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Observation of Different Photons When Elements Are Heated (Chem Lab)

different chemical properties, therefore, they will react differently under high temperatures. For example, [1] strontium, lithium carbonate, and strontium carbonate are often used in fireworks to create a red color. Calcium may be used to create orange, sodium for yellow, aluminum for white, barium chloride for green, copper for blue, strontium and copper for purple, and titanium for silver. Even though all elements give off unique colors when heated, it is impossible to identify all elements with...

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Cumulative AP Chemistry Hamann Lab I

Write down your observations for the unknown solutions.  Unknown  Solutions  Color   Example  Unknown  ● Reddish Yellow  ●   Unknown 1  ● Very yellow  ●   Unknown 2  ● Orange/ yellow  ●   Unknown 3  ● Orange/no color  ●   Unknown 4  ● Green  ●   Unknown 5  ● Orange  ●   Unknown 6  ● Violet  ●   Unknown 7  ● Light Orange  ●   Unknown 8  ● Red  ●     pH Test    Unknown Solutions  pH  1  8.5  2  7.5  3  6.8  4  5  5  7.1    6  12  7  0.5  8  7.9  ...

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Spectroscopy Scientific Paper

Calcium gave the flame an intense orange, it was extraordinary. After that, we got to Lithium, Lithium gave the flame an intense red. The next metal is Potassium, it gave the flame a light purple, which kind of resembled white. Sodium was a unique one, giving the flame an orange look, resembling the original flame color. It was very hard to tell the difference. The last of the metals is Strontium, which gave the flame a red color and switched very fast over to orange. Graph 1 Results ...

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Gatsby Poem

The True Colours of the Party The jazz roars behind the crowds, I watch the shadows of the orange sun, and The colors of the rich golden sand. I watch the oranges and lemons glistening with the evening twilight, and The brass rails glowing the marble steps, leading to my dreams. The moon illuminates the bright blue gardens. I watch the short-haired girls, watching them swoon freely, Us men getting drunk, drinking champagne by the sea. I watch and examine the stars glistening high in...

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Road and Reflective Traffic Control

signs have orange backgrounds, and incident management signs have pink backgrounds Examples of warning signs are crowsswalk signs. curve warning signs, intersection ahead signs, flagger signs, workers sign, or road machinery sign. Guide signs help road users navigate to their destination. These signs are generally rectangular in shape and have white text on green backgrounds. When a guide sign provides temporary guidance due to a work zone, it will have a black legend and border on an orange background...

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Test for Alcohols, Aldehydes and Ketones

any chemical changes. Results Test tube 1 - the color of solution was turned into dark green. Test tube 2 - clear orange color of solution was observed. Test tube 3 - clear orange color of solution was observed. Test tube 4 - clear yellow color of solution was observed. Test tube 5 - orange color solution and red precipitate was observed. Test tube 6 - dark orange color solution and red precipitate was observed. The color change of the test tube 1 indicates primary alcohol was oxidized...

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Mixed Tenses

for removing those dark circles under the eyes. A food blender works best here so you can mix all ingredients into a smooth paste. You will need: 4 tablespoons of gram flour 2 slices of cucumber with the skin on Juice of 2 lemons Juice of one orange (or lime) Blend all ingredients into a thick paste. Apply just one tablespoon of the mixture to your face and let it dry for 5-10 minutes before washing off. You can also leave this on as a mask overnight for faster results. You can use this mask...

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Column and Thin Layer Chromatography

extraction of the chili peppers. The first appearance of the yellow solution was in 237 drops and the orange eluate was obtained with 147 drops as shown in Table 1. DCM was used to obtain these solutions. Using the TLC plate the solutions were tested to obtain the numbers of compounds in the solutions. The Yellow solution contained one compound which is considered the pure solution while the Orange one contained three compounds with one compound visible even without the UV. |Color of Solution...

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Le Chatelier's Principle: Equilibrium Experiments

color changed to orange and was recorded in the data table. Eight drops of sodium hydroxide were added to the reaction until the equilibrium position shifts as noted by a color change (yellow). This was also recorded. A cold water bath was set up and a hot water bath was set up. Eight drops of potassium chromate were put into an empty well and four drops of HCl were added to it. An empty short stem pipet was used to draw up all of the mixture from the well. The color was observed (orange), and recorded...

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How to Do Mla Citation

notorious foreign lobby in Washington is the "Sugar Mafia" (Howe and Trott 134). As a painter Andrea was "faultless" (Freedberg 1: 98). In his second volume, Freedberg gives an account of Andrea's whole painting career. Frye connects Burgess' A Clockwork Orange to romance tradition (Secular Scripture 110). Dabundo deals with this problem (22, 31). This controversy has been addressed more than once (Dabundo 27; Magny 69). Parsons talked about the need for physical education teachers to understand the...

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