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Case Study for The New Beetle
———————————————————————————————————————— 1. What are the various market targets for the New Beetle available to Volkswagen? Describe each both demographically and psychographically. What are the pros and cons of each option? What are the appeals of the New Beetle to each group? VW beetle was once a icon car for American citizen, and it’s coming back with an brand-new design, the New Beetle can mainly target at both younger generation and specific target at baby boomers segment. My analysis of these two segments are as followings. Younger Generation

• Demographically

• Psychographically

- 18-34 years-olds, X generation (born in



- Single, just married, have children,

married with no child
More educated than the average car

• Pros

• Cons

- Emotional connect: People think car is a

- Pricing: About $17000-$18000 price make

symbol of a person.

- Good Designs: For example, special outfit


Fun personality who like a fun car
Individualism and like to be unique
Love to be attention by people
Think car is a symbol or representative of

which is adorable but modern will attract
consumer who like a fun car and who want
to be unique.
Divers wanted campaign: Focus on
executives and young generation to build
the image that VW car is a good choice for
people who love driving.


new Beetle become the most expensive car
in small car segment and which may not be
affordable by younger generation.

Baby Boomers
• Demographically

• Psychographically

- Born in 1946-1964
- Stable financial situation
- More educated than the average car

- Might bought Beetle as their first car when
they was young

- Believe in the quality of Beetle
- Take Beetle as people’s car which is


reliable and affordable.

- Think Beetle is a practical transpiration.

• Pros

• Cons

- Stable financial situation: Baby boomers is...
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