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  • Abstract Expressionism

    Melinda Alexander Abstract Expressionism In this essay‚ I will demonstrate a comparison of control and chaos in the painting methods between Jackson Pollock and Helen Frankenthaler. I consider both artists to operate at a type of controlled chaos. However‚ I find that Frankenthaler used more control in her painting method where she carefully applied colors to certain spaces. Pollock’s painting is more a result of his actions than a specific thought as where to apply a certain color in an empty space

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    ARTISTS OF ABSTRACT EXPRESSIONISM Abstract In a previous essay‚ three different artists and their Abstract Expressionism pieces were discussed along with descriptions of their artwork and a look into their personal philosophies of art. The previous discussion also covered an explanation of the circumstances in which the pieces fit in with the time period and the environment of that time period. The following essay continues with the comparison of the form‚ content of the subject matter of the

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  • Abstract Expressionism

    Introduction to Abstract Expressionism Abstract Expressionism started in America as a post World War II art movement. It was the first art movement that arose from America and put New York at the center of the art world. The term Abstract Expressionism was first applied to American art in 1946 by art critic Robert Coates. It is most commanly said that Surealism is it’s predecessor because of the use of spontaneous‚ automatic and subconscious creations. Abstract Expressionism gets its name from

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  • Abstract Expressionism

    Abstract Art & Expressionism in America Abstract art expressionism is mostly known as the experimental‚ free expression‚ nonrepresentational painting marked by spontaneous expressions. Abstract became and intuitive painting technique producing a non-formal work of art characterized by non-symmetrical lines. Abstract Expressionism is not only a term used to describe a form of art; it’s also a New York school of painting recognizable by free spirited created abstractions. Abstract Expressionism later

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  • Modernism: the Aesthetics of Abstract Expressionism

    Aesthetics of Abstract Expressionism Project Prepared for Donald McIntyre Professor‚ DeVry University Project Prepared by Colleen Mitchell Student‚ DeVry University June 7‚ 2009 Modernism is one of the cultural movements which took place in the nineteenth to the twentieth century. This movement was sure to draw attention to the artists’ work of art mainly because of the complexity of the artist’s creativity and breaking away from the more traditional works. Abstract Expressionism was a modernist

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  • Art Report – Abstract Expressionism

    Art Report – Abstract Expressionism Abstract expressionism was first used in the Germany magazine Der Sturm in 1919‚ regarding as “German expressionism”. The term “abstract expressionism” was first applied to American art in 1946 and gained acceptance in the 1950s. It was mostly used in New York and San Francisco Bay area of California. Abstract Expressionism mainly comes from “Surrealism”‚ which represents spontaneous artwork. In combination‚ abstract expressionism has an image of being

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  • Norman Lewis Abstract Expressionism

    Norman Lewis “… One of the discouraging things in my own self-education‚ was the fact that painting pictures didn’t bring about any social change.” – Norman Lewis Norman Lewis‚ leading African American artist and prominent member of the Abstract Expressionism movement‚ was born on July 23‚ 1909‚ in Harlem‚ New York. At an early age‚ Mr. Lewis became keenly aware of racial tension as he and his parents resided in a mostly Italian and Jewish neighborhood. At the age of nine‚ Norman Lewis discovered

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  • Abstract Expressionism Art Movement History

    Abstract Expressionism Art Movement History By: Sharmé Jackson Abstract Expressionism started in America as a post-World War II art movement. It was the first avant-garde art movement that arose from America. Never before in the history of art‚ the personality of an artist took such central stage and became both an inspiration and the subject of his/her own art. It is challenging to narrow down such multifaceted phenomenon as Abstract Expressionism‚ to distil the core of this intricate style

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  • Jackson Pollock Abstract Expressionism

    my friends that method can be also known as Abstract Expressionism and in the 1940’s and 50’s it took off like wild fire. Although many proved to be Abstract Expressionists one triumphed them all‚ that one being‚ Jackson Pollock. Jackson Pollock is an important figure in the art world. He is known for starting a movement of abstract expressionism by using his body and motion to create huge pieces of art on large canvases. However‚ his leap from abstract art to figurative took us all by the reins into

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  • Pop Art vs. Abstract Expressionism

    Pop Art vs. Abstract Expressionism • Characteristics of Abstract Expressionist Paintings-optical buzz‚ all-over composition‚ Matisse sometimes painted images on large canvases‚ as did Picasso but paintings still retained an object like character- the viewer needed to stand back to see the complete composition. Abstract expressionist paintings‚ on the other hand‚ draw the spectator into them. The field of vision is thus larger than the field of vision of the spectator‚ who finds himself in a world

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