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Banyan Tree Market Segmentation

Having identified the gap in the hotel and luxury resort industry, Banyan Tree Hotels and Resorts (BTHL) positioned itself in the niche upscale category of providing romantic, intimate and exclusive holiday experience to its guests. It was coupled with a natural serene setting with tailor made services. BTHL was exceptionally successful in positioning its point of difference in the minds of its customers. As a result of this competent customer segmenting and high levels of customer service, BTHL...

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Banyan Tree Research

1. Growth and development of Banyan Tree. Banyan Tree Holdings Limited is a leading, international hospitality brand that manages and develops premium resorts, hotels and spas. From a single boutique resort in Phuket in 1994, Banyan Tree has grown into a multi-business operator globally. Listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange since 2006, the group currently consists of 30 hotels and resorts, over 60 spas 80 retail galleries and two golf courses in 27 countries, with aggressive expansion plans for...

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Banyan Tree hotels recommendations

INTRODUCTION Founded in 1992 by Ho Kwon Ping ( a travel enthusiast and former journalist) The first Banyan Tree Property opened in 1994 in Phuket The resorts were designed to blend into the natural environment Dedicated to preserving the environment, the Banyan Tree has received over 250 awards and accolades. Goal: is to become one of the top 2 or 3. PROBLEM STATEMENT Rapid Expansion Limited labor/ infrastructure Dilution of the brand Over-expansion of the brand Exclusivity becomes dampened because...

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Banyan Tree Case

Banyan TREE Banyan Tree is founded in 1992 by Ho Kwon Ping.The first Banyan Tree opened in 1994 in Phuket Island.The resorts were designed to blend into the natural environment. Corporate Strategies K. P. Ho thinks that company should consider the physical and human environment when making business decisions Business Strategies Goals : “...one of the top two or three dominant players in a global space which is very niche but nevertheless very global” K. P. Ho said. Scope : Banyan Tree provides...

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Travel Market - Segmentation

1. The Travel Market can be segmented into 3 segments: Luxury travellers, Adventurers and Budget travellers. These segments are identified by demographics like age and income, psychological factors like personality, and benefits sought like needs and product features. Luxury travellers are usually older or middle-aged consumers who are already financially prosperous and look for relaxation and rejuvenation from their stressful positions. They can also be retirees. Luxury travellers will be willing...

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Banyan Tree Case Study

AB3601 Strategic management | Banyan Tree Resorts & Hotels | Critical Thinking Assignment | | Zhong Yicen | U1110421ASeminar Group 7Instructor: Professor Wan Chew Yoong | I, Zhong Yicen, declare that this assignment is my own work, unless otherwise referenced, as defined by the NTU policy on plagiarism. I have read the NTU Honour Code and Pledge. http://www.ntu.edu.sg/home/yclai/ Signed…………Zhong...

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Market Segmentation

Segmentation, targeting and positioning are interrelated activities, which are important to achieving a successful marketing mix. Discuss these concepts in theory and give practical example of how they can be applied to one industry of your choice. Market segmentation is a marketing strategy that involves dividing a broad target market into subsets of consumers who have common needs, and then be designed and implemented to target these specific customer segments, addressing needs or desires that...

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Vrin Analysis of Banyan Tree

resources have been identified in helping Banyan Tree (BT) achieve strategic competitiveness and above-average returns. The analysis is summarized in the below table. Resources | Valuable? | Rare? | Inimitable? | Non-substitutable? | 1. Brand | Yes – BT has successfully tapped into its target market segment because of its strategic brand positioning and image. | Yes – The only resort targeting the luxury premium market then, its differentiating “Banyan Tree experience” leads consumers to choose BT...

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Market Segmentation

MARKET SEGMENTATION Marketing strategy that involves dividing a broad target market into subsets of consumers who have common needs, and then designing and implementing strategies to target their needs and desires using media channels and other touch-points that best allow to reach them. Market segments allow companies to create product differentiation strategies to target them. Market segmentation is the technique used to enable a business to better target it products at the right customers....

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Market Segmentation

Market Segmentation in Tourism Every tourist is different. Every tourist feels attracted by different tourist destinations, likes to engage in different activities while on vacation, makes use of different entertainment facilities and complains about different aspects of their vacation. While all tourists are different, some are more similar to each other than others: many people enjoy culture tourism, many tourists like to ski during their winter holiday and many tourists require entertainment...

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