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Alcohol Law

Alcohol and Driving While Intoxicated Alcohol is a drug, a very popular drug. Alcohol has been around for a long time, and people have always enjoyed it's effects. Many people have passions for alcohol, some people have refrigerators filled with beer, many others are wine connoisseurs. Alcohol always seems to liven up the party. But no madder what your preference is, alcohol can be very dangerous when combined with the operation of an automobile. If you can remember only a few things...

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Alluring Alcohol

Alluring Alcohol The Deadly Mistake More Women Are Making was an article featured in Cosmopolitan magazine's October 2011 edition. The typical readers of this magazine are college-aged females and older, and as school was just starting back, the timing of this article was more than a coincidence. Stephanie Booth, a popular blogger and MBA graduate presents her article in a stern, yet reflective manner. She uses statistics, polls and radical stories to keep the attention...

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Drinking Age Should Be Lowered

adult crimes, and even die for your country, but you cannot consume alcohol. To me that is discriminating against people in the age group of 18-20. As of now, adults over 21 years old are allowed to drink in places such as restaurants, bars, and some other controlled environments. Adults over the age of 21 could work to be seen as role models and promote responsible drinking. They could teach younger adults about the affects of alcohol and how it can affect your ability to function properly. Sensible...

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Arguementative Essay

Should Tougher Drinking & DUI Laws Be Enforced? Drunk driving is the act of operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. Because a person's motor skills are impaired while drunk, driving under the influence is a major threat to public safety and is a criminal offense in most countries. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that “40% of total traffic deaths in the United States are due to drunk driving” (GET INVOLVED). To determine whether or not someone...

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Lowering the Drinking Age

drinking age throughout all 50 states has been the same since 1984 when a law was put in place by the U.S. Congress punishing all states who did not abide by the legal age limit of 21. Since this law was put into place, it has become one of the most widely studied laws in history. While there are many arguments and new bills being created to reduce this age, especially among college universities, all have failed to become law. Over half of adults agree that lowering the drinking age would increase...

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The Radical 21 (Argumentative Essay on Legal Drinking Age)

On June 28th, 1984, President Ronald Reagan signed the Minimum Drinking Age Act into law. This was a sad day for America - it marked the verge of a period where brave soldiers sacrificing their lives at war could not even legally enjoy a beer and where 20 year-old couples could not even have a sip of champagne at their own wedding. As if this was not enough, the saddest part in this mischief is that it made our problems even worse. Prohibitionists are very naïve, if not imbecile, people. In the...

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Should the Legal Drinking Age Be 18

United States has set the law to age twenty-one. This age determination has been causing controversial issues evident throughout the country for decades.           As history is told, in the early seventies, twenty- nine states chose to lower the drinking age to eighteen. In response to a national mood against drunk driving, the National Minimum Drinking Age Act of 1984 became relevant and required all states to raise their minimum purchase and public possession of alcohol age to 21. States that did...

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of 21. The group contends that the current policy hasn’t actually deterred alcohol abuse among college-age students; instead, it’s forced these young people to imbibe in a “culture of dangerous, clandestine binge-drinking,” which might sound familiar to, oh, just about anyone who attended college, has seen a college-themed movie, or has heard the word “college.” So if this policy might not be the best way to deter alcohol abuse, how did we end up with a drinking age of 21 in the first place? In...

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We Can Fight in a War, but Can't Have a Drink?

the most logical sense in a country where anyone eighteen or over is considered an adult. In 1987 the United States passed a law mandating all states to have a twenty-one year old alcohol purchase age. This means over half of college students are not legal to buy alcohol. College kids are college kids though, and one way or another they are going to get their alcohol. Many people, myself included, believe that the legal drinking age should be changed from twenty-one to eighteen. “An 18-year-old...

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Teen Drinking

drinking ages in the world. For this reason, many citizens under the legal drinking age of twenty one find this unfair and defy the law. High school and college students ignore the rule and go overboard with excessive drinking. From 1920 to 1933 alcohol was prohibited in the United States. This occurred when President Woodrow Wilson started a temporary ban on alcohol in 1917 in order to conserve grain during World War I. Congress also submitted the 18th amendment that same year, which prohibited...

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Drunk Driving

hour later, Gorman was dead and her best friend would be charged with killing her.” While drinking and driving laws have brought about harsher punishments since 1980, accidents have increased because there are a large number of teenagers making the choice to drive while intoxicated, therefore causing a high number of fatalities, and making the problem harder to solve. Drunk driving laws and punishments have decreased accidents in some states. “In June 2005, New Mexico became the first to require...

