Paradise Lost


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1. In his prologue to the poem, whose actions does Milton announce his intention to “justify”?

a. Man’s

b. God’s

c. Satan’s

2. Who is Satan’s second-in-command?

a. Beelzebub

b. Moloch

c. Lucifer

3. What is the name of Satan’s palace in Hell?

a. Pantheon

b. Pandemonium

c. Xanadu

4. Which demon is associated with laziness?

a. Belial

b. Mammon

c. Beelzebub

5. From what physical disability did Milton suffer?

a. Blindness

b. Deafness

c. He could not walk

6. Which Archangel is the fiercest warrior on the side of God?

a. Raphael

b. Uriel

c. Michael

7. What form does Satan assume in order to deceive the angel Uriel?

a. A toad

b. A snake

c. A cherub

8. Which character is most closely associated with the idea of compassion?

a. Raphael

b. Adam

c. The Son

9. Why does Adam eat the forbidden fruit?

a. He agrees with the serpent’s argument

b. In order to remain with Eve

c. God instructs him to do so

10. What is the first feeling Adam and Eve both...

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