the uses for the objects they were discovering with the exception of Boyd who would greatly consider what her Cretan finds may have been used for (Trigger, 2006). In this essay I will...

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