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Keeping the Drinking Age at 21

countries, the United States has a minimum legal drinking age of twenty-one. Although our laws acknowledge that at age eighteen one is an adult who possess sufficient maturity and judgment to operate a motor vehicle, serve in the military, perform jury duty, sign a contract or even get married, those same laws deny that same adult the right to purchase, possess or consume alcohol. And, while this is true, alcohol is already an easy accessible drug that can facilitate not only several detrimental health...

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Drinking and Driving

You figure everything will be fine, considering you are a great driver, right? Wrong, drinking and driving is a deadly combination. One drink and you can reduce you ability to concentrate and react to different situations properly. The more alcohol that is injected into ones system, the more difficulty you have judging distances and reacting to sudden problems on the road. Impaired driving, is considered an unacceptable and dangerous act and those who take part should be punished accordingly...

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Lowering the Drinking Age

believe the federal government should decrease the age one is allowed to put alcohol to their lips. The drinking age should be lowered to eighteen like in many other countries because at this age one is considered an adult and in the United States the enticement to drink alcohol will reduce. Numerous actions took place before the drinking age increased. Some of these occurred when the United States gradually attempted to ban alcohol in every state no matter what your age was. Eventually they did achieve...

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The drinking age should remain 21 and not be lowered to 18.

take place in a house with no parental supervision, along with members of both sex, and a lot of alcohol. The teens may then engage in drinking games such as beer pong, flip cup, quarters, presidents and A-holes, to name a few. As time passes trouble begins. The girls may become more vulnerable to sexual activity than if they were sober. Some kids may become very sick and could possibly acquire alcohol poisoning. And to top it all off, others may get behind the wheel of a car and attempt to drive...

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Rogerian Paper

and awareness there would be no problem for our young adults. There would be less problems due to the fact they can legally buy alcohol and drink it. An eighteen year old can serve and die for his country, but cannot enjoy a cold beer on the weekend. This makes no sense. Throughout history of the United States there has been a debate on the legal drinking age for alcohol. There has been numerous legal ages throughout the last four decades due to circumstances in America. “Many states lowered the...

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cm220 essay

you have selected this person to interview. Include an in-text citation if you use information from a source (e.g., website). The information i found out are the total number of young people dying each year under the influence of alcohol as of 2014(NIAAA,2013). The laws that been enforces on convicted drunk driver that have repeated the same offense while still in college.(MADD,2014). The age of legal drinking should be change and its should be lower than 21.(speak up). Interview Topic...

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Lowering the Drinking Age

begins at the age of eighteen, not twenty-one. In 1984, a law was passed prohibiting the consumption of alcohol to those individuals under the age of twenty-one. The argument and support behind this law was based solely on safety issues; however, education and a higher awareness would virtually solve this supposed "problem." At the age of eighteen, a young man or woman gains all rights as an adult, yet he or she still can still not consume alcohol. Also, most people enter in the workplace or begin college...

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Drunk Driving Crackdown Saves 732 Lives Per Year

Al Amodeo Interdisciplinary analysis September 8, 2012 Introduction: The title of my article is “Underage Drinking Laws Save 732 Lives per Year” by Ada Demb and Corbin Campbell. This article explains how law enforcement has cracked down significantly on under 21 possession purchase and consumption laws. It also explains the problems of drinking at the college level. The topic is a problem because way too many underage people are getting behind the wheel after becoming intoxicated and it is...

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Minimum legal drinking age

because of the importance and popularity that alcohol has in the united states. Although, in the past each state would fluctuate their MLDA, they would always revert back to the age of 21 after statistics proved it was the safer choice between 18 to 21. The Minimum legal drinking age is for the prevention of underage drinking and exposing teens and young adults to the dangers of alcohol. Alcohol is the most popular drug that is used world wide. Because alcohol is so commonly consumed, the minimum legal...

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Breathalyzers should be installed in every car

thoughts and actions. However, when alcohol is thrown into the mix even the concentration of a fighter pilot or transcended monk cannot be focused. It is a well-known fact that alcohol impairs judgment, hand eye coordination, and concentration. Does this really need to be backed with a statistic? Try having a few drinks and playing some ping pong, darts or foosball, see what I mean? This is why driving and alcohol should never mix. Is there a way to prevent alcohol impaired drivers? This group answers...

