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Movers and Shakers in Education

Since the release of A Nation at Risk, several presidents have taken an initiative to address educational reform. One president was President Bill Clinton. President Clinton and his Vice President Al Gore made education reform a cornerstone of their administration. President Clinton and Vice President Gore felt all Americans had the right to have every educational opportunity available to insure success in the growing informational economy. The President and Vice President accomplished so much for...

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Reaction paper

our reason to come to a conclusion as to whether or not the information is factual. As I began reading Chapter 1 in Mediactive by Dan Gillmor, I was presented with an email that informed me of a discussion between Lt. Col. Oliver North and senator Al Gore. I found myself in acceptance with the information the email provided. I was so intrigued over the fact that Osama Bin Laden had been a threat to Americans since 1987. As I continued reading the material I came to find out that the email was just...

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Bill Clinton

Clinton's claims to a lasting, positive legacy for the Democratic Party have been severely undermined by two realities: the shift in control of Congress to the Republican Party on his watch and the loss by his would-be successor, Vice President Al Gore, in the 2000 presidential election. Thus, Clinton's partisan legacy remains complex and uncertain. Clinton’s positive legacy is due to factors such as he proposed the first balanced budget in decades and achieved a budget surplus. During his presidency...

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Al Gore-Research Paper

Al Gore Al Gore is the former Vice President of the United States, and he has been involved with the environmental activist movement for a number of decades. Al Gore is an advocate for the awareness of Global Warming and the threat it has towards life on Earth, and what realistic solutions can be implemented soon before more damage to the planet is done. Albert (Al) Arnold Gore, Jr., was born on March 31, 1948, in Washington D.C, where his father, Albert Gore, Sr. was serving as a Democrat...

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The Role of the Economy in Presidential Elections

so well, the Republicans could not attack it or come up with any plans to improve it that voters would really care about. Although the economy was in good shape, it still could have been used as a major tool in getting elected for the Democrats. Al Gore did not utilize the good economy in gaining support to its full potential (Cain 2001 2). Had he done this, perhaps it would have helped him gain enough votes to win. While at the same time, this allowed George W. Bush to have one less issue to worry...

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The Great Global Warming Swindle, more responsible in using science

since science must contains correct analysis of data as well as its logical relationship with long-term observation (Lucas, 2008), The Great Global Warming Swindle seems to be more responsible in using science. It may seems compelling when Albert Gore shows the relentlessly going up CO2 level, melted ice of Mount Kilimanjaro, Glacier National Park and Columbia Glacier because of the rising temperature and finally tells “when there’s more carbon dioxide, the temperature gets warmer.” However,...

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Bush v. Gore, 2000

Bush V. Gore 2000 The official name of my case is Bush versus Gore. The centeral question is if the Florida Supreme Court violated Article II Section 1 Clause 2 of the U.S. Constitution by making new election law and do standardless manual recounts violate the Equal Protection and Due Process Clauses of the Constitution? Historical context included that on On November 8, 2000, the Florida Division of Elections reported that Bush won with 48.8% of the vote in Florida, a margin of victory...

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An Inconvenient Truth: People Who Questioned Al Gore's Motive

Francoeur American Studies 25 February 2013 An Inconvenient Truth Many people questioned Al Gore’s motives for making the documentary An Inconvenient Truth. They wondered whether he created it because he truly cared about the effects global warming would have on the earth or if he just wanted to make himself seem like a better presidential candidate than his opponents. Throughout the documentary Gore presented many facts and statistics that supported his concern, which created the logos for his...

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Al Gore's Speeches

Al Gore Speaks on Global Warming and the Environment Beacon Theater, New York January 15, 2004, Noon Thank you, Carol, Joan and Peter. And thanks to all of you for coming here today. lt was an honor to work with Carol Browner on environmental policies in the last administration and I am grateful for her leadership of Environment 2004. I want to thank Peter for his leadership as Executive Director of MoveOn.org Civic Action and I appreciate all of those who have worked in the trenches with...

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The Global Concern

Institute, wrote a critique of “An Inconvenient Truth”, which states that Al Gore, former vice president of the United States of America, has exaggerated the need for renewable energy as a solution for global warming by saying that “ Al Gore forecasts an increase in U.S. renewable energy production during 19902030 more than twice that projected by the U.S. Energy Information Administration” (Lewis, 2006). Lewis also claims that Al Gore was wrong when he said that people in some areas would evacuate their...

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