Diversification in Beetles

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The diversification of beetles may be driven by feeding strategy. Feeding on plants, specifically flowering plants (angiosperms), further explains the diversity of beetles. One reason behind why switching to angiosperms improves diversification is because angiosperms provided beetles a starter to new niches. Some beetles diversified into lineages that specialize on feeding different parts of the pants (roots, seeds, leaves). This diversification in one habitat would then constitute adaptive radiation. Imagine this occurring all around the world, in several habitats!

New environments, found all over the world, provided by the evolution of the flowering plants have driven diversification of beetles. The longer beetles reside in these environments with all kinds of flowers, the more niches and differences beetles can eventually adapt to.

Another theory is that the Coleoptera speciation (Co-Speciation) rates are particularly rapid. The extreme diversity of beetles reflects the Jurassic origin of numerous modern lineages, high lineage survival, and the diversification into a wide range of niches, including the utilization of all parts of plants.

Most beetle families have Jurassic roots and they can be described as great survivors. When coupled with their aptitude for occupying a wide variety of ecological niches, beetles display an effective formula for success.

Co-Speciation is one of the largest factors for beetle diversity; the plant diversity has allowed beetles to adapt with the plants beetles consume. When a variety of plants (including the flowering plants) started appearing in the Jurassic Era, it is presumed that beetles moved onto, sometimes lived in, these plants played a large role in a beetles’ lives. Some beetles ate the roots, some ate the seeds, others tried the stems, or sucked up the flower altogether.

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