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Driving While Intoxicated

Fortunately, society is continues to work hard in doing what is best to stop and avoid DWI from becoming a growing problem and destroying more lives. What does it mean to drive while intoxicated? When an intoxicated driver gets pulled over by law enforcement on a routine drunk driving stop, and the police officer suspects intoxication, a field sobriety test may be conducted. The driver must perform simple physical or cognitive tests to determine sobriety. A sobriety field test consist of quick...

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Drinking Kills Driving Skills

prevented. Though the numbers of alcohol-induced crashes have dropped significantly for the last 30 years, the figures are still high and, therefore, a lot has to be done to bring these figures down. Many countries have come up with means of addressing drunk-driving; the most common method involves determining the maximum allowed blood alcohol concentration (BAC) (Moskowitz and Burns 12). The maximum BAC is used as the foundation of campaigns targeted at reducing alcohol-impaired driving. The BAC values...

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Statistics from research regarding teen crash rates: One out of 10 children ages 12 and 13 uses alcohol at least once a month. In a single year, 522 children under age 14 were arrested for driving while intoxicated, (113 of them were under 10 years old). 70 percent of all teenagers drink alcohol. 60 percent of all teen deaths in car accidents are alcohol-related. Every 22 minutes someone dies in an alcohol-related motor vehicle accident. • Car crashes are the number one cause of teen deaths in the...

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Mothers Against Drunk Driving and Traffic Safety Administration

her death as well. Throughout the years, Mothers Against Drunk Driving has expanded to every state in the United States and a couple other countries as well. MADD changed the public’s perception toward alcohol impaired driving with its many campaigns. Most of these campaigns have resulted in laws and funds that have benefited the victims of drunk drivers and help to deter people from driving drunk to begin with. MADD’s focus for the past few years has been the prevention of underage drinking. ...

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Persuasion, Indoctrination, and Inoculation

04/18/2013 Sarah K. Martinez PSY 285 Instructor: Chris Shreve PERSUASION, INDOCTRINATION, AND INOCULATION 2 There are many dangers that plague us in today’s society. One of the most pressing issues is that of driving under the influence of alcohol. This is a problem for many reasons. Firstly, driving while intoxicated is illegal. It shows the rising problem of substance abuse, and most importantly, driving drunk is deadly. According to "Drinkinganddriving.org" (2008-2013), "900,000 are arrested...

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Military Drinking Age

but not being able to come home and have a beer, but that setting the legal drinking age at 21, helped reduce the amount of drunken driving incidents and that it should remain. (Military.com, 2008). This peeked my curiosity and I wondered if most law makers felt the same. New Hampshire State representative, James Splaine, D-Portsmouth said that it would be hypocritical to have people make life and death decisions in Iraq, but not be able to have a drink in New Hampshire.(Shane, 2005). Both ...

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Driving Under the Influence Should Have Tougher Penalties

Penalties Although the punishments for driving under the influence are not pleasant, they are not effective enough. Laws for driving under the influence need to be tougher in The United States of America in order to decrease the amount of fatal accidents and repeat offenders. The best ways to combat these offenses are to increase fines, make the prison sentences more severe, and enforce alcohol interlocks into all vehicles. There are approximately 16,000 deaths a year in America. (Mothers Against Drunk...

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Drinking and Driving

Young teens to adults as well partake in the consumption of alcohol. Alcohol takes a toll on the human brain to cause people to make immoral decisions. Not only is this affecting yourself but the innocent people around you. Driving drunk can lead to serious penalties. Every day we see and hear terrible tragedies about the loss of loved ones. Many consequences have been enforced but sadly that is not enough. We need to accept that alcohol is going to play a major role in many people’s lives. More...

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The Problem of Drunk Driving

II. Problems. A. Drinking and driving can kill you and innocent people around you. 1. According to an article in the Columbus dispatch issued earlier this year the death rates in Ohio for 2011 were 341. That’s 1/3 of crashes that are alcohol related. 2. In the U.S 413 people were killed last year in drunk driving accidents just around the holiday seasons. 3. Every 52 minutes on average, someone is killed in a drunk driving crash Every 90 seconds, someone is injured. B. ...

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Drunk Driving/Cause and Effect

Lower Alcohol Limit?, NTSB chair Deborah Hersman said in a statement "Most Americans think that we've solved the problem of impaired driving, but in fact, it's still a national epidemic," The drinking age has been raised to 21, and the legal limit was lowered to .08 BAC. MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) was formed by a grieving mother, SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) was founded by a teacher after two students were killed in drunk driving accidents, and many other laws have been...

