Banyan Tree

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Brand Communications

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IMC plan for The Banyan Tree

Nichapat Fongsmut


Glion Institute of Higher Education

M947 Brand Communications
Hand-in date 3rd October 2014

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Table of content
Table Content
Executive summary4
Market Analysis6-8
Brand personality 8-9
Integrated Marketing Communication Plan 9-11
Future Development 12
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Executive Summary

This report focuses on Banyan Tree Hotels and Resorts (BTHR) who will expand their business unit to China as a destination branding. To make this expansion sustainably and effectively, the hotel has to do research about market target, trends of the residents in particular regions, the main competitors. The market analysis will help marketers to understand consumers in more details like their ability to pay, their attitude about the products, and their preference of the particular groups of consumers. Moreover, the hotel has to know their brand personality that based on human personal traits according to Aaker’s brand personality framework. Besides, knowing its personality will help the marketers understand their brand image and brand position, as well as, be able to communicate to the right target markets whom have similar lifestyle and personalities. In this case, IMC is demonstrated to help the hotel in marketing communication processes. To do IMC, the hotel has to know their market targets and how to reach them by sending the messages through media. However, there is variety of media, but the hotel has to minimal its cost by choosing the proper one in order to enhance their brand image, and communicate with their guest. In the near future, the hotel has planned to expand its business properties through both hotel operation and real estate.

Marketers keen to understand that whether their brands live in the connections or not, and that make they must grab the opportunity by constructing an effective integrated communications plan.  The goal of marketing communications is to enrich brand parity by persuading customers with a customer experience to purchase that leads to sponsorship for the brand.  Marketing communication plays a significant role to inform and educate customers and forecasts about new products their benefits and to enhance brand image of the particular companies. The Integrated Marketing Communication’s objective is to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time in the right place through the right media as well. It is quite challenging for advertisers to create an effective integrated marketing communications strategy that delivers transparent, consistent and persuasive messages to make the consumers purchase. Marketers will have to search new methods to pull out all elements of the marketing communication strategy and blend trends, consumer personality and social media into a single approach.


Market Analysis
In this case, China will be demonstrated as the market destination for the Banyan Tree’s expansion. China or...
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