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  • 1930s Fashion

    1930s Fashion I. What affected the fashion world in the 1930s? A. The great depression made a big impact on the fashion world for women. 1. This caused the fashionable women to disappear. 2. Made women limit themselves in fashion a) Reused clothes instead of buying new clothes b) Tried mending and patching before deciding on whether or not to buy new clothes c) Many more women were seen sewing their own clothes II. What were some clothing items that were worn by women

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  • Women 1930s

    Women of the 1930s 22/09/12 Of mice and men topic Back in the 1930 women were known as second class citizens. They didn’t have the same rights that men had. Doing any other job than being a house wife was really frowned upon. Men would go out and work for the money whilst women would look after the children and clean the home. Also during this time women had to cover up their legs and arms as men could get the wrong

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  • 1930s Women

    The 1930s provided women with more opportunities for women in education and work. Women graduated high school at a slightly higher rate than men did. Female high school graduates increased 20% throughout the 1930s; double than that of the 1920s. However‚ more men continued to graduate college than women (7%); there were less female college graduates in the 1930s than in the 1920s. Even though not as many women were getting college diplomas‚ businesses were hiring twice as many women than men. According

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  • 1930's

    Introduction The 1930’s‚ known as the Great Depression Era‚ were a time of economic struggles for the American People. The United States Government was faced with multiple issues‚ having an economic depression at home‚ and trying to avoid getting involved with foreign affairs going on in Europe. Although it was a time of difficulty‚ a lot of good came out of this era. Inventions would make life easier‚ and there was a rise in entertainment as the movie industry grew‚ and great novels depicted the

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  • Farming in the 1930's

    Farming in the 1930’s The depression was a time of uncertainty‚ sorrow and pain. As a result‚ the farming industry was a very low point during the depression. People’s lives in farming were greatly influenced by the depression. Many people who were involved in farming were affected by the climate and economic instability causing many people to move to the cities. The farming industry was heavily impacted by the climate in different parts of the USA. The “Dust to Eat” book by Michael cooper. The

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  • Fashion in the 1930’s

    [pic][pic] 1930’s Fashion (: Mrs.Curley English IP April 4‚ 2012 Gill 2 Fashion in the 1930’s Have you ever wondered how fashion was back then in the 1930’s? If you ask me‚ I thought it was amazingly beautiful. They were so creative‚ unique and old-fashion‚ that’s what is called real fashion . That’s just my opinion. I’m interested in the different designs they have on the clothing‚ how they are cut‚ and what they wear with what type of other clothing on. “The

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  • Film Industry in 1930s

    Tarit Tatiyarat ENGL102 10.00am-10.50am Barbara Kline Marketing in 1930s and 2013 Seattle‚ the crowded city that was full of theaters and super stars. Many people came across the world just to see and buy the films. It is the place where the film was distributed through out the state. Numerous questions were popped up into my mind about what Seattle was like about almost 100 years ago. Walking around the neighborhood‚ I was impressed by the mysterious building. I was really curious about

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  • The Role Of Entertainment In The 1930s

    The 1930s was a rough time for most Americans. Most people had a lot of their money either in the bank or invested in the stock markets. To start off these terribly hard times the stock market crashed. Many people lost quite a bit of money when that happened. With their money from the stock market gone America had what is called “Bank Runs”. A bank run was when everybody who had their money in the bank went and withdrew it. Eventually the banks went broke and not everyone was able to get their money

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  • Womens Rights 1930

    Women’s Rights of the 1930’s Women who were widowed or divorced‚ or whose husbands had l left them‚ struggled to keep their families alive; single women had to fend for themselves. These women were truly on the margins‚ practically invisible. “We did not go hungry‚ but we lived lean.” That sums up the experience of many families during the 1930’s. The typical woman in the 1930s had a husband who was still employed‚ although he had probably taken a pay cut to keep his job; if the man lost his

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  • Life In The 1930s Essay

    The 1930’s was a miserable decade. During this time‚ dust storms swept the nation‚ which were both destructive‚ and massive. Over farming made the soil very poor. American citizens migrated to California in the hundreds of thousands. In short‚ over farming led to gargantuan dust storms causing the dust bowl‚ forcing the development of new farming techniques‚ and government programs. In fact‚ dust storms got so bad‚ life in the thousands were dying from dust pneumonia and suffocation (The Dust Bowl

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