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Unit 6 Drunk Drinking

important of driving while under the influences and the effects of this bad habit. That is what MADD, SADD, RID, and mother against drunk driving are trying to achieve among the American people. Just with a little help from those around us and police the laws regarding drunk driving can be improved for the better because just taking away their licenses isn’t enough: 50-75% of them just drive away. In 1980, 21,000 people died from driving under the influences. Since 1980 the deaths and injuries have increased...

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Factors in Favor of and Against Lowering Te Legal Drinking Age in the United States

was lowered it would make drinking more of a social, normal, and casual thing. It would give adults a chance to teach young adults how to drink responsible and in moderation. This could result in making alcohol less appealing to young adults and may cut back on acting rebellious and breaking the law. 5) Lowering the drinking age could be beneficial because if young adults were allowed to drink in areas such as restaurants and pubs under supervision it could decrease the activity of binge drinking...

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Annotated Bibliography: Drunk Driving

could define if police officers can arrest people assumed of driving drunk after they have already pass field sobriety tests. Already three Tennessee courts have established that police needed the probable cause to arrest Bell and command a blood-alcohol test. Goldstein, Joseph. "Brooklyn Police Officer Is Accused Of Driving Patrol Car While Drunk." The New York Times. N.p., 29 Feb. 2012. Web. 26 Mar. 2013. This story is about an officer in Brooklyn, NY. This officer was out when he crashed his...

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Drug Abuse

Alcohol abuse is a serious problem, driving while drunk or under the influence of drugs is an even bigger problem that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Abusing either one of these substances can lead to the death of you or the death of someone else or even cause a major change in their life like Jacqueline’s story, her whole life has been changed because of another person’s ignorance and carelessness. Therefore, you should know the facts about drug and alcohol abuse before you do something you may regret...

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Six Causes of Impaired Driving

Six Basic Causes of Impaired Driving Advanced Age, Alcohol, Drugs, Emotions, Fatigue, Inexperience Why is impaired driving an issue and why should you care? You are only as safe as the other drivers on the road. If there was an impaired driver on the road that was distracted and, for example, ran a red light, and you were the car who was just following the rules and going through a green light, and they hit you, you are now hurt and have to deal with this issue. Impaired driving does not just...

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Giovanni Vaccarello

support before dying. Giovanni escaped with his leg broken in three places, but suffered a heart attack that kept him in the hospital for a month. Meyers' blood alcohol was tested at .2, double the legal limit for driving while intoxicated. This was not the first time he would face charges for driving under the influence of alcohol, he has had his license suspended 26 times and has drunk driving convictions dating back to 1967. Although Meyers kept driving without a license, he never spent...

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Cause and Effect Essay on Drunk Driving

driving under the influence. Secondly, driving while intoxicated can get you in a lot of trouble with the law itself. If you don’t take into consideration of others while drinking and driving, then think of the penalties and fines you can receive if caught driving under the influence (DUI). The rule for drivers under the age of twenty one (21) is to always have zero percent (0%) of alcohol in your system while behind the wheel. “If caught drinking and driving your licence can be suspended for a...

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Analytical Essay Final Draft

he “reluctantly voted yes” to raise the minimum legal drinking age of 21 nationwide (Dr. Chafetz. The 21-Year- Old Drinking Age: I Voted for it; It Doesn’t Work par 2). Dr. Chafetz did not believe that science’s result could be helpful to prove that law decision could do anything for reducing death rate. He showed us that when people get drunk, fight in public places or destroy property, age has nothing to do with these bad impacts, it is all about social influence. In Dr. Chafetz’s opinion, the age...

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Applying Behavioral Theory to an Innovative School-Based Program for Preventing Underage Drinking and Impaired Driving

behaviors such as abstaining from alcohol and denounces negative behaviors such as drinking and driving. The latter is generally presented in the form of real life scenarios. Price et al. (2009) notes that alcohol is the premier drug of choice for adolescents, with the onset of underage drinking occurring, on average, around age 13. In 2001, 13% percent of high school students reported operating a vehicle on one of more occasions after or while drinking alcohol, and 31% reported being a passenger...

