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The passalide, also known as the Bess beetle, are reported to be able to carry 30 times their weight. A scientist names Rodger Kram studies these beetles. But really how strong is the Bess beetle? Does beetle mass seem to affect a beetles pulling power? A way to observe this is by conducting an experiment to see how many pennies beetles of diverse masses can pull. If the beetle mass is related to the beetles pulling power, then a beetle with more mass will have a higher pulling power. Materials ...

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The Beetle

Case Study for The New Beetle ———————————————————————————————————————— 1. What are the various market targets for the New Beetle available to Volkswagen? Describe each both demographically and psychographically. What are the pros and cons of each option? What are the appeals of the New Beetle to each group? VW beetle was once a icon car for American citizen, and it’s coming back with an brand-new design, the New Beetle can mainly target at both younger generation and specific target at baby boomers...

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The Mighty Dung Beetle

The Mighty Dung Beetle While the majority of the human population quivers at the thought of ingesting manure, the mighty dung beetle rises to the challenge, and uses the manure in unique ways. Without dung beetles, pastures would be overrun with manure and flies- and parasites would run amuck. I’m no expert but according to the Sustainable Parasite Management division at the University of Pretoria in South Africa, affectionately known as PU, the dung beetle is beneficial to our environment. They...

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Rhinoceros Beetle

Rhinoceros Beetle Susan Hawthorne It was a public holiday on the day that he was born. His mother took this as a good omen. She failed to notice the reason for the holiday. The day he began school he took with him his pet: a rhinoceros beetle. Over an extended period he had a series of beetles which accompanied him. Each day his little wooden box went with him and each day a rhinoceros beetle was inside the box. His teachers thought him somewhat odd because he knew so much about some things, and...

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Pine Beetle

Pine Beetle Since life has started on the earth it has been a eat or be eaten world for the living on the planet. Unfortunately the lodgepole pine trees in the colorado forest are being feasted upon by the pine beetles. These pest have been ravaging the forest of the united states for a couple decades now. This is causing whole forest to become infested by these bugs. Once a tree is infected it is a goner. The article written by David O. Williams describes the effects of the pine beetle on various...

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Pine Beetles Research Paper

Did you know that Pine Beetles have destroyed over 80% of Colorado’s pine tree forests? If you think that is amazing wait until you hear that they have also gone through sixty percent of the interior pine forest in British Columbia and millions of pine trees have been killed by the infestation. You might be wondering what exactly is a Pine Beetle. Well, a Pine Beetle is a tiny five millimeter long bug that goes through and kills lots of pine trees. They are a problem because they are killing the...

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Forensic Entomology

that feed directly on the corpse. They usually depend on decaying remains as a food source, so they are very aggressive in their search for food. This is why they arrive at the dead remains only minutes after death. They include both flies and beetles. Flies are usually the first to arrive to the deceased body. The most common one is the blowfly, which is metallic green or blue. Their life cycle is what helps to determine how long a body has been decaying. Their life cycle is developed in...

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Investigatory Project

effective against a wide range of diseases and insects at different stages in their life cycle (egg, larvae, adult). This includes ants, aphids, army worms, caterpillars, Colorado beetle, diamondback moth, pulse beetle, whitefly, wireworm, false codling moth, imported cabbage worm, khapra beetle, mice, mites, moles, Mexican bean beetle, peach borers and termites as well as fungi and bacteria. (http://en.howtopedia.org/wiki/How_to_Use_Garlic_as_a_Natural_Pesticide) Vegetable oil Vegetable oil is any...

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Mealworm Exp

| M. REFLECTION QUESTIONS: 1. What could you do to improve your experiment for next time? 2. Did you enjoy the experiment? RESEARCH READING. TAKE NOTES IN YOUR RESEARCH SECTION: |Darkling Beetle/Mealworm Information | |Phylum, Arthropoda; Class, Insecta; Order, Coleoptera ...

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The Rate of Locomotion dependence on hind leg length and body mass for the Tenebrio molitor beetle.

The Rate of Locomotion dependence on hind leg length and body mass for the Tenebrio molitor beetle. Abstract The effects of leg length and body mass on the Tenebrio Molitor’s rate of locomotion were investigated under laboratory conditions. The performance (running speed) was accessed for 37 Tenebrio molitor with different hind leg lengths and body masses. Running speed is important for a variety of activities (e.g. searching for prey and mates, dispersal, etc.). Therefore, increased...

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