Death and Proper Burial

Topics: Death, Funeral, Burial Pages: 3 (802 words) Published: December 4, 2012
1.What are the reasons and what is the purpose of state and local regulations for corpse disposition? Regulations for corpse disposition are implemented because when the body dies it begins to decompose which results in a foul odor. State and local regulations are in place so that proper burial can occur and the odor does not offend society. Also, the dead bodies have to be far enough from the water supply as to not taint it and sicken the population. These regulations are in place to protect the people as well as give proper burial to the dead.

2.What are your personal views?
I believe that the traditional funeral process is unnecessary for my family culture. As I have said in the discussion board we take a more humorously spiritual view on death. I believe that the soul leaves the body after death so visiting a tombstone isn’t as much of a big deal for me as it is for some of my peers, though I respect their views. I believe everyone is guaranteed to have their own views and values and we, as a people should adapt to those needs and create new and innovative ways to accommodate them.

3.Describe the positives and negatives mortuary-cemetery business. Positives may be the structured and traditional aspect of the mortuary-cemetery business. Some individuals may be interested in maintaining tradition and this would come in hand for them. Also, there is currently so much structure in regards to traditional burial that individuals don’t necessarily have to ask questions, they just have a list of what needs to be done and complete it. They also most likely know an individual who has done it before so they have someone to look to for help. A negative would simply be the sheer cost of a traditional burial. There are three categories of funeral charges. There are funeral director charges, disposition of the body, memorialization, and miscellaneous expenses.

4.If you have seen the HBO series Six Feet Under, what is your general evaluation of the series...
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