Aautomating Spare Parts Managment

Topics: Costs, Spare Parts, Forecasting Pages: 3 (761 words) Published: March 31, 2011
comlexe RBD's and produce a minimal cutset representation and a wide range of quantitative parameters such as unavailability, unreliability, expected downtime and expected number of failures. The RBD analysis module also gives you the results of importance and house event analysis. RIOsys - The leading hosted webservice for optimisation of fast and slow moving consumables and repairable spares and service parts. ERP and CMMS integration supported and rapid solution deployment through the hosted solution. liz.thompson@armacsystems.com Service Planning and Optimization Suite - The SPO (Service Planning and Optimization) Suite of products is the industry leading solution for forecasting and planning of service parts. Customers include industry leaders such as Cisco System, KLA-Tencor, and Boeing, with return on investment acheived within 2 months of implementation. info@mcasolutions.com SIMLOG - SIMLOG can optimise spares, equipments, personnel and level of repair for systems which perform multi mission, multi sites. Also it can assess the Life Cycle Cost of the system SOS - Spares Optimisation System - Expert systems for establishing min/max spare parts control levels chris.kelly@strategicorp.com SP - Spare Parts - Calculates the initial and annually required spare parts required to support all maintenance requirements info@bqr.com Spare parts management calculator - Free online Spare Parts Managements Calculator oskar@wcm.nu SPARECOST MODULE - The SpareCost Module calculates spares required for equipment supported at sites and base, enabling you to optimize the scale of spares at sites at minimal cost. It works to algorithms derived from the Ministry of Defense - Optcost and Repstock. sales@itemuk.com Spares Assessment Manager - An indispensable tool for both green and brown sites enabling cost effective technical spares assessment and having the capability to provide a calculated first buy order quantity; Supply proven figures for setting Economic Order...
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