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Breathalizers in Cars

think that if they use mouthwash in the morning before they get behind the wheel it will have an affect on the results of the breathalyzer. In fact, it only takes thirty minutes for the affects of the mouthwash to go away. (Howie) Also, there is non-alcohol mouthwash, which would not spike the results of the breathalyzer. All of these arguments have valid points, but when it comes down to it, all of the inconveniences that may be present with having an in-car breathalyzer are overridden by the fact that...

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Illustration paper

Sheridan High School was pulled over for a DUI. On October 23 just around 4:30 Saturday morning Mike Edwards was spotted driving left of the center line with an expired licenses plate. After failing three field sobriety test, and blowing a blood alcohol content of 0.9 percent, Edwards was booked into the Hamilton County Jail (wishtv). According to alcoholalert.com, a driver’s ability to split his attention between two or more sources of visual information can be impaired by a BAC of 0.02 percent...

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Alcohol and Teens

Alcohol and Teens From pastures to unsupervised blowouts at home, the social calendars of most teens are full of alcohol. Other drugs rise and fall in popularity from generation to generation, but alcohol never really goes out of style. From being worshiped by the ancient Babylonians to being forbidden to teenagers, alcohol has caused many problems. Today, drinking is the drug of choice by teens and causes most wrecks and deaths today. To understand alcohol people must first know the history...

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Alcohol Research Paper

Alcohol Research Paper Alcohol plays too significant a role in society today and should be an after thought as opposed to the most essential addition to any social event. Alcohol creates numerous social, economic, and health problems that could very easily be stopped if it played a less influential role in every day events. The use of alcohol is prominent in, but not limited to three social circles that include students, family groups, and religious gatherings. Experts have much to...

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Dui Laws

Driving Under The Influence Laws, need to be more severe Driving under the Influence is a dangerous trend and is known to cause many critical accidents and deaths which could have been easily prevented. Even though the consequences for DUI arrests are strict, they seem to not be effective enough. The toll of alcohol-related deaths, repeated offenders, and accidents is still rising, leaving the streets dangerous and families devastated. Over half the drivers arrested for drunk driving in the nation...

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 ALCOHOLS, ETHERS, AND PHENOLS Juris Marie G. Garcia Institute of Chemistry, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City Date Performed: February 27, 2015 Date Submitted: March 06, 2015 Answers to Questions: 1.) Balanced equations: A. Lucas Test Test Sample Equation Ethyl Alcohol C2H5OH + HCl + ZnCl2  C2H5Cl + H2O Isopropyl Alcohol (CH3) 2CHOH + HCl  (CH3) 2CHCl + ZnC2 + H2O Tert-butyl Alcohol (CH3) 3COH + HCl + ZnCl2  (CH3) 3CCl + ZnCl2 +H2O Benzyl Alcohol C6H5CH2OH + HCl + ZnCl2...

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Should DUI Laws be stricter

 Professor Szeto ENC 1101 11/19/2013 Should DUI laws be stricter? DUI laws have always been a conversed issue, getting repeat offenders to comply; the many innocent victims that are killed and the newly broken families because of it. According to Driving Laws, the current BAC levels considered to be driving while intoxicated in Florida, “any persons under the age of 21 cannot have a BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) of 0.2%, 21 years or older 0.8% and commercial drivers 0.4%”. (www.drivinglaws...

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Lower the Drinking Age to 18

Vaughn Mrs. Kachurak Eng. 102-001 2-4-2013 Lower the Drinking Age: End America’s Addiction Although alcohol has been around for quite some time, it has recently begun to pose a problem in the past few decades, specifically in America. Terrible alcohol related incidences occur every day in America and can be so easily avoided if the proper laws and information are applied. Alcohol consumption, especially in the case of underage drinking, is one of the most crippling problems in the United...

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Drunk Driving

Affects, Laws How much longer will it take to get rid of careless drunk drivers? Drunk driving has been a problem in the United States since the beginning of automobiles; however, it did not become an important social issue until the mid 1980's. Drunk driving was defined as a problem located within individuals or groups. Drunk driving is illegal in every state. It is not only illegal, but unsafe to operate an automobile if you are under the influence of alcohol. When a person drinks, the alcohol is...

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Alcohol in America

Alcohol in America In their primary years, children are naïve and impressionable. At such a young age, our parents are seen drinking and having a good time, which therefore makes us think that the effects of alcohol are only positive. This is why most teenagers start drinking at such a young age. “Thirteen- to fifteen-year-olds are at high risk to begin drinking. According to results of an annual survey of students in 8th, 10th, and 12th grades, 26% of 8th graders, 40% of 10th graders...

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Silent Dancing

current drinking age should stay at twenty-one because eighteen year olds are not mature enough to consume alcohol and be able to be responsible for what happens. Many eight-teen year olds bodies are affected physically because they are not ready for the consumption of alcohol. If they began to drink at such an early age, alcohol can cause memory lapses, loss of coordination and slower reflexes. Alcohol is absorbed in the bloodstream and can damage every organ in the body. At eight-teen life is just begging...

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Lower Drinking Age to 18

such as being able to vote, serving for jury duty, smoking/buying cigarettes, buying lottery tickets, and serving in the military. However, despite everything that you can do on your eighteenth birthday, it does not include the legal consumption of alcohol. This is because in the United States the legal drinking age is twenty-one years old. The legal drinking age is an argument that is often debated and I believe that the legal drinking age should be lowered to eighteen years of age. In the United...

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Underage Drinking Should Be Banned

one in this class has ever tried alcohol before? We are students in university and had at least gone to a party with alcohol. In the United States, underage drinkers consume 3.6 billion drinks each year. Underage drinkers make lots of money for the alcohol industry! Alcohol consumption is the most common type of substance abuse in teenager. What causes this problem to be occurring? Peer pressure is a leading cause of teenage drinking. Many teenagers turn alcohol as a way to cope like stress, anxiety...

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Underage Drinking

consequences that follow. Some of the major things that can come from teen drinking are alcohol related deaths, illnesses, and diseases, and bad choices made while under the influence. There are also many effects of the underage consumption of alcohol, including peer pressure, drunk driving, jail time, and the odds of becoming an alcoholic. While there are numerous sicknesses that can come from the consumption of alcohol, twelve of them stand out over the rest: anemia, cancer, cardiovascular disease,...

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Social Policy Decision

Driving under the influence has been this country’s most frequent committed crime as there were few laws and weren’t as strict. The problems that lead to the creation of MADD were the many alcohol related accidents that have occurred with minimum punishment. In 1980, 27,000 alcohol-related traffic fatalities occurred in the United States each year, including 2,500 in California alone. The blood alcohol level in the United States was .15 in 1938 but then .10 in the 80’s before MADD and other advocate...

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underage possession

          Underage possession of alcohol is a serious crime that affects many people. Being intoxicated usually leads to doing stupid things, like vandalism or crashing a car etc. When I was charged with underage drinking it not only affected me, it also affected my parents and how they trust me, it affected the arresting police officers because they had to fill out paperwork, and my actions negatively affected the family of the Christmas ornament. I’m sorry for my actions of vandalism as well as...

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Why the Legal Drinking Age Shouldn't be lowered

person becomes legally responsible to handle the repercussions of consuming alcohol. The U.S. has the highest legal drinking age in the world. Only four countries in the world have a legal drinking age over eighteen, making the US an exception rather than the rule. Some people may argue that the government should lower the drinking age since you legally become an adult at age eighteen, but I completely understand this law and am totally for it. Underage drinking has become an epidemic that has spread...

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The Effects of Drinking and Driving

has become increasingly difficult to overlook this problem as if it was nothing. The root of the problem can be placed one’s own demons or on society. Any way we dissect the cause of the problem, it is apparently clear we live in a society where alcohol abuse is affecting our loves one with a great emphasis on our youth in a traumatic way. It is my desire to briefly address the highs and lows of driving under the influence. We’ll also take a look at the positive actions the highly publicized activist...

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The name of this essay is "Why We Need Tougher DUI Laws in The United States". This essay is about how the laws need to be tougher for DUI offenders and why.

We Need Tougher DUI Laws in The United States There are many reasons that the laws for DUI need to be tougher in The United States of America. The ones that are of greatest concern are the death rates due to DUI offenses, the cost of these offenses and the repeat offender rate. The best way to combat these offenses is to make the fines larger, make the prison sentences stricter and make it harder for the offender to get their license reinstated after an arrest for DUI. The law for DUI's is not strict...

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Underage Drinking

place. Underage kids have had no problem getting alcohol for decades so why put a legal limit on it? When I found myself asking these questions the answers seemed to make sense; or maybe it was my senior year of high school when I got suspended for ten days. After that had occurred it made me think that maybe they have a limit on alcohol for a reason. One of those reasons being that kids are not mature enough yet to handle the side effects that alcohol brings. Underage drinking has been around for years...

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